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Seite 1 - Aspire 3300S

Aspire 3300SUser’s guideAS 3300S ug - Page i Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 2

This chapter describes the contents of your computer package and also provides important tips on how to take care of your computer.AS 3300S ug -

Seite 3 - FCC notice

3Package contents Before you unpack your computer, make sure that you have enough space to set up your computer. Carefully unpack the carton and re

Seite 4 - Important safety instructions

1 First things first4Taking care of your computerPlease read the important instructions listed in this section. Following these instructions will he

Seite 5

5To clean your mouse1. Open the circular cover underneath the mouse.2. Take out the rubber ball and wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.3. Put the ball ba

Seite 6 - Lithium battery statement

1 First things first6AS 3300S ug - Page 6 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 7 - Contents

2 System tourAS 3300S ug - Page 7 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 8 - Index 53

This chapter discusses the features and components of your computer.AS 3300S ug - Page 8 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 9 - 1 First things first

9Features Here are just a few of your computer’s many features:Performance• Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Intel NetBurst™ micro-architecture (1.7-,

Seite 10

2 System tour10Front panelYour computer’s front panel consists of the following: Label Icon Component1 Floppy drive light-emitting diode (LED)2 3.5-

Seite 11 - Package contents

11Note: The system has two microphone-in ports (front and rear). However, you can not use both of them at the same time. The default setting for yo

Seite 12 - Taking care of your computer

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. Such cha

Seite 13 - Accessing the online guide

2 System tour12Rear panelYour computer’s rear panel consists of the following: Label Icon Color Component1 Power supply 2 Voltage selector switch3Ke

Seite 14 - 1 First things first

13Note: The CRT monitor port is automatically disabled when an add-on VGA card is installed into the system. Connect the monitor to the VGA port ins

Seite 15 - 2 System tour

2 System tour14KeyboardThe keyboard that came with your computer has full-sized keys that include separate cursor keys, two Windows keys, and twelve

Seite 16

153 Windows logo key Start button. Combinations with this key perform special functions, such as:• Windows + Tab: Activate the next Taskbar button•

Seite 17 - Features

2 System tour1610 Multimedia keys Allow you to do the following:• Play/Pause button : press to start playing the audio track or video file. Press a

Seite 18 - Front panel

17MouseThe mouse has one ratchet wheel and two buttons: a left button and a right button. Quickly pressing and releasing the buttons is called click

Seite 19

2 System tour18Disk drivesYour computer comes with the following disk drives: Floppy driveYour computer’s 3.5-inch floppy drive can handle 720-KB an

Seite 20 - Rear panel

19CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW driveYour computer may come with a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or a CD-RW drive. This drive is located on the front panel of your computer

Seite 21

2 System tour202. When the disc tray slides open, insert the CD or DVD. Make sure that the label or title side of the disc is facing upward. When hol

Seite 22 - Keyboard

21Hard disk Your computer is preinstalled with a high-capacity Enhanced-IDE (E-IDE) hard disk. If you want to replace your hard disk or upgrade it, c

Seite 23

iiiNoticesFCC noticeThis device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Seite 24

2 System tour22AS 3300S ug - Page 22 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 25

3 Setting up your computerAS 3300S ug - Page 23 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 26 - Disk drives

This chapter contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up your computer and connect additional peripherals.AS 3300S ug - Page 24 Wedn

Seite 27 - CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive

25Arranging a comfortable work area Working safely begins with the arrangement of your work space and the proper use of equipment. For this reason, it

Seite 28 - 2 System tour

3 Setting up your computer26b. Attach the foot stands to the slots on the housing frame as shown in the figure below:To place your PC in the regular

Seite 29 - Hard disk

273. Place your computer in the desired location.Take note of the following when selecting a location for your computer:• Do not put your computer nea

Seite 30

3 Setting up your computer28Positioning your mouse• The mouse should be placed on the same surface as your keyboard so that you can reach it with eas

Seite 31 - 3 Setting up your

29Connecting peripheralsSetting up your computer is easy. For the most part, you only have four things to connect: the USB mouse, the USB keyboard,

Seite 32

3 Setting up your computer30USB keyboardPlug the USB keyboard cable into any of the USB port located on the front or rear panel of your computer. AS

Seite 33 - Positioning your Aspire PC

31Note: If you are using a PS/2 keyboard, plug the keyboard cable into the PS/2 keyboard port (purple port) located on the rear panel of your compu

Seite 34 - 3 Setting up your computer

ivUse conditionsThis part complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not caus

Seite 35 - Positioning your keyboard

3 Setting up your computer32Power cableCaution! Before you proceed, check the voltage range in your area. Make sure that it matches your computer’s

Seite 36 - Positioning your mouse

33Turning on your computerAfter connecting the necessary peripherals and plugging in the power cable, you are now ready to turn the computer on and ge

Seite 37 - Connecting peripherals

3 Setting up your computer34Turning off your computerTo turn off your computer, click on the Start button, highlight Shut Down, select Shut down; the

Seite 38 - USB keyboard

35Connecting optionsPrinter To connect a printer, plug the printer cable into the parallel port (burgundy port) located on the rear panel of your co

Seite 39 - Monitor

3 Setting up your computer36Serial mouseTo connect a serial mouse, plug the serial mouse cable into the serial port (teal or turquoise port) locate

Seite 40 - Power cable

37LCD monitorTo connect an LCD monitor, plug the LCD monitor’s VGA cable into the VGA port located on the rear panel of your computer.Note: Refer to

Seite 41 - Turning on your computer

3 Setting up your computer38NetworkYou can connect your computer to a Local Area Network (LAN) using a network cable. To do so, simply plug the netw

Seite 42 - Turning off your computer

39Modem (optional)Set up your modem connection by plugging the telephone line and handset into the handset/telephone line port located on the rear p

Seite 43 - Connecting options

3 Setting up your computer40Multimedia devicesYou can connect multimedia devices such as a microphone, headphones or earphones, external speakers, au

Seite 44 - Serial mouse

41• earphones, headphones: connect to the Headphone-out port (lime port) located on the front panel of your computerNote: To adjust the volume of

Seite 45 - LCD monitor

v8 If an extension cord is used with this product, make sure that the total ampere rating of the equipment plugged into the extension cord does not ex

Seite 46

3 Setting up your computer42• external speakers: connect to the Audio-out/Line-out jack (lime jack) located on the front or rear panel of your co

Seite 47 - Modem (optional)

43• joystick: connect to the Game/MIDI port (gold port) located on the rear panel of your computer AS 3300S ug - Page 43 Wednesday, March

Seite 48 - Multimedia devices

3 Setting up your computer44USB devices Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a newer serial bus design that is capable of cascading peripherals such as a ke

Seite 49

45Note: Most USB devices have a built-in USB port which allows you to connect or daisy-chain more USB devices. AS 3300S ug - Page 45 Wedne

Seite 50

3 Setting up your computer46AS 3300S ug - Page 46 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 51

4 Q & AAS 3300S ug - Page 47 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 52 - USB devices

This chapter tells you what to do in case your computer is not working properly. However, if a more serious problem arises, contact your dealer or th

Seite 53

49The following questions are possible situations that may arise during the use of your computer and each is followed by easy answers and solutions to

Seite 54

4 Q & A50Q: Nothing appears on the screen.A: Your computer’s power management function automatically blanks the screen to save power. Just pre

Seite 55 - 4 Q & A

51Q: System cannot read diskette, hard disk, CD or DVD information.A: Check the following:• Make sure that you are using the correct type of disc or

Seite 56

viLaser compliance statementThe CD or DVD drive in this computer is a laser product. The CD or DVD drive’s classification label (shown below) is loca

Seite 57

4 Q & A52AS 3300S ug - Page 52 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

Seite 58 - 4 Q & A

53IndexAaccessing the online guide 5Ccomputer maintenance 4cleaning 4servicing 4connecting optionslcd monitor 37modem 39multimedia d

Seite 59

ContentsNotices iiiFCC notice iiiImportant safety instructions ivLaser compliance statement viLithium battery statement viYear 2000 compliance sta

Seite 60

viiiTurning on your computer 33Turning off your computer 34Connecting options 35Printer 35Serial mouse 36LCD monitor 37Network 38Modem (optional) 39Mu

Seite 61

1 First things firstAS 3300S ug - Page 1 Wednesday, March 6, 2002 3:12 PM

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