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Acer Projector Gateway
The Acer Projector Gateway (APG) is a smart, integrated system that enhances
presentations via your Acer projector. The APG provides versatile source
connectivity, the latest eDisplayPro Management tools for networking display,
supports for media contents playback via the built-in decoder and more.
Networking APG features
With high-performance wireless projection via an acer USB WiFi adapter or
an RJ-45 port for wired connections (only for the models with RJ-45 port).
The projector can act as an access point (AP) or work in WiFi con-current
mode when doing networking display.
Users can easily launch the Acer eDisplayPro Management to do Full
screen, L/R, 4-split screen projection and enable high quality video
Powerful wireless display features ready for devices with different OS (MS
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS)
Supports wireless network security (WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK).
Acer Projector Gateway Web Management enables a web-based control of
Acer projector for Windows NB/PC (only when the projector is in AP mode).
Supports firmware upgrade via USB flash drive.
Multi-media features
Fancy and stylish user interface for better experience.
You can enjoy media & documents playback via USB flash drive.
Supports high resolution JPEG and BMP picture formats, slideshow and
various slideshow effects for the best viewing experience.
Supports MP3, PCM and formats, music spectrum and
random play function for your pleasing.
Supports office documents playback (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).
Easy control for all media functions by the remote control.
You can mirror or extend your screen via the source USB Connection.
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Seite 1 - Acer Projector Gateway

1EnglishAcer Projector GatewayIntroductionThe Acer Projector Gateway (APG) is a smart, integrated system that enhances presentations via your Acer pro

Seite 2 - Get Started

10EnglishNOTE 1: Decoding may take a while for large files with complex contents.Note 2: Objects embedded in files cannot be activated or viewed.Note

Seite 3

11EnglishSettingSoftware Upgrade InstructionThere are 2 ways to do this: Via USB flash drive(1) Download new firmware by one compressed file from ace

Seite 4 - Remote Control

12EnglishAcer eDisplayPro ManagementAcer eDisplayPro Management helps users connect and control Acer projector. The utility could be downloaded direct

Seite 5 - Media Mode

13Englishselect the General tab, and select Internet Protocol (TCP/ IPv4). Type in the IP address (IP address set between ~ 192.168.100.

Seite 6

14EnglishNote 1: ATOM and Celeron are not supported.Note 2: OS with starter version is not supported.Note 3: Extension mode may not be able to support

Seite 7 - Supported photo formats

15EnglishAcer eDisplayPro Management Interface (Windows/Mac)Function and FeaturesFunction Description IconDisplay- Extension and mirror screen by On/O

Seite 8 - Document

16EnglishSettingOne click on "Setting" and jump to setting page including Conference Control, Network Setting, and LAN Control.SplitScreen-

Seite 9 - Supported Document Formats

17EnglishConference ControlThe host control ensures the right of projection for the main presenter. The user is divided into two levels. The highest p

Seite 10

18EnglishNote: For LAN control function, please make sure your LAN cable is connected to projector.Network SettingNetwork Setting includes WiFi, WiFi

Seite 11 - Software Upgrade Instruction

19EnglishPress the "WiFi password" item will pop up a window showing the current password, and enter the new password and press "Confir

Seite 12 - Acer eDisplayPro Management

2EnglishGet StartedConnecting multi-media device to the projector To switch between different inputs, press SOURCE on the projector or remote control

Seite 13 - System Requirements:

20EnglishAcer eDisplayPro Management Interface (iOS/Android)Acer eDisplayPro features functions such as Photo, Live cam, Office viewer, and Split Scre

Seite 14 -  Android

21English- You can adjust image quality and switch from Front/Rear camera. You can enable Sketch and save the current image to album. Document- The d

Seite 15 - Interface (Windows/Mac)

22EnglishAcer Projector Webpage Gateway ManagementHow to Login inMake sure you projector connected LAN cable to your device and set DHCP by off in Net

Seite 16

23EnglishAcerProjector_XXXXXXXX) first. Then, open browser and enter by to go for webpage interface.HomeThis is Home page which shows ba

Seite 17 - LAN Control

24EnglishControl PanelControl and adjust projector setting value via this page.Network SettingEnd user can set IP address, group name and password as

Seite 18 - Network Setting

25EnglishAlert SettingEnd user can send mail with error message right away if projector has problem.Log OutAfter tap Logout, you will return to login

Seite 19

26English Step 3: Execute Wake On LAN (WOL) application. Input "Mac Address" show in Network OSD page or Installation menu, IP address by &

Seite 20 - Interface (iOS/Android)

27English Step 2, Download and install Ace eDisplayPro APP for mobile. Step 3, Connect mobile to projector's USB A via mobile USB cable. Step

Seite 21 -  Setting

3EnglishCopyright © 2017. Acer Incorporated.All Rights Reserved.Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obliga

Seite 22 - Management

4EnglishControl Panel and Remote ControlControl PanelRemote Control# Function Description1 BACK Cancels your selection, or goes back to previous page.

Seite 23

5EnglishMedia ModeEnter Media mode by selecting source to “Media” and you will see Media home page as below. This mode allows you to browse data files

Seite 24 - Control Panel

6EnglishPhotoWhen viewing photos, you can press / / / to select file and press ENTER to access.Note 1: Support BMP and JPEG photo format only.Note 2

Seite 25 - Wake-On-LAN (Standby)

7EnglishFeature Function (Photo)Supported photo formatsNOTE: BMP resolution supports up to 2790x1960; JPEG progressive resolution support up to 1600x1

Seite 26 - USB Display

8EnglishDocumentWhen browsing document files, you can press / / / to select file and press ENTER to access. Remote controller or keypad button behav

Seite 27

9EnglishFeature Function (Document)Supported Document FormatsIcon Function DescriptionZoom in / Zoom out (The default magnification is by system at fi

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