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Seite 1 - User's Guide

Acer ProjectorP5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5390W/P5290 SeriesUser's Guide

Seite 2

xFirst things firstUsage NotesDo:• Turn off the product before cleaning.• Use a soft cloth moistened with mild detergent to clean the display housing.

Seite 3 - Caution for Accessibility

Information for your safety and comfort iiiFirst things first xUsage Notes xPrecautions xIntroduction 1Product Features 1Package Overview 2Projector O

Seite 4 - Using electrical power

Timer 36Language 37Appendices 38Troubleshooting 38LED & Alarm Definition Listing 42Replacing the Lamp 43Ceiling Mount Installation 44Specification

Seite 5 - Additional safety information

1EnglishIntroductionProduct FeaturesThis product is a single-chip DLP® projector. Outstanding features include:• DLP® technology• P5271/P5271i/P5271n/

Seite 6

2EnglishPackage OverviewThis projector comes with all the items shown below. Check to make sure your unit is complete. Contact your dealer immediately

Seite 7 - Medical devices

3EnglishProjector OverviewProjector OutlookFront / upper side# Description # Description1Lens cap7Remote control receivers2Elevator button8Control pan

Seite 8 - Caution for Listening

4EnglishRear side# Description # Description1 USB connector 13 Audio input connector (VGA IN 2/ DVI)2DVI input connector (for digital signal with HDCP

Seite 9 - Mercury advisory

5EnglishControl Panel# Function Description1 LAMP Lamp Indicator LED2RESYNCAutomatically synchronizes the projector to the input source.3KEYSTONEAdjus

Seite 10 - First things first


Seite 11 - Contents

7English# Icon Function Description1 Infrared transmitterSends signals to the projector.2(#)Laser pointer Aim the remote at the viewing screen.3FREEZE

Seite 12 - Appendices 38

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revisions or changes. Such cha

Seite 13 - Introduction

8EnglishNote: "#" Japan area is not supported."*" Only for P5271i.Note:29(*)MOUSE Left/Right ClickLeft-/right-click buttons are o

Seite 14 - Package Overview

9EnglishGetting StartedConnecting the ProjectorNote: To ensure the projector works well with your computer, please make sure the timing of the display

Seite 15 - Projector Overview

10EnglishConnecting the Projector for Wireless FunctionNote: For P5271i only# Description1Power cord2LAN cable3 Antenna4 Audio cable jackANTENNADVIHDM

Seite 16 - Rear side

11EnglishTurning the Projector On/OffTurning on the Projector1 Remove the lens cap.(Illustration #1)2 Ensure that the power cord and signal cable are

Seite 17 - # Function Description

12EnglishTurning the projector off1 To turn the projector off, press the power button. This message appears: "Please press the power button again

Seite 18 - VZ.J8700.001

13EnglishAdjusting the Projected ImageAdjusting the Height of Projected ImageThe projector is equipped with elevator feet for adjusting the height of

Seite 19 - # Icon Function Description

14EnglishHow to optimize image size and distanceConsult the table below to find the optimal image sizes achievable when the projector is positioned at

Seite 20

15EnglishP5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5290DesiredDistance (m)<A>Screen sizeTopScreen sizeTop(Min zoom) (Max zoom)Diagonal (inch)<B>W (cm) x H (cm)

Seite 21 - Getting Started

16English• P5390W Example: If the projector is 3 m from the screen, good image quality is possible for image sizes between 66" and 107".P539

Seite 22 - Internet

17EnglishP5390WDesiredDistance (m)<A>Screen sizeTopScreen sizeTop(Min zoom) (Max zoom)Diagonal (inch)<B>W (cm) x H (cm) From base to top o

Seite 23 - Turning on the Projector

iiiInformation for your safety and comfortRead these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instruct

Seite 24 - Turning the projector off

18EnglishHow to get a preferred image size by adjusting distance and zoomP5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5290The table below shows how to achieve a desired image

Seite 25 - Adjusting the Projected Image

19EnglishP5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5290Desired Image Size Distance (m) Top (cm)Diagonal (inch)<A>W (cm) x H (cm)Max zoom<B>Min zoom<C>Fro

Seite 26 - 91"

20EnglishP5390WThe table below shows how to achieve a desired image size by adjusting either the position or the zoom ring. For example: to obtain an

Seite 27 - P5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5290

21EnglishP5390WDesired Image Size Distance (m) Top (cm)Diagonal (inch)<A>W (cm) x H (cm)Max zoom<B>Min zoom<C>From base to top of im

Seite 28 - 107"

22EnglishHow to get a preferred image position by adjusting lens shiftThe projector is equipped with lens shift for adjusting the position of projecte

Seite 29

23EnglishAdjusting the horizontal or vertical image positionP5271/P5271i/P5271n/P5290The vertical image height can be adjusted between 5% and 30% of t

Seite 30

24EnglishNote: The maximum shift of vertical (horizontal) image adjustment can be limited by horizontal (vertical) image position. Please refer below

Seite 31

25EnglishP5390WThe vertical image height can be adjusted between 5% and 25% of the image height. (The minimum vertical image offset is fixed at 5% of

Seite 32 - 50"

26EnglishNote: The maximum shift of vertical (horizontal) image adjustment can be limited by horizontal (vertical) image position. Please refer below

Seite 33

27EnglishUser ControlsInstallation menuThe installation menu provides an onscreen display (OSD) for projector installation and maintenance. Use the OS

Seite 34

iv• To avoid damage of internal components and to prevent battery leakage, do not place the product on a vibrating surface.• Never use it under sporti

Seite 35

28EnglishAcer Empowering TechnologyEmpowering KeyAcer Empowering Key provides four Acer unique functions, they are "Acer eView Management"

Seite 36 - Offset min= V x 5%

29EnglishOnscreen Display (OSD) MenusThe projector has multilingual OSD that allow you to make image adjustments and change a variety of settings.Usin

Seite 37 - 100% (H)

30EnglishColorDisplay ModeThere are many factory presets optimized for various types of images.• Bright: For brightness optimization.• Presentation: F

Seite 38

31EnglishNote: "Saturation" and "Tint" functions are not supported under computer or HDMI mode.ImageTintAdjusts the color balance

Seite 39 - User Controls

32EnglishNote: "H. Position", "V. Position", "Frequency" and "Tracking" functions are not supported under HDMI

Seite 40 - Acer Empowering Technology

33EnglishManagementSettingECO Mode Choose "On" to dim the projector lamp which will lower power consumption, extend the lamp life and reduce

Seite 41 - Onscreen Display (OSD) Menus

34EnglishScreen Capture Use this function to customize the startup screen. To capture the image that you want to use as the startup screen, follow th

Seite 42

35EnglishNote: This screen capture function is limited by 4:3 aspect ratio only.Note: For XGA models, to get best quality for you desired image, sugge

Seite 43

36EnglishAudioTimerVolume• Press to decrease the volume.• Press to increase the volume.Mute• Choose "On" to mute the volume. • Choose &q

Seite 44

37EnglishLanguageLanguageChoose the multilingual OSD menu. Use the or key to select your preferred menu language.• Press to confirm the selection.

Seite 45 - Management

vProduct servicingDo not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other r

Seite 46

38EnglishAppendicesTroubleshootingIf you experience a problem with your Acer projector, refer to the following troubleshooting guide. If the problem p

Seite 47 - Administrator Password

39English3 Partial, scrolling or incorrectly displayed image(for notebooks)• Press "RESYNC" on the remote control or control panel.• For an

Seite 48

40EnglishProblems with the Projector9 Image is too small or too large• Adjust the zoom ring on the top of the projector.• Move the projector closer to

Seite 49 - Language

41EnglishOSD Messages# Condition Message Reminder1 Message Fan Fail - the system fan is not working.Projector Overheated - the projector has exceeded

Seite 50 - Appendices

42EnglishLED & Alarm Definition ListingLED MessagesMessageLamp LED Temp LED Power LEDRed Red Red BlueStandby (power cord plugged in)-- -- V --Powe

Seite 51

43EnglishReplacing the LampUse a screwdriver to remove the screw(s) from the cover, and then pull out the lamp.The projector will detect the lamp life

Seite 52 - Problems with the Projector

44EnglishCeiling Mount InstallationIf you wish to install the projector using a ceiling mount, please refer to the steps below:1 Drill four holes into

Seite 53 - OSD Messages

45English3 Use the appropriate number of screws for the projector size to attach the projector to the ceiling mount bracket.Note: It is recommended th

Seite 54 - LED Messages

46English5 Adjust the angle and positioning as necessary.Note: The appropriate type of screw and washer for each model is listed in the table below.

Seite 55 - Replacing the Lamp

47EnglishSpecificationsThe specifications listed below are subject to change without notice. For final specs, please refer to Acer's published ma

Seite 56 - Ceiling Mount Installation

vimight cause fire or electric shock. In this case, unplug immediately and contact your dealer.• Do not keep using this product to break or drop it. I

Seite 57 - Screw Type A

48English* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.I/O connectors• Power socket x1• VGA input x2• Composite input x1• S-Video x

Seite 58

49EnglishCompatibility modesA. VGA Analog 1 VGA Analog - PC SignalModes Resolution V.Frequency [Hz] H.Frequency [KHz]VGA 640x480 60 31.47640x480 72 37

Seite 59 - Specifications

50English2 VGA Analog - Extended Wide timing3 VGA Analog - Component SignalB. DVI Digital (N/A)C. HDMI Digital 1 HDMI - PC Signal (same as DVI)Modes R

Seite 60

51English2 HDMI - Extended Wide timing (same as DVI)XGA 1024x768 60 48.361024x768 70 56.481024x768 75 60.021024x768 119.804 98.801152x864 75 67.501152

Seite 61 - Compatibility modes

52English3 HDMI - Video SignalModes Resolution V.Frequency [Hz] H.Frequency [KHz]480i 720x480(1440x480) 59.94 (29.97) 27.00480p 720x480 59.94 31.47576

Seite 62 - C. HDMI Digital

53EnglishEnglishRegulations and safety noticesFCC noticeThis device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device p

Seite 63

54EnglishRemarque à l'intention des utilisateurs canadiensCet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme a la norme NMB-003 du Canada.Canada

Seite 64 - 3 HDMI - Video Signal

55EnglishEnglishEuropean Union (EU)R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC as attested by conformity with the following harmonized standard: • Article 3.1(a) He

Seite 65

Acer America Corporation 333 West San Carlos St., San Jose CA 95110, U. S. A. Tel : 254-298-4000 Fax : 254-298-4147 www.acer.comFederal Communications

Seite 66

Acer Incorporated8F, 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai W u Rd., H sichih Taipei Hsien 221, TaiwanDeclaration of Conformity We,Acer Incorporated8

Seite 67 - List of applicable countries

viiOperating environment for using wireless function (Optional)Warning! For safety reasons, turn off all wireless or radio transmitting devices when u

Seite 68 - Declaration of Conformity

The standards listed below are applied to the product if built with WLAN module or wireless keyboard and mouse.R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC as attest

Seite 69

viiiHearing aids. Some digital wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids. If interference occurs, consult your service provider.VehiclesRF

Seite 70 - Regulation Center, Acer Inc

ixDisposal instructionsDo not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the g

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