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F900 Smartphone
Service Guide
Service guide files and updates are available
on the ACER/CSD web; for more information,
please refer to
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Seite 1 - Service Guide

F900 SmartphoneService Guide

Seite 2 - Revision History

2Camera• Built-in 3 mega pixels auto-focus CMOS camera with flashlight, up to 2048 x 1536 resolution• VGA resolution fixed-focus CMOS camera for video

Seite 3 - Disclaimer

3• Pocket PC usage: 15 hours• GPS usage: 5 hoursSoftware (pre-loaded*)• Windows Mobile@ 6.1 Professional • Microsoft® Office Outlook Mobile (Calendar,

Seite 4 - Conventions

4System Block DiagramSamsung S3C6410 POP Ty peMicro SD Slot3M COMSFlash LightCharger1530mAHBatteryLi-PolymerPMUG SensorL Sensor32.768KHzCODECAK467

Seite 5

5Your Acer Smartphone tourAfter examining your smartphone features, let us show you around your new smartphone.ViewsNo. Item Description1 Mini USB con

Seite 6

6Hardware Specifications and ConfigurationsProcessor15 Action key Press to activate the selected menu item. 16 Volume down Press to reduce phone v

Seite 7 - Table of Contents

7System Memory TFT 3.8” CameraGPSWiFi Item SpecificationMemory controller On BoardMemory size 256 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB SDRAMItem SpecificationVendor/

Seite 8

8BluetoothFM RadioBattery Item SpecificationType Bluetooth 2.0, class 2 + EDRInterface UARTProfiles Generic, Serial, FTP, A2DP, Headset, Hands FreeIte

Seite 9 - System Specifications

Chapter 2 1Software UpgradesSystem Requirements• Microsoft® Windows XP or above• Latest version of EUU (End-user Upgrade Utility / EUU_xxx.exe) or Bin

Seite 10

2Using the EUU (For distributor or service center)1. Execute ActiveSync.2. Connect with PC.3. Execute EUU_xxx.exeThe Welcome screen displays.4. Click

Seite 11 - Acer Exclusive Applications

36. Follow the on screen instructions. When the ActiveSync connection is established, click Next.

Seite 12 - System Block Diagram

IIRevision HistoryPlease refer to the table below for the updates made on the F900 smartphone service guide.Date Chapter Updates

Seite 13 - Your Acer Smartphone tour

4The following screen displays.7. When the device enters Download mode (as described on screen) click Next.NOTE: If the device does not enter Download

Seite 14

5A progress screen displays.The update is complete when the following screen displays.12. Click Finish to complete the process.

Seite 16

Chapter 3 1Machine Disassembly and ReplacementThis chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to disassemble and reassemble the smartphone for ma

Seite 17 - Software Upgrades

2 Chapter 3External Module Disassembly ProcessExternal Modules Disassembly FlowchartNOTE: Items enclosed with broken lines (— - - —) are optional and

Seite 18

Chapter 3 3Removing the Stylus1. Grasp the Stylus as shown and pull to remove it from the smartphone.2. Continue to pull the Stylus until it is comple

Seite 19

4 Chapter 3Removing the Mini-SD CardNOTE: The Mini SD Card is an optional item and may not be present.1. Insert a finger nail (or plastic pry) into th

Seite 20

Chapter 3 54. Remove the card from the slot and replace the Mini SD door.

Seite 21 - A progress screen displays

6 Chapter 3Removing the Back CoverIMPORTANT:Cover the work area with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth before placing the smartphone face down.1. Press th

Seite 22

Chapter 3 7Removing the BatteryIMPORTANT:The Battery is locked in place; do not force the Battery out of the battery bay before open in the locking me

Seite 23 - Chapter 3

IIICopyrightCopyright © 2009 by Acer Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, store

Seite 24

8 Chapter 3Removing the SIM CardNOTE: The SIM Card is an optional item and may not be present.1. See “Removing the Battery” on page 7.2. Slide the SIM

Seite 25 - Removing the Stylus

Chapter 3 9Main Unit Disassembly ProcessMain Unit Disassembly FlowchartScrew ListStep Screw Quantity Part No.Upper Cover M1.6*5 2M1.6*1.5 2Mainboard M

Seite 26 - Removing the Mini-SD Card

10 Chapter 3SIM Board M1.6*1.5 2Step Screw Quantity Part No.

Seite 27 - Chapter 3 5

Chapter 3 11Removing the Upper Cover1. See “Removing the Battery” on page 7.2. Remove the two rubber screw caps from the Lower Cover using tweezers.IM

Seite 28 - Removing the Back Cover

12 Chapter 34. Remove the two screws located on the sides of the Lower Cover.IMPORTANT:Do not force the covers apart to avoid damaging the plastic sec

Seite 29 - Removing the Battery

Chapter 3 137. Work down the right side of the cover as shown, prying the covers apart.8. Repeat the process down the left side, gradually prying apar

Seite 30 - Removing the SIM Card

14 Chapter 39. Apply lateral pressure as indicated by the arrow (1) and pry apart the bottom right edge of the Upper Cover (2).10. Work along the bott

Seite 31 - Main Unit Disassembly Process

Chapter 3 1512. Using plastic tweezers, lift the FFC connector to disconnect the Upper Cover from the Mainboard.13. Remove the Upper Cover from the Lo

Seite 32 - Step Screw Quantity Part No

16 Chapter 3Removing the LCD ModuleIMPORTANT:Ensure that no dust, dirt, or finger prints come in to contact with the exposed LCD Panel or Front Cover;

Seite 34

IVConventionsThe following conventions are used in this manual:SCREEN MESSAGES Denotes actual messages that appear on screen.NOTE Gives bits and piece

Seite 35 - Chapter 3 13

18 Chapter 3Removing the Mainboard1. See “Removing the LCD Module” on page 16.2. Turn the smartphone over. Remove the two screws securing the Mainboar

Seite 36

Chapter 3 194. Remove the four screws securing the Mainboard to the Lower Cover.5. Remove the rubber protector from the Microphone as shown.6. Remove

Seite 37

20 Chapter 37. Grasp the Lower Cover as shown (1). Lift and rotate the Mainboard out of the Lower Cover (2) to clear the I/O ports (green callout).12

Seite 38 - Removing the LCD Module

Chapter 3 21Removing the Vibration Module1. See “Removing the Mainboard” on page 18.2. Using the tweezers, grasp the Vibration Module and lift it clea

Seite 39 - Chapter 3 17

22 Chapter 3Removing the Receiver Module1. See “Removing the Mainboard” on page 18.2. Locate the removal tab as shown.3. Press the removal tab toward

Seite 40 - Removing the Mainboard

Chapter 3 23Removing the SIM Board1. See “Removing the Mainboard” on page 18.2. Remove the two screws securing the SIM Board to the Mainboard.IMPORTAN

Seite 41

24 Chapter 35. Disconnect the FFC from the SIM Board.

Seite 42 - I/O ports (green callout)

Chapter 3 25Removing the Camera Shielding1. See “Removing the SIM Board” on page 23.2. Insert thin tine tweezers either side of the Shielding securing

Seite 43 - Removing the Vibration Module

26 Chapter 3Removing the Camera Module1. See “Removing the Camera Shielding” on page 25.IMPORTANT:Do not disconnect the Camera Module by lifting the l

Seite 44 - Removing the Receiver Module

Chapter 3 27Removing the Middle Cover1. See “Removing the Camera Module” on page 26.2. Locate the four clips securing the Middle Cover to the Mainboar

Seite 45 - Removing the SIM Board

VPrefaceBefore using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information.1. This Service Guide provides you wi

Seite 46 - 24 Chapter 3

28 Chapter 35. Release clip C by pushing it away from the Mainboard as shown.6. Lift the Mainboard away from the Middle Cover as shown, and slide the

Seite 47 - Removing the Camera Shielding

Chapter 3 291. Insert clip A and the nearby pin by pushing it into from the Mainboard as shown.ABCDABCD

Seite 48 - Removing the Camera Module

30 Chapter 32. Insert clip B and the nearby pin by pushing it into the Mainboard as shown.3. Insert clip C and the nearby pin by pushing it into the M

Seite 49 - Removing the Middle Cover

Chapter 3 31Replacing the Camera Module1. Push the FFC cable through the slot in the side of the Middle Cover camera well. 2. Slide the camera into th

Seite 50 - Replacing the Middle Cover

32 Chapter 3Replacing the Camera Shielding1. Slide the camera shield over the camera well on the middle board.2. Push the tabs down to be sure that th

Seite 51 - Chapter 3 29

Chapter 3 332. Connect the SIM Board FFC from the Mainboard.3. Lift the SIM Board away from the Mainboard as shown.4. Insert the two screws to secure

Seite 52 - 30 Chapter 3

34 Chapter 3Replacing the Receiver Module1. Insert the receiver module into the Lower Cover and ensure the clips snap into place.Replacing the Vibrati

Seite 53 - Replacing the Camera Module

Chapter 3 35Replacing the Mainboard1. Insert the Mainboard into the Lower Cover as shown. The I/O port and green tab on the main board should be inser

Seite 54 - Replacing the SIM Board

36 Chapter 34. Replace the four screws to secure the Mainboard to the Lower Cover.5. Turn the smartphone over. Insert the two screws to secure the Mai

Seite 55

Chapter 3 37Replacing the LCD Module1. Reapply the adhesive to the LCD FFC Cable as shown.2. Reconnect the LCD FFC to the main board as shown.3. Reapp

Seite 57 - Replacing the Mainboard

38 Chapter 34. Insert the LCD Panel into the middle cover.Replacing the Upper Cover1. Connect the screen FFC to the Mainboard.2. Align the cover tabs

Seite 58

Chapter 3 393. Press the bottom of the covers together, starting with one side and moving to the other.4. Using a pinching motion, press the edges of

Seite 59 - Replacing the LCD Module

40 Chapter 36. Insert the two screws located on the sides of the Lower Cover.7. Insert the two screws into the back of the unit.8. Insert the two rubb

Seite 60 - Replacing the Upper Cover

Chapter 3 41Replacing the Battery1. Insert the Battery into the battery bay.2. Slide the Battery lock in the direction of the arrow to lock the Batter

Seite 61 - Chapter 3 39

42 Chapter 32. Push the back cover into place.Replacing the Mini-SD Card1. Insert the card into the slot until it clicks into place.

Seite 62 - Replacing the SIM Card

Chapter 3 432. Rotate the Mini SD door towards the card slot as shown.3. Push the door into the case to secure it in place.Replacing the Stylus1. Push

Seite 64 - Replacing the Mini-SD Card

Chapter 4 1Diagnostics and TroubleshootingUsing DebugSwitcher Function TestingRUN IN and Discharge TestsNOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.1. Insert the

Seite 65 - Replacing the Stylus

2 Chapter 4FM Receiver, Audio and GPS1 TestsNOTE: • Take care not to damage the casing when putting the handset on the test fixture.1. Plug in the FM

Seite 66 - 44 Chapter 3

Chapter 4 3Camera TestNOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.• Take care not to damage the casing when putting the device on the test fixture.• Make sure tha

Seite 67 - Chapter 4

VIITable of ContentsSystem Specifications 1Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seite 68

4 Chapter 4Function Testing 1NOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.1. Tap Seq Test to begin testing functions.2. The LCD Test starts. Tap the screen to cycl

Seite 69 - Camera Test

Chapter 4 512. Tap the screen to test the Vibration function.13. Tap ON and OFF to test the funtionality.Ensure that the vibration is not too strong o

Seite 70 - Function Testing 1

6 Chapter 4Function Testing 2NOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.• When testing the touch panel pen, draw from corner to corner and side to side. Do not s

Seite 71

Chapter 4 7G Sensor and Light Sensor TestsNOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.• Take care not to damage the casing when putting the device on the test fix

Seite 72 - Function Testing 2

8 Chapter 4TV-out and GPS2 TestNOTE: • Wear anti-static gloves.1. Assembly the battery then power on.2. Press the TV Out tab to test TV-Out function.3

Seite 73

Chapter 4 9Using the Windows Mobile Test SystemTesting Item Procedure GuidelinesPhone Live Test Test phone dial and receive function: 1. Device over d

Seite 75

Chapter 5 1Serial Number DefinitionThe following information describes the serial number details available on the Acer product sticker. To view the se

Seite 76 - 10 Chapter 4

2Acer SNIDYWWddddddMMCode DescriptionYWW 3 digit numeric year and week code (as above)dddddd 6 digit unique number derived from Acer 22 Code SN (SSSSS

Seite 77 - Serial Number Definition

Chapter 6 1FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) ListThis chapter gives you the FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) listing in global configurations of the F900 smart

Seite 78 - Acer SNID

VIIITable of ContentsReplacing the Back Cover . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41Replacing the Mini-

Seite 79 - Chapter 6

2 Chapter 6F900 Smartphone Exploded DiagramItem Description Part Number1 Touchscreen 60.H420S.004123567891112104

Seite 80 - 1 Touchscreen 60.H420S.004

Chapter 6 32 LCD Module 6M.H420S.0013 Mainboard MB.H4200.001 4 Vibration Module 60.H420S.0015 Receiver 60.H420S.0026 Back Cover 60.H420S.0057 Battery

Seite 81

4 Chapter 6F900 Smartphone FRU ListAcer P/NACCESSORYUSB CABLE 6K.H370S.001STYLUS.F900 6K.H420S.001STYLUS WITH BAG PACKING.F900 6K.H420S.002LEATHER POU

Seite 82 - F900 Smartphone FRU List

Chapter 6 5RECEIVER.F900 60.H420S.002SPEAKER.F900 60.H420S.003FRONT COVER ASSY.F900 60.H420S.004REAR COVER ASSY.F900 60.H420S.005ANTENNA (GSM/DCS/PCS/

Seite 83


Seite 84

Appendix A 1Online Support InformationThis section describes online technical support services available to help you repair your Acer device.If you ar

Seite 86 - 2 Appendix A

1BBack CoverRemoving 6Replacing 41BatteryRemoving 7Replacing 41CCamera ModuleRemoving 26Replacing 31Camera ShieldingRemoving 25Replacing 32DDisplay 4E

Seite 88

Chapter 1 1System SpecificationsFeaturesBelow is a brief summary of the smartphone’s many features:Operating System• Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional

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