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Seite 2

viii DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 3 - Installation Guide

Manual No. 775012 1-1Chapter 1IntroductionThis chapter covers:• Product description• Standard package contents• User supplied items Figure 1-1. DAC960

Seite 4 - Greetings

Product Description1-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Controller Features and FunctionsFeatures of the DAC960PG and DAC960PJ controllers include:

Seite 5

IntroductionManual No. 775012 1-3Standard Package ContentsThe following items are supplied with the standard shipping package: Hardware • DAC960PG or

Seite 6

User-supplied Items1-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation User-supplied ItemsThe following user-supplied items are required to perform this installat

Seite 7 - Contents

Manual No. 775012 2-1Chapter 2Preinstallation PlanningThis chapter covers:• SCSI termination• SCSI cabling• SCSI drive preparation• Limitations on mix

Seite 8

SCSI Termination2-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation SCSI TerminationThe DAC960PG and DAC960PJ are equipped with automatic SCSI termination circuit

Seite 9 - Manual No. 775012 vii

Preinstallation PlanningManual No. 775012 2-3Figure 2-1. DAC960 Controller Termination Examples☛ NoteFor this discussion, assume that the illustrated

Seite 10

SCSI Cabling2-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation SCSI CablingEach Ultra SCSI channel supports up to 15 drives.The total allowable SCSI bus lengths

Seite 11 - Introduction

Preinstallation PlanningManual No. 775012 2-5SCSI Drive PreparationPrepare the drives for installation as follows:• Remove any terminators attached to

Seite 13 - Standard Package Contents

Mixing Narrow and Wide SCSI Devices2-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 14 - User-supplied Items

Manual No. 775012 3-1Chapter 3InstallationThis chapter covers:• Preparation• Connectors and Jumpers• Safety Considerations• Controller Installation Pr

Seite 15 - Preinstallation Planning

Connectors and Jumpers3-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Connectors and JumpersUp to three Ultra SCSI channels are supported on the DAC960PG and

Seite 16 - SCSI Termination

InstallationManual No. 775012 3-3External SCSI ConnectorsThe external connectors on the controller are female, Very High Density Cable Interconnect (V

Seite 17 - Manual No. 775012 2-3

Safety Considerations3-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Safety ConsiderationsBe sure to observe the following precautions before beginning the co

Seite 18 - SCSI Cabling

InstallationManual No. 775012 3-5Installing the Controller☛ NoteIf a Battery Backup Unit (BBU) is to be installed, it should be done before the contro

Seite 19 - SCSI Drive Preparation

Installing the Controller3-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 20

Manual No. 775012 4-1Chapter 4Controller Start-upThis chapter describes:• BIOS Options• BIOS Configuration Utility (RAID EzAssist)• Operating System,

Seite 21 - Installation

BIOS Options Sequence4-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Setting BIOS OptionsThe available BIOS options are:• BIOS disabled/enabled• CD-ROM boot

Seite 22 - Connectors and Jumpers

Controller Start-upManual No. 775012 4-3Enable 8GByte or 2GByte DrivesThis setting affects how the BIOS reads the disk drives for the boot partition.

Seite 23 - External SCSI Connectors

DAC960PG™ and DAC960PJ™ PCI to Ultra SCSIRAID ControllersInstallation Guide Part Number 775012-0208P4078© Copyright 2000 Mylex Corporation.All Right

Seite 24 -  WARNING

BIOS Configuration Utility (RAID EzAssist)4-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation ☛ NoteIn the event that the RAID controller needs to be replaced, th

Seite 25 - Installing the Controller

Controller Start-upManual No. 775012 4-5Global Array Manager (GAM) ClientThe controller can be configured using Global Array Manager Client. GAM Clien

Seite 26

In Case of Problems4-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 27 - Controller Start-up

Manual No. 775012 A-1 Appendix ABattery Backup Unit OptionProduct DescriptionThe Battery Backup Unit (BBU) option is an add-on module that protects th

Seite 28 - Setting BIOS Options

InstallationA-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Guide Installation Tools Needed The only tool needed for the installation is a small, flat-blade s

Seite 29

Battery Backup Unit OptionManual No. 775012 A-3 Figure A-2. Removing the Loopback Plug3. Remove the protective pin cover and peel-off label from J1 on

Seite 30 - Operating System

InstallationA-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Guide Figure A-3. Installing the BBU 5. Install the BBU so that J1 on the BBU connects to J5 on th

Seite 31 - In Case of Problems

Battery Backup Unit OptionManual No. 775012 A-5 Operation Battery Conditioning Prior to Use Battery conditioning is automatic. There are no manual pro

Seite 32

MaintenanceA-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Guide Maintenance No end user maintenance is required on the BBU. It is recommended, however, that

Seite 33 - Battery Backup Unit Option

Battery Backup Unit OptionManual No. 775012 A-7 Functional DescriptionGeneral Operational DescriptionWhenever the system is running, the BBU is standi

Seite 34

GreetingsThank you for purchasing the Mylex DAC960PG™ or DAC960PJ™ controller. This manual describes the installation of the Mylex DAC960PG/PJ control

Seite 35 - Manual No. 775012 A-3

Functional DescriptionA-8 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Guide Battery and Charge Circuit Onboard Battery The onboard battery is rated at 3.6 v w

Seite 36

Battery Backup Unit OptionManual No. 775012 A-9 BBU Specifications Onboard Battery Electrical Properties3 NiCd 1.2 V, 650 mAH cells, connected in seri

Seite 37 - Operation

BBU SpecificationsA-10 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Guide

Seite 38

Manual No. 775012 B-1Appendix BDAC960PG andDAC960PJ SpecificationsGeneral Hardware SpecificationsDAC960PGController DAC960PGCPU Intel i960 RP® RISC 32

Seite 39

General Hardware SpecificationsB-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation DAC960PJController DAC960PJCPU Intel i960 RD® RISC 32-bit microprocessor, 66MHz

Seite 40

DAC960PG and DAC960PJ SpecificationsManual No. 775012 B-3Physical and Environmental Specifications Controller DAC960PG/PJForm Factor:Full-length card

Seite 41 - BBU Specifications

Physical and Environmental SpecificationsB-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 42

Manual No. 775012 C-1Appendix CError MessagesStart-up Error MessagesThe BIOS looks for any initialization message posted by the firmware during the st

Seite 43 - DAC960PJ Specifications

Installation AbortC-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation During the initialization, if the firmware fails to respond to the BIOS inquiry within two m

Seite 44 - DAC960PJ

Error MessagesManual No. 775012 C-3NVRAM ErrorWith Firmware 4.x, if the BIOS displays a mismatch between the NVRAM and the COD, no drives will be inst

Seite 45

About This ManualThis installation guide covers hardware set-up and configuration procedures necessary for the installation of Mylex DAC960PG and DAC9

Seite 46

System Reboot or Power Down MessagesC-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 47 - Error Messages

Manual No. 775012 D-1Appendix DEnclosure ManagementIntroductionMylex’s DAC960PG/PJ Disk Array Controllers support the industry standard enclosure mana

Seite 48 - Installation Abort

SAF-TED-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 49 - NVRAM Error

Manual No. 775012 E-1Appendix ERegulatory InformationClass B ComplianceTHIS DEVICE COMPLIES WITH PART 15 OF THE FCC RULES. OPERATION IS SUBJECT TO THE

Seite 50

Declaration of ConformityE-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Declaration of ConformityManufacturer’s Name: Mylex CorporationManufacturer’s Address

Seite 51 - Enclosure Management

Regulatory InformationManual No. 775012 E-3Declaration of ConformityPer 89\336\EECResponsible PartyName: Mylex CorporationAddress: 34551 Ardenwood Bou

Seite 52

Community of EuropeE-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Community of EuropeCE mark is rated for the DAC960PG™ and DAC960PJ™ as follows: CISPR 22

Seite 53 - Regulatory Information

Regulatory InformationManual No. 775012 E-5Underwriters Laboratories Listing and Warning WARNINGThis controller is furnished with a nonvolatile RAM (

Seite 54 - Declaration of Conformity

Underwriters Laboratories Listing and WarningE-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation

Seite 55

Manual No. 775012 G-1GlossaryAcceleRAID™The AcceleRAID family features high performance, cost effective Ultra SCSI/Ultra2 SCSI LVD and Ultra 160 SCSI

Seite 57

G-2 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideAutomatic RebuildMylex controllers provide automatic rebuild capabilities in the event of a physical disk

Seite 58

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-3BusA set of conductors that connect the functional units in a computer and are the channels through which data is transfe

Seite 59 - Glossary

G-4 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideSCSI bus on a disk array controller. Each disk array controller provides at least one channel.Conservativ

Seite 60

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-5Disk ArrayA collection of disks from one or more commonly accessible disk systems. Disk arrays, also known as RAID, allow

Seite 61 - Manual No. 775012 G-3

G-6 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideECCError Correcting Code, a method of generating redundant information which can be used to detect and co

Seite 62

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-7FailbackRestoring a failed system component’s share of a load to a replacement component.FailoverA mode of operation for

Seite 63 - Manual No. 775012 G-5

G-8 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideGigabyte230 (1,073,741,824) bytes. Abbreviated as G or GB.Global Array Manager (GAM)A Mylex RAID manageme

Seite 64

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-9controller to “rebuild” the data on the new drive, all without interrupting system operations. Once the rebuild is comple

Seite 65 - Manual No. 775012 G-7

G-10 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideI/OInput/Output, the transmission of information between an external source and the computer.I/O BusAny

Seite 66

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-11Logical Drive StatesA logical (system) drive can be Online, Critical, or Offline. Notice that the term “online” is used

Seite 67 - Manual No. 775012 G-9

Manual No. 775012 vContentsChapter 1Introduction ... 1-1Product D

Seite 68

G-12 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideMirroringRefers to the complete duplication of data on one disk drive to another disk drive, this duplic

Seite 69 - Manual No. 775012 G-11

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-13OfflineA Logical Drive is in an “offline” state if no data can be read from it or written to it. Offline does not apply

Seite 70 - Narrow SCSI

G-14 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuidePhysical DeviceAny device connected to some kind of hardware. For example, SCSI disk, fibre disk, networ

Seite 71 - Manual No. 775012 G-13

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-15RAID LevelsMylex disk array controllers support four RAID Advisory Board approved (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, and RAID 5),

Seite 72

G-16 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideRAID MigrationA feature in RAID subsystems that allows for changing a RAID level to another level withou

Seite 73 - RAID Levels

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-17enclosure itself is treated as simply another device on the SCSI bus. Many other leading server, storage, and RAID contr

Seite 74

G-18 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideOffline: A SCSI disk drive is in a “offline” state if it is not present, if it is present but not powere

Seite 75 - SCSI Drive States

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-19reported, conservative cache is enabled and all system drives are switched to write-through cache. Primarily used in fib

Seite 76

G-20 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideTo use the standby rebuild feature, you should always maintain a standby SCSI disk in your system. When

Seite 77 - SAME DAC960 controller

GlossaryManual No. 775012 G-21drive 1, block 2 on SCSI drive 2, block 3 on SCSI drive 3, block 4 on SCSI drive 1, block 5 on SCSI drive 2, and so on.

Seite 78 - Striping

vi DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation Appendix ABattery Backup Unit Option ...A-1Product Descri

Seite 79 - Manual No. 775012 G-21

G-22 DAC960PG and DAC960PJ Installation GuideUltra SCSI (Fast 20 SCSI)A high performance SCSI protocol that has a bus speed of 20 Megabytes per secon

Seite 80

DAC960 Problem ReportThis DPR form has been included with your Mylex product as a convenience to both you and our Technical Services Department. If

Seite 82

Mylex Warranty - Customer PolicyThank you for purchasing this Mylex product for your computer system. In addition to this high-quality product,your pu

Seite 83

Returned Merchandise ProceduresIf you suspect that there is a defect in the material or workmanship of this PRODUCT, you should contact the per-son or

Seite 86

Manual No. 775012 viiAppendix ERegulatory Information ................E-1Class B Compliance ...

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