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Seite 1 - Acer n300 Handheld

Acer n300 HandheldUser’s Guide


2 Using an USB thumb drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Inserting an USB thumb d

Seite 3 - Disposal instructions

1 Getting startedSystem requirements 11 Getting started This chapter will discuss the following topics: • Basic requirements• Feature highlights of yo

Seite 4 - About this User’s Guide

1 Getting startedFeatures summary2 Audio• Built-in industry standard 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack , 3 ring type• Built-in mono speaker• Built-in mono

Seite 5 - First things first

1 Getting startedAcer n300 tour 3Acer n300 tour Front viewNo. Component Description1 Power / Bluetooth® / 802.11b WLAN LED indicatorPower LED indicato

Seite 6 - Maintaining your Acer n300

1 Getting startedAcer n300 tour4 NOTE: If your handheld is off, pressing any Quick button turns on the handheld and launches the program assigned to

Seite 7 - Resetting your Acer n300

1 Getting startedAcer n300 tour 5Top view No. Label Description1 Stylus holder Secures the stylus to your handheld. To use the stylus, remove from it

Seite 8

1 Getting startedAcer n300 tour6 Bottom view No. Label Description1 Proprietary 26-pin I/O connectorConnects your handheld to a portable or desktop

Seite 9 - Contents

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n300 7Rear view Preparing to use your Acer n300Perform the following easy installation tasks to begin usi

Seite 10

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n3008 you can use your handheld for 8 straight hours of operation (backlight inactive) before you need t

Seite 11 - 1 Getting started

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n300 9Connecting the Cradle1 Connect the AC adapter cord to the DC-in jack at the back of the cradle.2 Plu

Seite 12 - Features summary

COPYRIGHTCopyright © 2005 Acer Inc. or its subsidiariesAll Rights Reserved. Printed in Taiwan. Acer n300 Handheld User’s GuideOriginal issue: Septembe

Seite 13 - Acer n300 tour

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n30010 Setting up your Acer n300After you have initially charged your handheld for four hours, you can

Seite 14 - Left view

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n300 11Installing the Microsoft® ActiveSync® software The main function of the Microsoft® ActiveSync® soft

Seite 15 - Top view

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n30012 To connect the computerVia the USB Sync cable1 Plug the sync cable into the 26-pin I/O connector

Seite 16 - Bottom view

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n300 13Performing the first synchronization processAfter completing the setup procedures you can now perfo

Seite 17 - Charging your Acer n300

1 Getting startedPreparing to use your Acer n30014 2 Plug the USB client connector into a USB port on your computer. The 'New Partnership&apos

Seite 18 - To charge your Acer n300

1 Getting startedCommand interface 15Command interfaceHandheld buttons and the stylusYour handheld has hardware buttons that control actions and scrol

Seite 19

1 Getting startedCommand interface16 If you need Help for any specific application, launch the application and then tap >Help for online help.Yo

Seite 20 - Setting up your Acer n300

2 Backup and restore data 172 Backup and restore dataBackup/Restore enables you to back up data files and applications from your handheld to a storage

Seite 21 - Connecting the computer

2 Backup and restore data18 Backup functionTo perform data backup1 Close all running programs except for Backup/Restore.2 In the Backup tab, choose

Seite 22 - To connect the computer

2 Backup and restore data 192 Select a source storage device from the 'Restore from' pulldown menu.The lower half of the screen will display

Seite 23

Disposal instructions iiiDisposal instructionsDo not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. To minimize pollution and ensure ut

Seite 24

2 Backup and restore data20 4 Tap Delete to remove the file.

Seite 25 - Command interface

3 Using expansion featuresUsing an SD/MMC card 213 Using expansion featuresThe slim and lightweight design of your Acer n300 belies its impressive exp

Seite 26

3 Using expansion featuresUsing an USB thumb drive22 3 Push the card into the slot using your finger until you feel the card lock and hear an audib

Seite 27 - 2 Backup and

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesFCC notice 23Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesThis appendix lists the general notices of your PDA

Seite 28 - Restore function

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesCaution24 CautionChanges or modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user

Seite 29 - 2 Backup and restore data

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesImportant safety instructions 25Important safety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Save them f

Seite 30

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesLCD pixel statement26 13 To avoid hazard of unexpected electrical shock, use the AC adapter only when th

Seite 31 - 3 Using expansion

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesList of applicable countries 27List of applicable countriesEU member states as of May 2004 are: Belgium, De

Seite 32 - Using an USB thumb drive

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesExposure of humans to RF fields (RSS-102)28

Seite 33 - Appendix A:

1 IndexAActiveSync® 23Bbacklight 4, 11Backupopening17Restore function 18Ccommand interface 15device buttons 15Today screen 15copyright iiEexpansion

Seite 34 - Notice: Canadian users

About this User’s GuideDisposal instructionsivAbout this User’s GuideWelcome to the Acer n300 Handheld User’s Guide. This User’s Guide is designed to

Seite 36 - European Union (EU)

First things firstYour guides vFirst things firstWe would like to thank you for making Acer n300 your choice for your handheld needs. Your new sleek A

Seite 37 - The FCC RF safety requirement

First things firstPackage contentsvi Package contentsYour Acer n300 comes packed in a cardboard box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the conten

Seite 38

First things firstMaintaining your Acer n300 viiResetting your Acer n300You may have to perform a reset if your handheld no longer responds to the but

Seite 39

First things firstMaintaining your Acer n300viii 2. While holding the Today and Messaging buttons (a), using the tip of your stylus, lightly press

Seite 40

Contents 1Disposal instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . iii About

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