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Acer ezDock II
Instant manageability –
Long-term flexibility
The fully-integrated Acer ezDock II
solution lets your corporation instantly transform its Acer TravelMate notebook assets to complete
desktop functionality for cost savings and added workforce flexibility. Simplify your IT infrastructure setup and lower equipment expenses,
ensure support for devices and connections throughout the fleet, and allow your workers to stay dynamic and mobile while maintaining
top efficiency. Acer ezDock II
is the ideal way to achieve all of your IT management goals, both today and in the future.
Big ROI and small TCO
• Maximizes return-on-investment: Acer ezDock II
's smart one-size-fits-all design permits it to support all TravelMate sizes and models.
• Protects high-tech investments: Features the latest high-speed interfaces while at the same time maintaining support for legacy ports
and devices.
• Gives maximum functionality: Simultaneous use of six USB 2.0 and two IEEE 1394 ports on the TravelMate and the Acer ezDock II
an incredible number of connection options.
• Adds high-end features: Integrated Universal ExpressCard
and Acer MediaBay slots on Acer ezDock II
deliver future-proof upgradeability.
Versatile setup, ergonomic usability
• Saves time and increases efficiency: Acer ezDock II
features an innovative plug-n-play solution that allows the instant connection of
multiple devices in one simple operation.
• Offers plug-n-play productivity: Devices can be added and removed from Acer ezDock II
without having to reboot the notebook.
• Keeps cables and devices neat and tangle-free: Acer ezDock II
increases desk real estate and enhances safety by correctly routing and
securing cables in place at the workstation.
• Grants maximum support and expansion: Acer ezDock II
features 24 jacks, ports and slots with a wide range of interface types including
networking, audio, video and data for best-of-class versatility.
• Supports Acer MediaBay modules: Expands features and productivity even further:
- 6-cell battery module for extended battery life.
- HDD module adds extra storage capacity.
- Optical drive module simplifies data migration and archiving.
Desktop-level reliability
• Promises durability and dependability: Acer's stringent testing procedures ensure that the Acer ezDock II
meets the same high-quality
reliability standards as expected from TravelMate notebooks.
• Prolongs equipment lifecycles: Acer ezDock II
greatly reduces the need to frequently plug and unplug devices, minimizing wear
and tear on ports and jacks, and lowering the risk of accidental damage.
• Guards against power fluctuations: Integrated surge protection promises added safety and the energy-efficient
135 W AC adapter is compatible with the full range of TravelMate notebooks and accessories.
• Protects high-value assets: Featuring a Kensington lock slot with integrated anti-eject mechanism,
Acer ezDock II+ secures both the dock and connected notebook, all with just a single lock.
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Seite 1 - Long-term flexibility

Acer ezDock II+Instant manageability –Long-term flexibilityThe fully-integrated Acer ezDock II+ solution lets your corporation instantly transform its

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