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Pocket PC Phone
Quick Guide
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Seite 1 - Quick Guide

Pocket PC Phone Quick Guide

Seite 2

6 English 4. To install the SIM card Open the slot cover and insert the SIM card with its cut-off corner facing toward the inside of the slot. Remem

Seite 3

7 English Charging the battery Do not remove the battery while charging. n Connect the AC adapter plug to any household power outlet. o Connect th

Seite 4 - Contents

8 English 1. It will take about eight hours to fully charge the battery the first time. Subsequent charging will only take about three hours. After

Seite 5 - Package contents

9 English Re-installing or replacing the battery If the phone, GPRS or wireless LAN connection are already activated, deactivate them first and the

Seite 6 - External views

10 English Synchronization If you use Outlook on your PC, you can synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar and more with your Pocket PC. 1. Install

Seite 7

11 English Using the headset n Microphone o Earphone p Phone receiver q Microphone 1 (bottom of Pocket PC) qpon

Seite 8

12 English Using the camera Press the key to launch Camera.  Front and sides  Rear n MicroSD card slot r Switch to other camera or camco

Seite 9

13 English Using the navigation functions n Pocket PC o Car Charger (optional): When your Pocket PC is low on power, recharge it by connecting one

Seite 10 - English

14 English Installing the Pocket PC in a car When using this device, please use with matching car mount. Affix device securely to the car mount. Pl

Seite 11

15 English Restarting the Pocket PC You should restart your Pocket PC if it is unable to maintain normal operation, does not response or if the scr

Seite 12

Copyright © 2009. Acer Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Pocket PC Phone Quick Guide Original Issue: 01/2009 Changes may be made periodically to t

Seite 13

16 English Reset  To reset your Pocket PC Press the Reset key using the stylus tip.  You should restart your Pocket PC if it is unable to maint

Seite 14 - Synchronization

17 English Restore default settings  To restore the default settings Tap , Programs, Utilities, and then Default Settings. 1. If this applica

Seite 15 - Using the headset

18 English Cold boot  To cold boot your Pocket PC Hold the Power key with one hand while using stylus tip to push in the Reset key with the other.

Seite 16 - Using the camera

19 English ÁErase all data and load default? Yes [press CAMERA button] This operation will delete all the data you stored on your device an

Seite 17

20 English

Seite 18

SAR Information Your device contains a radio transmitter and receiver, and it is designed, manufactured and tested not to exceed the radio frequency

Seite 19 - Restarting the Pocket PC

Package contents 1 External views 2 Hardware hotkeys 4 Using the Pocket PC for the first time 5 Installing and removing the SIM card 5 Charging

Seite 20

1 English Package contents  Pocket PC  Stylus  Battery  Getting Started CD  User Guide  Leather case  Headset  AC adapter  USB cable  USB

Seite 21 - Restore default settings

2 English External views

Seite 22 - Cold boot

3 English 1. SIM card slot 2. Microphone 2 3. Jog dial 4. Record key 5. Strap holder 6. BT/WLAN/GPS LED indicator 7. Touch screen display 8. Send/

Seite 23

4 English Hardware hotkeys Hardware button Press Press and hold n Launch Voice Commander Launch Notes o Launch Phone/dial/redial/

Seite 24

5 English Using the Pocket PC for the first time If you are opening this product for the first time, the main battery and the Pocket PC are packed

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