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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Tastaturen Acer n30 herunter. Quick Start Letux on Acer n30 Benutzerhandbuch

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Quick Startup Guide for Letux on
Acer n30
Welcome to Letux, the Linux/GPE distribution for Handhelds.
Booting the n30 to Windows
If the device hangs, use the pen to move the reset switch to the left and to the right. The
reset switch is within the small slot located at the bottom of the n30 on the right side of
connector and has a small blue pin.
If needed, switch on your device by pressing the power button (top left side).
After a while, the Windows Mobile splash screen appears and the n30 plays a sound.
Tap once on the screen and the Touchscreen calibration appears with a calibration
crosshair in the middle.
Tap on the calibration crosshair and another one appears at a different location. If you
do not hit one properly, try again.
After you have tapped approximately, five calibration points, a new screen appears
(“Stift” for the German Version). Tap the “Weiter” button at the lower right.
On the next screen hold the pen at the calendar entry and wait until a menu pops up.
Select the red colored entry.
On the next screen, tap and hold the line at 11 and select again the red entry. Then,
press “Weiter”.
The last screen is the time zone adjustment that you can ignore now. Simply press
“Weiter” and tap the screen once until the Windows Mobile screen appears.
Insert the Letux SD card (if not already done) and wait approx. 10 seconds. Linux will
boot automatically.
Logging in to GPE
After the booting messages scroll over the screen and a pause of approx. 30 seconds,
the X-Server will start (can be identified by a white X on a black screen) and soon after
that, a login window will appear.
Letux Acer n30 quick startup guide
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Quick Startup Guide for Letux on Acer n30Welcome to Letux, the Linux/GPE distribution for Handhelds.Booting the n30 to WindowsIf the device hangs, use

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