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Seite 2

xConnect to a broadband network 29Individual network configuration 30Connect to power 30Turning on your computer 32Turning off your computer 344 Usin

Seite 3 - Safety instructions

8 Regulations and safety notices88English

Seite 4 - Product servicing

89EnglishIndexAaccessing the online User’s Guide 5Acer Empowering Technologypassword setup 66Acer eRecovery Management 66Bbezel doorinstall

Seite 5 - Disposal instructions

Index90Englishmodem notices 79setting up computer 26, 28area 26chair 26connectbroadband network 29external monitor 29keyboard

Seite 6 - Taking care of your vision

xiAcer eRecovery Management 667 Frequently asked questions 69Frequently asked questions 70Recovering your system 728 Regulations and safety notices

Seite 8

1 First things first

Seite 9 - Contents

1 First things first2EnglishSpecificationsOperating systemGenuine Windows Vista® Home Premium (64-bit)ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i7 processor Extreme Edi

Seite 10 - 6 Upgrading your computer 47

3EnglishGraphicsEnabled ATI CrossFireXTM:• Two ATI RadeonTM HD 4870 X2 graphics cards• Two ATI RadeonTM HD 4870 graphics cards• Two ATI RadeonTM HD 48

Seite 11 - Index 89

1 First things first4EnglishNote: The specifications listed above are for reference only. The exact configuration of your PC depends on the model pur

Seite 12

5EnglishPackage contentsBefore you unpack your computer, make sure that you have enough space to set up your computer.Carefully unpack the carton and

Seite 13 - 1 First things

1 First things first6English

Seite 15

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revisions or changes. Such cha

Seite 16

2 System tour8EnglishExternal and internal structureClosed front panel

Seite 17 - Accessing the User Guide

9EnglishNo Component1 Hinge screws x 42 Door hinges x 43 Bezel door

Seite 18 - 1 First things first6

2 System tour10EnglishFront panel

Seite 19 - 2 System tour

11English No Icon Component1 USB 2.0 ports2 Microphone/line-in jack 3 Headphone/line-out jack4 Power button/power indicator5 Optical disk drives6 XD

Seite 20 - Closed front panel

2 System tour12EnglishUsing the memory card reader Your computer supports multi-media card slots. These slots are useful for transferring data to and

Seite 21 - 3 Bezel door

13EnglishTo remove a memory card:1 Before ejecting a card:• Exit the application using the card. • Left-click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon on th

Seite 22 - Front panel

2 System tour14EnglishRear panel

Seite 23

15EnglishNo Icon Component1 Power supply2 PS/2 mouse port3 System fan4 Network ports5 Headphone/line-out/front speaker jack6 Audio-in/line-in jack 7 E

Seite 24 - Using the memory card reader

2 System tour16English18 PS/2 keyboard port19 Power connector20 Main power switchNo Icon Component

Seite 25 - To remove a memory card:

17EnglishSystem boardMainboard

Seite 26 - Rear panel

iiiInformation for your safety and comfortSafety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all wa

Seite 27

2 System tour18EnglishCode ComponentPWR1 Power connectorCPUFAN1 Processor fan cable connectorDIMM1~6 System memory slotsJPWR1 24-pin ATX power connec

Seite 28 - No Icon Component

19EnglishBack panel I/OCode Color ComponentMouse Green PS/2 mouse portKeyboard Purple PS/2 keyboard portCLR_CMOS Clear CMOS buttoneSATA eSATA ports139

Seite 29 - System board

2 System tour20EnglishSystem board switches and connectorsThe System board switches are easy to turn off or reset the computer when user testing the

Seite 30

21EnglishSerial ATA connector: SATA1~6 The six serial ATA connectors (SATA1-6) is a high-speed Serial ATA interface port. Each connector can connect t

Seite 31 - Back panel I/O

2 System tour22EnglishFront panel connectors The front panel connectors (F_PANEL1) are for electrical connection to the front panel switches and LEDs

Seite 32 - System board switches and

23EnglishSystem LED indicatorsFront and rear panel LED indicatorsIndicator Location Color Status DescriptionPower Front panel (Power button)Blue On Sy

Seite 33 - Fan power connectors

2 System tour24English

Seite 34 - Front panel connectors

3 Setting up your computer

Seite 35 - System LED indicators

3 Setting up your computer26EnglishArranging a comfortable work area Working safely and comfortably begins with the arrangement of your work space an

Seite 36 - 2 System tour24

27EnglishTake note of the following when selecting a location for your computer:• Do not put your computer near any equipment that might cause electro

Seite 37 - 3 Setting up your

iv• Do not overload a power outlet, strip or receptacle by plugging in too many devices. The overall system load must not exceed 80% of the branch cir

Seite 38 - Positioning your PC

3 Setting up your computer28EnglishConnecting the computerSetting up your computer is easy. For the most part, you only have four things to connect:

Seite 39 - Positioning your mouse

29EnglishConnect a monitorTo connect a monitor, simply plug the monitor cable into the DVI port located on the rear panel of your computer. If you h

Seite 40 - Connecting the computer

3 Setting up your computer30EnglishIndividual network configurationConnect one end of the network cable on the network port on the rear of the comput

Seite 41 - Connect a monitor

31English1 Plug the power cable into the power cable socket located on the rear panel of your computer.2 Plug the other end of the power cable into a

Seite 42 - Connect to power

3 Setting up your computer32EnglishTurning on your computerAfter making sure that you have properly set up the system, applied power, and connected a

Seite 43

33English2 Press the power button. Important: Make sure that the power cable is properly plugged into an electrical outlet. If you are using a power s

Seite 44 - Turning on your computer

3 Setting up your computer34EnglishTurning off your computerThe software procedure below applies to system running a Windows OS. For other OS shutdow

Seite 46 - Turning off your computer

4 Using your desktop36EnglishUsing the keyboard(optional) The gaming keyboard has several types of keys and buttons. It features blue-backlit charact

Seite 47 - 4 Using your

37EnglishFor more information on how to use the Logitech keyboard, refer to the Logitech help files.9 Windows logo keyPressed alone, this key has the

Seite 48 - Using the keyboard(optional)

vNote: Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions, since improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and

Seite 49

4 Using your desktop38EnglishUsing the mouse(optional)The mouse controls the pointer movement on the computer display. 1 The dpi LEDs show dpi setti

Seite 50 - Using the mouse(optional)

39EnglishUsing the optical driveYour computer may come with a Blu-ray/HD reader + SuperMulti burner. This drive is located on the front panel of your

Seite 51 - Using the optical drive

4 Using your desktop40English2. When the disk tray slides open, place the disk gently on the tray. Make sure that the label or title side of the disk

Seite 52

41EnglishConnecting optionsYour computer offers excellent expansion capabilities with its built-in ports and connectors. This section describes how t

Seite 53 - Connecting options

4 Using your desktop42EnglisheSATA devices The computer’s eSATA (External Serial ATA) port allows you to connect external SATA device. Audio devices

Seite 54 - Audio devices

43Englishjack (green jack) located on the front and rear of the computer.

Seite 55

4 Using your desktop44EnglishUSB devicesUniversal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus design capable of cascading peripherals such as a digital camera,

Seite 56 - USB devices

45EnglishConnecting a video game consoleTo connect and share Internet connection with a video game console: 1. Before connecting any cables, turn off

Seite 57

4 Using your desktop46English

Seite 58 - 4 Using your desktop46

6 Upgrading your computer

Seite 59 - 6 Upgrading

viTips and information for comfortable useComputer users may complain of eyestrain and headaches after prolonged use. Users are also at risk of physic

Seite 60 - Installation precautions

6 Upgrading your computer48EnglishInstallation precautionsBefore you install any computer component, we recommend that you read the following section

Seite 61

49EnglishPost-installation instructionsObserve the following after installing a computer component:1 See to it that the components are installed accor

Seite 62 - Opening your Aspire G7710

6 Upgrading your computer50EnglishOpening your Aspire G7710Caution: Before you proceed, make sure that you have turned off your computer and all peri

Seite 63 - To install the bezel door:

51EnglishTo install the bezel door:1 Perform the preinstallation instructions described on page 48. 2 Align the door hinges to the screw holes on the

Seite 64 - To remove the side panel:

6 Upgrading your computer52EnglishRemoving and installing the side panel To remove the side panel:1 Remove the bezel door. Refer to the previous sect

Seite 65 - To install the side panel:

53EnglishTo install the side panel:1 Perform the preinstallation instructions described on page 48. 2 Align the tabs on the panel with the slots on th

Seite 66 - To remove a hard drive:

6 Upgrading your computer54EnglishRemoving and installing a hard driveThe computer supports up to four easy-swap hard disk drives. Each hard disk is

Seite 67

55English5 If you are replacing a hard disk, remove the four screws that secure the hard disk to the carrier (1), then remove the disk from the carrie

Seite 68 - 6 Upgrading your computer56

6 Upgrading your computer56Englishb Make sure that the drive is properly inserted before pushing the handle back until it clicks into place. 6 Set up

Seite 69 - To remove an optical drive:

57EnglishRemoving and installing an optical driveThe system supports a variety of storage devices for additional storage capacity and scalability. T

Seite 70 - Upgrading the system memory

vii• Give your eyes regular breaks by looking away from the monitor and focusing on a distant point.• Blink frequently to keep your eyes from drying o

Seite 71

6 Upgrading your computer58EnglishUpgrading the system memoryThis section explains the procedures for removing and installing a memory module. System

Seite 72 - To install a memory module:

59EnglishSystem memory configuration guidelines• To ensure data integrity, use only Acer-approved modules in 1 GB or 2 GB capacities. • Use identical

Seite 73

6 Upgrading your computer60EnglishTo remove a memory module:1 Observe the ESD precautions described on page 48.2 Lay the system on its side (componen

Seite 74 - Installing an expansion card

61English5 Align the DIMM so that the notch on the slot fits the keyed edge of the module, then press the module at both ends to seat it fully into th

Seite 75

6 Upgrading your computer62EnglishInstalling an expansion cardThis section explains how to install an expansion card and a second CrossFire-Ready gra

Seite 76

63EnglishCaution: Do not discard the slot cover. If the expansion card is removed in the future, the slot cover must be reinstalled to maintain proper

Seite 77 - Technology

6 Upgrading your computer64Englishof the case. This back plate will go where the tabs used to be.8 Press the release latch to secure the card in plac

Seite 78 - Acer Empowering Technology

5 Acer Empowering Technology

Seite 79

5 Acer Empowering Technology66EnglishAcer Empowering TechnologyThe Empowering Technology toolbar makes it easy for you to access frequently used func

Seite 80

67English• Restore and recovery• Factory default image• User backup image• From previously-created CD/DVD• Reinstall applications/drivers

Seite 82 - Frequently asked questions

5 Acer Empowering Technology68English

Seite 83 - The printer does not work

7 Frequently asked questions

Seite 84 - Recovering your system

7 Frequently asked questions70EnglishFrequently asked questionsThe following questions indicate possible situations that may arise during the use of

Seite 85

71EnglishThe printer does not work.Do the following:• Make sure the printer is connected to a power outlet and that it is turned on.• For additional i

Seite 86

7 Frequently asked questions72EnglishRecovering your systemIf your operating system files are lost or damaged, the recovery process will restore your

Seite 87

73EnglishYou can also follow the steps below:1 Click the eRecovery icon in the Empowering Technology toolbar. You can change the password in Acer eRec

Seite 88

7 Frequently asked questions74Englishb If you have previously backed-up your system.2 Select “Recover to Default Settings” to restore your system to

Seite 89 - 8 Regulations

75English4 After 15 seconds the system will reboot and initiate the restore operation. 5 After the recovery operation finishes the system will reboot.

Seite 90 - FCC notice

7 Frequently asked questions76English

Seite 91 - Modem notices

8 Regulations and safety notices

Seite 92 - Notice for New Zealand

ContentsInformation for your safety and comfort iiiSafety instructions iiiDisposal instructions vTips and information for comfortable use vi1 First t

Seite 93 - Laser compliance statement

8 Regulations and safety notices78EnglishRegulations and safety noticesFCC noticeThis device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for

Seite 94 - European Union (EU)

79EnglishOperation conditionsThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device

Seite 95

8 Regulations and safety notices80EnglishIf this equipment should fail to operate properly, disconnect the equipment from the phone line to determine

Seite 96 - The FCC RF safety requirement

81English3 Some parameters required for compliance with Telecom's Telepermit requirements are dependent on the equipment (PC) associated with thi

Seite 97 - Declaration of Conformity


Seite 98

83English• EN301 489-17 V1.2.1:2002 • EN301 489-3 V1.4.1:2002 (Applied to models with 27MHz wireless mouse/keyboard)• EN301 489-7 V1.2.1:2002 (Appl

Seite 99

8 Regulations and safety notices84EnglishThe FCC RF safety requirementThe radiated output power of the wireless LAN Card and Bluetooth card is far be

Seite 100

85EnglishFederal Communications CommissionDeclaration of ConformityThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the fol

Seite 101

8 Regulations and safety notices86English Declaration of Conformity We, Acer Computer (Shanghai) Limited 3F, No. 168 Xizang me

Seite 102

87EnglishR&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC as attested by conformity with the following harmonized standard: • Article 3.1(a) Health and Safety• EN60950-1

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