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Seite 1 - User’s Guide

1 IEEE 802.11b Wireless USB Adapter User’s Guide Version: 3.0 — August 2001

Seite 2

8 USB WLAN Adapter features: 1. High-speed wireless connection, up to 11 Mbps 2. IEEE802.11b (DSSS) standard for 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN 3. Plug-and-P

Seite 3 - Copyright Statement

9 1.3 Wireless Networking Scenarios As our IEEE802.11b USB Adapter is interoperable and compatible with other IEEE 802.11b compliant products from

Seite 4 - Table of Contents

10 A. Peer-to-Peer Networking: An Ad Hoc Network could be easily set up with some PCs and this IEEE802.11b USB WLAN USB Adapters or our other WLAN d

Seite 5

11 B. Cooperate LAN (Local Area Networking): With some IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapters and Access Points, it is easy to construct a LAN with access

Seite 6 - 1. Welcome

12 1.4 Advantages for Using Wireless Network IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN can wirelessly transmit and receive data, minimizing the need for wired connect

Seite 7 - 1.1 Kit Contents

13 - Flexible Workgroups and Lower Cost: For workspaces that are frequently reconfigured for temporarily use such as demo in exhibitions, wireless

Seite 8

14 2. Quick Start to Wireless Networking 1. Insert the installation CD, and it will automatically start the setup program for WLAN Utility and drive

Seite 9

15 3. After restarting your PC/notebook, insert USB adapter into USB connector of the notebook or desktop. 4.Operation System will detect new devic

Seite 10

16 5.Double click the shortcut icon of WLAN USB, and then check the toolbar at the bottom of the screen—there is a small icon to indicate the connect

Seite 11

17 7. Now you may enter “Internet Explorer” to surf the Internet. Freely without wires

Seite 13

18 3. Step-by-Step Installation Guide This section will lead you through the installation of USB Adapter and IEEE802.11b USB WLAN software in details

Seite 14 - Network

19 3.1 Install the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility / Driver NOTE: Please install the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility / Driver first prior to inserting

Seite 15

20 3. Please select the applications you would like to install, and click “Next“. To go on the installation, please select “Install IEEE802.11b USB

Seite 16

21 4. The default destination folder is displayed in the setup dialog column. You may change the default folder by clicking “Browse“ to select the

Seite 17

22 5. Select the Program Folder for IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility and click “Next “. 6. You will be asked if you wish to add an IEEE802.

Seite 18

23 7. The user manual is published in Portable Document Format (PDF). If Acrobat Reader does not exist in your system, the following message will

Seite 19

24 3.2 Install the USB Adapter NOTE: The IEEE802.11b USB WLAN driver and utility are included in the accompanying installation CD. Please fo

Seite 20

25 2. After connecting the USB Adapter to your PC/notebook, the setup will automatically start. NOTE: If you are asked to insert a “Windows 98

Seite 21 - Utility / Driver

26 3.3 IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter has its own management software, named IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility, and users can c

Seite 22

27 3.3.1 Setting • Operating Mode: If you want to connect to an Access Point, please set the mode as ”Infrastructure”. If you have more stations

Seite 23

1 Copyright Statement No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, w

Seite 24

28 • MAC Address: It displays the MAC address of your IEEE802.11b USB device, and the parameter cannot be changed. • Other information: The Signa

Seite 25

29 3.3.2 Statistics • The following screen shows various statistics including the Data Packets, Management Packets and Rejected Packets in transmi

Seite 26 - 3.2 Install the USB Adapter

30 3.3.3 Site Survey • The screen shows the messages of all the Access Points within the communication range of your IEEE 802.11b USB Adapter. The m

Seite 27

31 3.3.4 Encryption You may enhance the security level of wireless network by enabling the Encryption function. • WEP Key to use: You can choose o

Seite 28

32 ! Caution: WEP Key needs to be the same for all IEEE802.11b stations. Follow the steps below to set your WEP: (1) Select the Encryption type: 64

Seite 30

34 3.3.5 Advanced • The screen shows the advanced setting of the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility, and it includes Preamble Type, Fragmentation Threshol

Seite 31 - 3.3.2 Statistics

35 • After adjusting the settings, please click on the “Submit” button to save all the settings.

Seite 32 - 3.3.3 Site Survey

36 3.3.6 Version • The screen shows the version of Driver, Firmware, and Application for IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility / Driver.

Seite 33 - 3.3.4 Encryption

37 3.4 Remove your USB Adapter If you do not need the wireless connectivity of your IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter, you can unplug and remove your U

Seite 34

2 Table of Contents 1. Welcome……………………………………………………………4 1.1 Kit Contents...

Seite 35

38 3.5 Uninstall the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility / Driver If you do not need the wireless connectivity of your IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter… 1. Fir

Seite 36 - 3.3.5 Advanced

39 3. You will be asked if you are sure to uninstall the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility and all of its components. Click “ Yes “ to run the un-insta

Seite 37

40 4. Network Application This section consists of the network applications of IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter, including: ! How to Survey the network

Seite 38 - 3.3.6 Version

41 4.1 Surveying the Network Neighborhood When multiple base stations are up and running in your wireless network, you can use the procedure descri

Seite 39 - 3.4 Remove your USB Adapter

42 ! Powered up and logged on to the network. ! Configured to operate with identical Microsoft Network settings concerning: $ Networking Protocol

Seite 40

43 4.2 File Sharing in Microsoft Windows 98 IEEE802.11b USB WLAN allows the sharing of files between computers that are logged onto the same wirel

Seite 41

44 3. Select “Shared As“ to open your folder for file sharing. You can also select and define the level of access for your folder. • If “Re

Seite 42 - 4. Network Application

45 4. Click “Apply“ or “OK“ to activate the options that you have set. Now you can see the folder “My Documents“ with a small hand under it. The f

Seite 43

46 4.3 Printer Sharing in Windows 98 In order to share your printer with other stations of the same across the network, you have to set it as a netw

Seite 44

47 4. Click the Sharing tab, and then click “Shared As“. If necessary, enter a password.

Seite 45

3 5. Specifications……………………………………………………..50 5.1 Physical Specifications... 50 5.2 Availab

Seite 46

48 4.4 Using the Shared Folder If you would like to access a shared folder stored in other stations of same network, please follow the process below:

Seite 47

49 4.5 Using the Shared Network printer To use the shared network printer(s), please refer to the following process: 1. In the “Network Neighborhoo

Seite 48

50 5. Specifications 5.1 Physical Specifications Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 X 77 x 25mm Weight 80g Host Interface USB 1.1 Compliant Antenna Int

Seite 49

51 5.2 Available Channels in Each Country

Seite 50 - 4.4 Using the Shared Folder

52 5.3 Networking Compliant Standards Standard IEEE802.11b Wi-Fi Compliment Host Systems Windows98/2000/Me,CE Media Access Protocol CSMA/CA with A

Seite 51

53 5.4 Operating Specifications Frequency Band 2.400 ~ 2.4835GHz (subject to local regulations) Number of Channel: USA and Canada -11 Most Fra

Seite 52 - 5. Specifications

54 Receive Sensitivity: Nominal Temp Range: -1 Mbps 10-5 BER @ -90 dBm, minimum -5.5 Mbps 10-5 BER @ -87 dBm, minimum -11 Mbps 10-5 BER @ -84 dBm, m

Seite 53

55 Roaming: Full mobility and seamless roaming from cell to cell and across access points (subject to access point) Management Utility: Link Conf

Seite 54

56 6. Troubleshooting If you encounter some problems while installing the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter or you want to confirm whether the USB Adapte

Seite 55 - 5.4 Operating Specifications

57 6.1 Check the Various Properties of the Card To verify if the driver has been set in your computer properly, you can follow the procedures belo

Seite 56

4 1. Welcome Thank you for purchasing our IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN USB Adapter, and welcome to Wireless LAN—the easy way to wireless networking. This

Seite 57

58 • If there is a Question-mark (?) or an Exclamation-mark (!) in yellow on your IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Adapter in the previous picture, please make

Seite 58 - 6. Troubleshooting

59 6.2 Microsoft Networking Checklist In order to run the IEEE802.11b USB WLAN properly, some network items must be presented in the Microsoft “N

Seite 59

60 Set up the Network Protocols: • Refer to the picture above—Click “Add“ button to enter the windows displayed below.

Seite 60

61 • Click “Add“ and then choose the network protocol. Select Microsoft as the manufacturer and pick “NetBEUI“, “TCP/IP“, and “IPX/SPX-compatible

Seite 61

62 Network Service for Microsoft Networking: • Click “Add“ and select “Service“.

Seite 62 - Set up the Network Protocols

63 • Select “Microsoft“ as the manufacturer and choose “File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks“ for network service; • Click “ OK “ t

Seite 63

64 6.3 Others Additional Note for Windows 98 earlier edition If your system is running Windows 98 first edition, you may use one of the following

Seite 64

65 Regulatory Information The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modification of this

Seite 65

66 USA – Federal Communications Commission (FCC) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class B Digital Devices, purs

Seite 66 - 6.3 Others

67 Canada – Industry Canada (IC) This class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference Causing Equipment Regulations.

Seite 67 - Regulatory Information

5 1.1 Kit Contents The IEEE802.11b USB Wireless LAN kit should include the following items: a. 1 USB Adapter b. 1 USB Cable.

Seite 69

6 c. 1 CD including: 1. IEEE802.11b USB WLAN Utility & Driver software 2. Acrobat Reader 4.05 3. User Manual PDF f

Seite 70

7 1.2 Main Feature of WLAN USB Adapter A. Power ON/OFF LED B. Status LED ! Off: No wireless activity ! Blinking: Sensing/transmitting wire

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