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Seite 1 - Altos R700 Series

Altos R700 SeriesUser’s guideBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!j!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 2


Seite 3 - FCC notice

5 Solving Problems90• Are the video monitor switch settings correct?• Is the video monitor signal cable properly installed?• Is the onboard video con

Seite 4 - Notice: Canadian users

91• Are the fan power connectors properly connected to the server board?• Is the cable from the front panel board connected to the server board?• Are

Seite 5 - Important safety instructions

5 Solving Problems92• Is the onboard IDE controller enabled?Problems with Application SoftwareIf you have problems with application software, do the

Seite 6

93Problems with NetworkThe server hangs when the drivers are loaded:• Change the PCI BIOS interrupt settings.Diagnostics pass, but the connection fail

Seite 7 - 2 Installation Procedures 27

5 Solving Problems94persists, try a different cable.• Make sure the hub port is configured for the same duplex mode as the network controller.• Check

Seite 8 - 3 Upgrading 39

6 Technical ReferenceBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!:6!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 9 - 6 Technical Reference 95

6 Technical Reference96BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!:7!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 10

97Server Board Jumpers Label Jumper Name What it does at system resetA RJ-45 Serial Port ConfigConfigures either a DSR or a DCD signal to the connecto

Seite 11 - 1 Description

6 Technical Reference98D RCVRY BOOT If these pins are jumpered, the system will attempt BIOS recovery. These pins should not be jumpered for normal o

Seite 12 - Server Board Features

99Diagnostic LEDsTo help diagnose POST failures, a set of four bi-color diagnostic LEDs is located on the back edge of the baseboard. Each of the four

Seite 13 - Component Locations

1 DescriptionBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!2!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 14

6 Technical Reference10008h G Off Off Off Verify CMOS Checksum.07h Off G G G Read Microcode updates from BIOS ROM.07h Off G G G Initializing the pr

Seite 15 - Back Panel Connectors

10111h Off Off Off A Detect Configuration Mode, such as CMOS clear.13h Off Off G A Chipset Initialization before CMOS initialization.19h G Off Off A

Seite 16

6 Technical Reference10212h Off Off G R Load defaults in CMOS RAM if bad checksum or CMOS clear jumper is detected.12h Off Off G R Initializing APP C

Seite 17 - Processor

1032Dh G G R G Initialize AMI display manager Module. Initialize support code for headless system if no video controller is detected.2Dh G G R G Scan

Seite 18 - 1 Description

6 Technical Reference1044Bh G R G G Memory Test: The amount of memory above 8 MB has been found and verified. Checking for a soft reset and clearing

Seite 19 - PCI Riser Slots

10581h R Off Off G Keyboard Interface Test: A keyboard reset error or stuck key was found. Issuing the keyboard controller interface test command next

Seite 20

6 Technical Reference1068Dh A G Off G OEM Patch 9.8Dh A G Off G Set Printer RS-232 Timeout.8Dh A G Off G Init FDD Devices: Resetting the hard disk co

Seite 21 - SCSI Controller

1078Ch A G Off Off Adjust Setup: Programming the Setup options next.A5h R G R G Set Display Mode.A7h R G A G OEM Patch 12.A7h R G A G Build SMBIOS tab

Seite 22 - Network Controller

6 Technical Reference108POST Error Codes and MessagesThe following table defines POST error codes and their associated messages. The BIOS prompts the

Seite 23 - System Cooling

109Extended POST Error Messages and Codes: 114 Hard disk 1 Error Yes115 Hard disk 2 Error Yes116 Hard disk 3 Error Yes117 CD-ROM disk 0 Error Yes118 C

Seite 24 - Keyboard and Mouse

1 Description2Server Board FeaturesTable 1 Server Board Features Feature DescriptionProcessors Dual processor slots supporting Intel® Xeon™ processor

Seite 25 - RJ-45 Serial Port

6 Technical Reference1108110 Processor 1 Internal error (IERR) No8111 Processor 2 Internal error (IERR) No8120 Processor 1 Thermal Trip error No8121

Seite 26

1118193 CPUID, Processor Stepping are different Yes8194 CPUID, Processor Family are different Yes8195 Front Side Bus Speed mismatch. System HaltedYes,

Seite 27

6 Technical Reference112BIOS Recovery Beep CodesIn the case of a Bootblock update, where video is not available for text messages to be displayed, sp

Seite 28 - System Management

113Bootblock Error Beep CodesBootblock Error Beep Codes: Beeps Error message Description1 Refresh timer failure The memory refresh circuitry on the mo

Seite 29 - Platform Event Management

6 Technical Reference114BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!225!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 30 - Emergency Management Port

Appendix A: Equipment Log andPower Consumption WorksheetsBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!226!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 31

Appendix A: Equipment Log and Power Consumption Worksheets116Equipment LogUse the blank equipment log provided here to record information about your

Seite 32 - Security

117Hard Disk Drive 5ItemManufacturer Name and Model NameSerial NumberDate InstalledBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!228!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 33 - Secure Mode

Appendix A: Equipment Log and Power Consumption Worksheets118Current UsageCalculating Power UsageThe total combined power consumption for your config

Seite 34 - Security Features

119Power Usage Worksheet 1DeviceCurrent (maximum) at voltage level:+3.3 V3.3 V Standby+5V5 V Standby+12 V -12 VServer Board6.6 A 0.0 A 2.6 A 1.5 A .5

Seite 35

3Server Board Connector and Component LocationsThe Altos R700 Server Board comes only in SCSI version. Figure 1 is a view of SCSI versions.Label Descr

Seite 36

Appendix A: Equipment Log and Power Consumption Worksheets120Note1: Number of PCI cards depends on system and riser card configuration.Note2: List ad

Seite 37 - Procedures

121Power Usage Worksheet 2 Voltage level and total current(V X A = W)Total Watts for each voltage level(+3.3 V) X (______ A) ________ W(+5 V) X (_____

Seite 38 - Rearrange the Standoffs

Appendix A: Equipment Log and Power Consumption Worksheets122BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!233!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 39 - Install the Server Board

123AACPI 17Adaptec SCSISelect Utility 54Alerting 19, 69BBaseboard Management Controller 18BatteryReplacing Back up Battery 43BIOS Se

Seite 40 - 2 Installation Procedures

124NNetwork Controller 12NIC Connector and Status LEDs 12OOperating System Installation 36PPCI Riser slots 9Platform Event Management 1

Seite 41 - Installing Processors

125UUpdating the BIOS 66Updating the Firmware 66UpgradingTools and Supplies Needed 40VVideo 10Viewing FRU Information 64Viewing Sensor

Seite 42

1 Description4D 64-bit PCI riser slot for PCI-X bus B (full height)EDIMM slotsF I/O portsG SCSI channel B connector (SCSI version only)H COM 1 serial

Seite 43

5Back Panel ConnectorsAA USB 2 & 3 headerBB ATA-100 connectors (ATA version only)CC Hard Disk Drive LED headerDD SpeakerLabel DescriptionA USB 0 c

Seite 44

1 Description6C SCSI channel A connector (SCSI server board only)D NIC 2 RJ-45 connectorE Status LEDF Speed LEDG NIC 1 RJ-45 connectorH Status LEDI S

Seite 45 - Connect Cables

7ProcessorThe Altos R700 server board accommodates one or two Intel Xeon processors with 512k cache in the INT3/FCPGA Socket 604 package. This process

Seite 46 - (Optional)

1 Description8MemoryThe system board has six 168-pin DIMM slots each supporting 72-bit ECC registered DDR DIMMs (DDR-200 or DDR-266 compatible). Memo

Seite 47

9PCI Riser SlotsThe server board has two PCI riser slots. Riser slot B provides the following features:• 184 pin, 5 volt keyed, 64-bit expansion slot

Seite 48

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. Such cha

Seite 49 - 3 Upgrading

1 Description10VideoThe Altos R700 Server Board uses an ATI RAGE XL PCI graphics accelerator with 8 MB of video SDRAM.The embedded SVGA video subsyst

Seite 50 - Tools and Supplies Needed

11SCSI ControllerThe SCSI version of the server board includes an embedded Adaptec AIC-7899W / 7902W controller providing dual Ultra160/Ultra 320* Low

Seite 51 - Cautions

1 Description12Network ControllerNote: To ensure EMC product regulation compliance, the system must be used with a shielded LAN cable.The server boar

Seite 52

13System CoolingThe chassis includes four 60-mm non-hot-swappable system fans for cooling the processor(s), hard drives, and add-in cards. The system

Seite 53 - Replacing the Back up Battery

1 Description14Keyboard and MouseThe keyboard/mouse controller is PS/2-compatible. If specified through the System Setup Utility (SSU), the server ma

Seite 54 - 3 Upgrading

15RJ-45 Serial PortThe rear RJ-45 serial port is a fully functional serial port that supports any standard serial device and provides support for seri

Seite 55 - Utilities

1 Description162 Data Terminal Ready DTR 43 Transmitted Data TD 34 Signal Ground SGND 55 Ring Indicator RI 96 Received Data RD 27 DCD or DSR DCD/DSR

Seite 56

17ACPIThe Altos R700 server board supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) as defined by the ACPI 2.0 specification. An ACPI awa

Seite 57 - Service Partition (Optional)

1 Description18System ManagementASMe integrates system management features into the hardware and provides additional features through ASMe Server Man

Seite 58 - Configuration Utilities

19You can use the FRU/SDR Load Utility (see “FRU/SDR Load Utility Description” on page 76) to initialize or update the FRU and SDR information. Acer s

Seite 59

iiiNoticesFCC noticeClass A devices do not have an FCC logo or FCC IDE on the label. Class B devices have an FCC logo or FCC IDE on the label. Once

Seite 60 - Hot Keys

1 Description20• Platform event pages -- the BMC dials a paging service and sends a predefined paging string. To use platform event paging (PEP), you

Seite 61 - Power-On Self-Test (POST)

21Acer Advance Server Management (ASMe)Acer Advance Server Management (ASMe) is a system management package that is included on the ASMe CD. ASMe appl

Seite 62 - BIOS Setup

1 Description22SecurityIntrusion Switch MonitoringTo help prevent unauthorized entry or use of the server, Acer Advance Server Management server mana

Seite 63 - 4Press <Enter>

23• Must enter the user password to exit secure mode.If only the supervisor password is set, you:• Must enter the supervisor password to enter BIOS Se

Seite 64

1 Description24Summary of Software Security FeaturesThe table below lists the software security features and describes what protection each offers. I

Seite 65

25Set a time out period so that keyboard and mouse input are not acceptedAlso, screen can be blanked, and writes to diskette can be inhibitedSpecify a

Seite 66

1 Description26Specify the boot sequenceThe sequence that you specify in setup will determine the boot order. If secure mode is enabled (a user passw

Seite 67

2 Installation ProceduresBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!38!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 68 - Running the DPC Console

2 Installation Procedures28Rearrange the StandoffsIf your chassis does not have board mount standoffs placed as shown, you must rearrange them so the

Seite 69 - Creating SSU Diskettes

29Install the Server BoardTo ensure proper grounding and support, it is recommended that you install screws in all the required mounting holes for you

Seite 70 - Running the SSU

ivNotice: Shield cablesAll connections to other computing devices must be made using shielded cables to maintain compliance with FCC regulations.Noti

Seite 71 - Exiting the SSU

2 Installation Procedures30Install the Processor Retention BracketsThere are four brackets, two for each processor socket. For each bracket, do the f

Seite 72 - Setting Boot Device Priority

31Installing Processors1 Raise the locking bar on the socket. 2 Aligning the pins of the processor with the socket, insert the processor into the sock

Seite 73 - Viewing the System Event Log

2 Installation Procedures323 Lower the locking bar completely. 4 Follow the instructions packaged with your boxed processor for preparing the heat si

Seite 74 - Viewing FRU Information

338 Press one end of the clip down (2).9 Press the other end of the clip down (3). BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!44!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 75 - Viewing Sensor Data Records

2 Installation Procedures34MemoryOnly DDR-200 or DDR-266 compliant SDRAM is supported by the server board. Install from 256 MB to 12 GB of registered

Seite 76 - Verifying the Firmware

35Connect CablesBefore connecting cables, consult the documentation supplied with your chassis. Label DescriptionA External SCSI channel A connector (

Seite 77 - Restoring a Configuration

2 Installation Procedures36Installing a Service Partition on the Server (Optional)The Service Partition provides advanced remote management and confi

Seite 78 - Alerting for Platform Events

371 Insert the Acer Advance Server Management CD into the system’s CD-ROM.2 Click Install Server Management.3 Select the applicable system option.4 Re

Seite 79 - Setting Up LAN Alerts

2 Installation Procedures38BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!49!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 80

3 UpgradingBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!4:!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 81 - Managing the Server Remotely

vImportant safety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Save these instructions for future reference.1 Follow all warnings and instructions

Seite 82

3 Upgrading40Tools and Supplies Needed• Jumper removal tool or needle nosed pliers• Phillips† (cross head) screwdriver (#1 bit and #2 bit)• Pen or pe

Seite 83

41CautionsThese warnings and cautions apply throughout this chapter. Only a technically qualified person should configure the server board.Cautions:Sy

Seite 84 - Software Updates

3 Upgrading42remove or install a jumper; grip the narrow sides of the jumper with the pliers, never the wide sides. Gripping the wide sides can damag

Seite 85 - Recovering the BIOS

43Replacing the Back up BatteryThe lithium battery on the server board powers the real time clock (RTC) in the absence of AC power. When the battery s

Seite 86

3 Upgrading44BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!55!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 87 - What You Need to Do

4 Configuration Software and Utilities BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!56!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 88 - Using Specified CFG File

4 Configuration Software and Utilities46BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!57!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 89 - Configuration File

47Service Partition (Optional)When you are setting up your server system, you can install a service partition onto your hard drive. The service partit

Seite 90

4 Configuration Software and Utilities48Configuration UtilitiesSystem Software Update SequenceWhen you update the system software, you should do it

Seite 91 - Problems

49Firmware Update UtilityUse to update BMC flash ROM or other firmware.76FRU/SDR Load Utility Use to update the Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) and Senso

Seite 92 - Resetting the System

vid If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operati

Seite 93 - Initial System Startup

4 Configuration Software and Utilities50Hot KeysUse the numeric pad of the keyboard to enter numbers and symbols. To Do This: Press These KeysSecure

Seite 94

51Power-On Self-Test (POST)Each time you turn on the system the BIOS begins execution of the Power-On Self-Test (POST). POST discovers, configures, an

Seite 95 - Checklist

4 Configuration Software and Utilities52BIOS SetupYou can run BIOS Setup with or without an operating system being present. BIOS Setup stores most o

Seite 96 - Running Correctly

534Press <Enter>.5 The boot process continues. When finished, a system prompt displays.BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!64!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!

Seite 97 - Monitoring POST

4 Configuration Software and Utilities54Running the Adaptec SCSISelect UtilityEach host adapter includes an onboard SCSISelect configuration utility

Seite 98

55Configuring the Adaptec SCSI AdapterThe Adaptec SCSI adapter has two busses. Select the bus from the following menu: After selecting the bus, the fo

Seite 99 - Corrective Actions

4 Configuration Software and Utilities56When you are finished, press Esc> and make your selection from the following menu: Feature Option Comment

Seite 100 - 5 Solving Problems

57Direct Platform Control (DPC) ConsoleDirect Platform Control (DPC) Console is part of Acer Advance Server Management. Direct Platform Control is a s

Seite 101

4 Configuration Software and Utilities58• DPC over LAN mode. Access the DPC console features using the DPC console window menus and/or toolbar. Acti

Seite 102

59Using the System Setup UtilityThe System Setup Utility (SSU) is located on the System Resource CD-ROM shipped with the server.Run the System Setup U

Seite 103 - Problems with Network

viiNotices iiiFCC notice iiiImportant safety instructions v1 Description 1Server Board Features 2Server Board Connector and Component Locations 3Bac

Seite 104

4 Configuration Software and Utilities60Alternatively, if you have a workstation with the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can insert the CD

Seite 105 - Reference

61• Keyboard-Use the tab and arrow keys to highlight buttons and press the spacebar or Enter to execute. You can also execute a menu or button by usin

Seite 106 - 6 Technical Reference

4 Configuration Software and Utilities62Setting Boot Device PriorityTo change the boot priority of a device:1 From the SSU Main window, choose Boot

Seite 107 - Server Board Jumpers

631 From the SSU Main window, choose Security.2 Click the User Password button.3 If you are changing passwords, enter the old password in the first bo

Seite 108

4 Configuration Software and Utilities641 From the SSU Main window, choose SEL Manager.When you start the SEL Manager, it automatically loads the cu

Seite 109 - Diagnostic LEDs

65• Save As: Saves the currently loaded FRU data to a file.• Properties: Displays the number of FRU devices in the system and the number being display

Seite 110

4 Configuration Software and Utilities66Updating the BIOSTo update the BIOS:1 Download the update from the Acer support website.2 From the SSU Main

Seite 111

67Saving and Restoring the System ConfigurationUsing the SSU, you can save the following configuration information to a file:• Platform type, BIOS rev

Seite 112

4 Configuration Software and Utilities68Alerting for Platform EventsYou can set up the server to alert you when various events occur. Alerts can be

Seite 113

699 In the Blackout Period box, enter the minimum time, in minutes, between successive pages. The valid range is [0 - 255] where 0 disables the blacko

Seite 114

viiiInstalling your Operating System 36Installing Acer Advance Server Management 363 Upgrading 39Tools and Supplies Needed 40Cautions 41Replacing the

Seite 115

4 Configuration Software and Utilities703 In the PEM window, click Configure LAN and fill in the boxes described in the following steps (boxes that

Seite 116

7111 Click Save to save the changes.12 Click Close to return to the BMC LAN Configuration window.13 To send a test alert to verify that you have corre

Seite 117

4 Configuration Software and Utilities72• DHCP: the IP address for the server is automatically assigned by the DHCP (dynamic host control protocol)

Seite 118 - POST Error Codes and Messages

735 In the System Phone Number box, enter the number for the phone line connected to the modem on the EMP.6 From the Access Mode list, choose the remo

Seite 119

4 Configuration Software and Utilities74Software UpdatesYour system comes with preinstalled system BIOS and BMC firmware.Creating a Bootable Diskett

Seite 120

75Recovering the BIOSIt is unlikely that anything will interrupt the BIOS upgrade; however, an interruption could damage the BIOS. The following steps

Seite 121

4 Configuration Software and Utilities76Firmware Update Utility DescriptionThe Firmware Update Utility is a DOS-based program used to update the BMC

Seite 122 - BIOS Recovery Beep Codes

77• Discovers the product configuration based on instructions in a master configuration file• Displays the FRU information• Updates the EEPROM associa

Seite 123 - Bootblock Error Beep Codes

4 Configuration Software and Utilities78Command Line Format table: Parsing the Command LineThe FRU/SDR load utility allows only one command line fun

Seite 124

79Configuration FileThe configuration file is in ASCII text. The utility executes commands formed by the strings present in the configuration file. Th

Seite 125 - Power Consumption Worksheets

ix5 Solving Problems 81Resetting the System 82Initial System Startup 83Checklist 83Running New Application Software 85Checklist 85After the System Has

Seite 126 - Equipment Log

4 Configuration Software and Utilities80BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!91!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 127

5 Solving ProblemsBS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!92!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!BN

Seite 128 - Current Usage

5 Solving Problems82This chapter helps you identify and solve problems that might occur while you are using the system. Resetting the SystemTo do thi

Seite 129 - Power Usage Worksheet 1

83Initial System StartupProblems that occur at initial system startup are usually caused by incorrect installation or configuration. Hardware failure

Seite 130 - Used by the System

5 Solving Problems84hardware and operating system list on the Acer Customer Support website.BS811.f/cppl!!Qbhf!95!!Uvftebz-!Opwfncfs!37-!3113!!21;19!

Seite 131 - Power Usage Worksheet 2

85Running New Application SoftwareProblems that occur when you run new application software are usually related to the software. Faulty equipment is m

Seite 132

5 Solving Problems86After the System Has Been Running CorrectlyProblems that occur after the system hardware and software have been running correctly

Seite 133

87More Problem Solving ProceduresThis section provides a more detailed approach to identifying a problem and locating its source.Preparing the System

Seite 134

5 Solving Problems88checked, its activity light should turn on briefly. Check for the following:• Does the diskette drive activity light turn on brie

Seite 135

89Specific Problems and Corrective ActionsThis section provides possible solutions for these specific problems:• Power light does not light.• There is

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