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User Guide
Important safety instructions ------------------------------------- 3
Disposal instructions ----------------------------------------------------------------------4
Your LCD TV overview ----------------------------------------------- 5
Front and side panels --------------------------------------------------------------------5
Rear panel view ----------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Remote control --------------------------------------------------------- 7
General keys --------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Teletext and Multimedia ----------------------------------------------------------------8
Basic connections ------------------------------------------------------ 9
Connecting the power cord ------------------------------------------------------------9
Setting up the remote control --------------------------------------------------------9
Enjoying analog and digital TV ----------------------------------- 9
Connecting an antenna/cable ---------------------------------------------------------9
Getting started watching your TV ------------------------------------------------- 10
Connecting external audio/video devices ------------------- 11
Connecting a DVD, VCR, STB or audio/video equipment ------------------- 11
Connecting a camera, camcorder or game console -------------------------- 12
Connecting a PC or notebook computer ----------------------------------------- 13
Connecting a USB storage device -------------------------------------------------- 13
Selecting the input source ------------------------------------------------------------ 14
Playing multimedia files from a USB storage device ----- 15
Connecting a USB storage device -------------------------------------------------- 15
Navigating in the multimedia screen --------------------------------------------- 15
Channel controls ----------------------------------------------------- 18
Channel list -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
Favourite channel list ------------------------------------------------------------------ 19
Programme information -------------------------------------------------------------- 20
Electronic programme guide -------------------------------------------------------- 20
Time shifting (digital channels only) ---------------------------------------------- 22
Record programs to a USB storage device (digital channels only) ------- 22
OSD navigation ------------------------------------------------------ 23
Navigating the OSD with the remote control ---------------------------------- 23
Adjusting the OSD settings ----------------------------------------------------------- 24
OSD menus ------------------------------------------------------------ 26
Picture settings --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26
Sound settings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28
TV settings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29
Country ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29
Settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30
Parental ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 31
Troubleshooting ----------------------------------------------------- 33
PC Input Signal Reference Chart -------------------------------- 34
Product specifications ---------------------------------------------- 35
Wall mount preparation / removing the base ------------- 37
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Seite 1 - Contents

1AT2058ML AT2358ML AT2358MWLUser GuideAcer LCD TVContentsImportant safety instructions ------------------------------------- 3Disposal instructions -

Seite 2

English10Getting started watching your TVYou can also adjust these settings using the front control panel. Please see "Front panel view" on

Seite 3 - Important safety instructions

English11Connecting external audio/video devicesConnecting a DVD, VCR, STB or audio/video equipmentConnect your DVD player, VCR or audio/video equip

Seite 4 - Disposal instructions

English12TV-outAVRecorderSPDIFSCARTYYRWWRAUDIOAVCOMPOSITEConnecting a camera, camcorder or game consoleConnect your camera or camcorder to the video/a

Seite 5 - Your LCD TV overview

English13Connecting a PC or notebook computerTo display PC output on your TV, connect your PC or notebook computer to the TV as shown below.For VGA co

Seite 6 - Rear panel view

English14Selecting the input sourceOnce you have connected your antenna or external equipment to the TV, you need to select the correct input source.P

Seite 7 - Remote control

English15Playing multimedia files from a USB storage deviceConnecting a USB storage deviceConnect the USB storage device to the USB port on your compu

Seite 8 - Teletext and Multimedia

English16Photo files Select a photo and press OK to open it. Photo files will be shown in a slideshow, each photo will be displayed for a short durati

Seite 9 - Basic connections

English17Movie filesSelect a movie file and press OK to open it. Press Play/Pause to pause a movie.Press Previous (‘Index’) or Next (‘Reveal’) to skip

Seite 10 - Adjusting the volume

English18Channel controlsTo open the channel list feature:1OKPress the OK key on the remote control. This will bring up the channel list menu.2The cur

Seite 11 - DVDPC VCR STB

English19Storing favourite channels1FAVPress the FAV key on the remote control. This will bring up the favourite channel list.2The Favourite list will

Seite 12 - Recorder

2HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trade-marks of HDMI Licensing LLC.DVB is a registered trade

Seite 13 - Handy drive

English20Electronic programme guideThe electronic programme guide (EPG) is an onscreen service available on digital and cable TV that provides informa

Seite 14 - Selecting the input source

English21Guide screen There are four main areas of the EPG screen:The top of the screen shows the type of signal being viewed and the current time; wi

Seite 15

English22Time shifting (digital channels only)Your TV allows you to temporarily store (‘time shift’) a program to a USB storage device (digital channe

Seite 16 - Music files

English23OSD navigationMany of the advanced settings and adjustments are available through using the OSD (onscreen display) menus, as shown in the exa

Seite 17 - Movie files

English24Adjusting the OSD settingsThe OSD can be used for adjusting the settings of your LCD TV.Press the MENU key to open the OSD. You can use the O

Seite 18 - Channel controls

English25The options available on the OSD may vary depending on the TV signal source and model. Some digital options may not be available with an anal

Seite 19 - Favourite channel list

English26OSD menusPicture settingsOpen the Picture menu as described in the OSD navigation section. This menu provides the following settings:Scenario

Seite 20 - Programme information

English27BrightnessChange the brightness of the image.ContrastChange the contrast of the image.ColourChange the colour depth of the image.TintChange t

Seite 21 - Guide screen

English28Sound settingsOpen the Audio menu as described in the OSD navigation section. This menu provides the following settings:Sound modeScenario mo

Seite 22

English29TV settingsOpen the TV menu as described in the OSD navigation section. This menu provides the following settings:Tuner modeAdjust the signal

Seite 23 - OSD navigation

EnglishImportant safety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Please put them somewhere safe for future reference.1. Only use attachments/ac

Seite 24 - Adjusting the OSD settings

English30SettingsOpen the Settings menu as described in the OSD navigation section. This menu provides the following settings:Menu languageSet the lan

Seite 25 - Adjusting Parental settings

English31Automatic power offIf Automatic Power Off is active, if the TV on for four hours without any channel changes or other activity, it will turn

Seite 26 - OSD menus

English32Input blockPress OK to see the list of input sources (SCART, HDMI, etc.). Use the up and down directional keys to select the input source to

Seite 27 - Backlight

English33TroubleshootingBefore you call the Acer service center, please check the following items:Here is a list of possible situations that may arise

Seite 28 - Sound settings

English34PC Input Signal Reference ChartPC input does not support Sync on Green, Composite Sync or interlaced signals.AT2058MLItem H.Freq. (KHz) Mode

Seite 29 - TV settings

English35Product specificationsModel AT2058ML AT2358ML/AT2358MWLPanel specResolution (pixels) 1600 x 900 1920 x 1080Brightness (typ.) 250 nitContrast

Seite 30 - Settings

English36Model AT2058ML AT2358ML/AT2358MWLTerminalAnalog/Digital Tuner In HybridSCART CVBS (In/Out), RGB (In), Audio R/LComponent in YPbPr, Audio (R/L

Seite 31 - Parental

English371) Remove the base.2) Remove the screws from inside the stand.AT2058ML/AT2358MLAT2358MWL3) Assemble the wall mount following the instructions

Seite 32 - Clear all

English4The grounding pin is an important safety feature. It is possible to receive an electric shock from a system that is not properly grounded.The

Seite 33 - Troubleshooting

English5Your LCD TV overviewFront and side panels1 Common interface2 AV in-COMPOSITE + Audio L/R3 USB port4 Earphone5 HDMI port6 Volume down When the

Seite 34 - AT2358ML/AT2358MWL

English6Rear panel view1 DC-in 5 SPDIF out2 HDMI port 6 SCART3 VGA-in + PC Audio-in 7 AV out-CVBS + Audio L/R4 AV in-COMPONENT + Audio L/R 8 Tuner (h

Seite 35 - Product specifications


Seite 36


Seite 37 - Wall mount preparation /

English9Connecting the power cord1 Connect the AC cord into the AC input on the back of the set.2 Connect the plug to the wall outlet as shown.Basic

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