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Seite 1 - Universal USB 2.0 Docking

Universal USB 2.0 Docking StationUser’s Manual

Seite 2

7English5 The installation will proceed and may take a few minutes. During the installation, your screen may flash or temporarily go black.6 Plug y

Seite 3 - Contents

8EnglishIn the Device Manager, you should see a DisplayLink device listed.If there is a yellow icon next to any item, the driver has not been installe

Seite 4 - Before starting

9EnglishMenu options and settingsMulti-monitor configurationYou can connect an additional monitor to your computer through the DVI port in addition

Seite 5 - Introduction

10English(Windows 7), Personalize > Display Settings (Windows Vista), or Properties > Settings (Windows XP) and adjust the settings as required.

Seite 6 - Product overview

11EnglishUninstalling the driverIf you need to uninstall the driver, go to the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and select Di

Seite 7 - Rear view

12EnglishSpecificationsHost interface USB 2.0Connectors Video out DVIHost upstream link Type B USBHub downstream link Type A USBNetwork RJ-45 (Etherne

Seite 8 - Installing the driver

13EnglishFrequently asked questionsHow do I get the drivers I need?Go to and select your country/region. Click Support > Drivers &a

Seite 9 - Windows Vista

14EnglishThe LAN port (RJ-45) on the docking station does not work after I plugged in the docking station. This could be caused by following: • The do

Seite 10 - Verifying the driver install

15EnglishWhen the display output is set to Full screen, the right-click menus or newly opened applications are corrupted or unclear.This may occur

Seite 11 - Configuring your displays

Model number: __________________________________Serial number: ___________________________________Date of purchase: ________________________________Pl

Seite 12 - Multi-monitor configuration

Before starting... 1Safety information 1Introduction 2Features 2Package contents 2System requirements 2Product overview 3Front view 3Rear view 4Connec

Seite 13 - Supported resolutions

1EnglishBefore starting...Before connecting or using this product, please read through this User’s Manual.Note: The illustrations in this guide are

Seite 14 - Regulatory compliance

2EnglishIntroductionThis docking station enables you to expand your notebook’s connectivity.It allows you to add extra USB peripherals and connect to

Seite 15 - Specifications

3EnglishProduct overviewFront view# Item Description1 USB 2.0 port Connects to USB devices1

Seite 16 - Frequently asked questions

4EnglishRear view# Item Description2 USB 2.0 ports Connect to USB devices.3 LAN (RJ-45) port Connects to a LAN.4 DVI connector Connects to a DVI displ

Seite 17

5EnglishConnectionsThe illustrations below show how various peripherals may be connected to your docking station.Installing the driverImportant: Ma

Seite 18

6EnglishInstalling the driver under Windows 7 or Windows Vista1 Insert the supplied CD into your computer’s optical disc drive.2 Click Run Setup.exe t

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