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High Performance
14,400 BPS Internal
Plug and Play
User's Manual
Section One Introduction ........................... 1
Section Two Installation ............................. 1
Section Three AT Command Set .................. 4
Section Four S Register Summary ........... 12
Section Five Result Codes......................... 13
Section Six Troubleshooting ................... 14
Section Seven Specifications ....................... 16
Section Eight Support And Service ........... 16
Section Nine FCC, DOC, Copyright And
Other Notices ....................... 17
Part #49.AA808.001 ACER 14.4 TAD-SP 1.xx
Featuring Advanced Full-
Duplex Speakerphone
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Seite 1 - User's Manual

High PerformanceV.32bis/V.42bis14,400 BPS InternalPlug and PlayFAX/Voice/DataModemUser's ManualContentsSection One Introduction ...

Seite 2 - Section Two - Installation

9&T8 Perform Local Analog Loopback Test andSelf-Test&U_ &U0 Enable Trellis Coding @ V.32&U1 Disable Trellis Coding @ V.32&V_ &

Seite 3 - Figure 2-3

10\N6 V.42/MNP/Normal data link\Q_ \Q0 Turn off flow control\Q1 XON/XOFF software flow control\Q2 CTS signal unidirectional hardware flowcontrol\Q3 RT

Seite 4 - Capabilities of the Modem

11+FLID=n Local ID string (TSI/CSI)+FMDL? Request DCE Model+FMFR? Request DCE Manufacturer+FPPR: Partial Page Report Response+FPTS: Receive Page Trans

Seite 5 - 3.1 Executing Commands

12#VTR=n Loop current interrupt qualifier#VZ=n Set audio mode: Pager dial modifier3.8 Speakerphone Commands#SPC=n Select AEC/EEC echo cancellation#SPD

Seite 6 - 3.3 Basic AT Commands

13S13 ReservedS14 Echo, response, dialing, Bit-mappedoriginate/answerS15 ReservedS16 Modem test options Bit-mappedS17 ReservedS18 Modem test timer 0-2

Seite 7


Seite 8 - 3.4 Extended AT Commands

151. Make sure the modem is connected to a working phone line.Replace the modem with a working phone to ensure that thephone line is working.2. Make s

Seite 9

16capability. Most IBM compatibles are capable of 19,200 bpsunder DOS and Windows. Operating at higher speeds underWindows requires a faster CPU (386/

Seite 10 - 3.5 MNP/V.42/V.42bis Commands

17Section Nine - FCC , DOC & Other Notices9.1 FCC ComplianceThis equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules. On thisequipment is a label tha

Seite 11 - 3.6 Fax Class 2 Commands

18 • Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different fromthat to wh

Seite 12 - 3.7 Voice Mode Commands

1Section One - IntroductionThis 14.4 Kbps FAX/Voice/Data Modem is specifi-cally designed for the Acer Aspire line of computers, enablingtheir connecti

Seite 13 - Section Four - S Registers

19The information contained in this manual has been validated at thetime of this manual's production. The manufacturer reserves theright to make

Seite 14 - Section Five - Result Codes

2slot, and then remove theslot cover (refer to Fig-ure 2-1).4. Carefully slide the in-ternal modem into theslot you have chosen,applying even pressure

Seite 15 - Section Six - Troubleshooting

3COM 1, IRQ 4'MODEM VOICE'Sierra 3230 (Voice)DMA 3, IRQ 102.4 Software Installation/ConfigurationYou are now ready to install and configure

Seite 16

42.6 Testing Your Modem After InstallationIn order to test your modem you should be familiarwith your communication software. Load and set up yourcomm

Seite 17

5mand Mode until you dial a number and establish a connec-tion. Commands may be sent to your modem from a PCrunning communication software or any othe

Seite 18 - 9.2 FCC Class B Statement

6P pulse dialingT touch-tone dialingW wait for second dial tone, pause@ wait for five seconds of silence! flash; return to Command Mode after dialing:

Seite 19

7O1 Return to Data Mode and initiate an equalizerretrainP Set Pulse dial as defaultQ_ Q0 Modem sends responsesQ1 Modem does not send responsesQ2 Modem

Seite 20

8&D1 Modem returns to Command Mode after DTRtoggle&D2 Modem hangs up, returns to the CommandMode after DTR toggle&D3 Resets modem after

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