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Seite 2

10 - Using your smartphoneUSING YOUR SMARTPHONETurning on for the first timeTo turn on your smartphone for the first time, press and hold the power bu


Using your smartphone - 11Locking your smartphoneIf you will not use your smartphone for a while, briefly press the power button to lock access. This

Seite 4 - 4 - Table of contents

12 - Using your smartphoneBackTap this button to go to the previous page, or to go up one level in a menu.HomeTap this button to go directly to the Ho

Seite 5 - SETTING UP

Using your smartphone - 13Onscreen keyboardsGoogle keyboardThis is a standard onscreen QWERTY keyboard that allows you to enter text. Tap and hold a k

Seite 6 - Charging the battery

14 - Using your smartphoneChanging the text input methodTo change the input method, in the Application menu tap Settings > Language & input >

Seite 7 - Installing a SIM card

Using your smartphone - 15At the bottom of the screen is the application dock which displays default apps. Tap an icon to open the app. Tap the Applic

Seite 8 - Nano SIM 1

16 - Using your smartphoneTo add a new page to the extended Home screen, tap and drag an icon or widget to the right edge of the last page on the righ

Seite 9 - SIM card lock

Using your smartphone - 17Widgets are small apps that display constantly-updated information or quick shortcuts to apps or special functions. To move


18 - Using your smartphoneThis will create an Unnamed Folder. Tap the folder icon and then tap the name of the folder to rename it. To delete an app s

Seite 11 - Locking your smartphone

Using your smartphone - 19The Application (Apps) menuTo access the Application menu, on the Home screen tap in the center of the dock. Apps are disp

Seite 12 - Using the touchscreen

2 - © 2015 All Rights ReservedAcer Liquid Z530S Duo User’s ManualModel: T05This revision: November 2015Acer Liquid Z530S Duo SmartphoneModel number:__

Seite 13 - Onscreen keyboards

20 - Using your smartphoneDrag the Notification area down the screen to view more information about new events and the Quick Settings. You can drag th

Seite 14 - The Home screen

Managing contacts - 21MANAGING CONTACTSManaging your contactsYour smartphone features an address book that allows you to save contacts to either the i

Seite 15 - The extended Home screen

22 - Managing contactsTo create a contact, first choose where you want to store the contact’s information. You will then be asked to enter the contact

Seite 16 - Personalizing the Home screen

Making calls - 23MAKING CALLSThis chapter shows you how to make phone calls, and the various options available to you during your call.Before making a

Seite 17 - Resizing widgets

24 - Making callsMaking a call 1. From the Home screen tap Phone > to open the onscreen number pad. 2. Enter the number you wish to dial.3. Tap

Seite 18 - Changing the wallpaper

Making calls - 253. On your smartphone’s lock screen. Tap the notification and slide to the left or right to display the missed call details.Making a

Seite 19 - Notification and status area

26 - Making callsscreen. Once placed, you will be able to select a contact to associate with that particular widget on your Home screen. Answering or

Seite 20 - Multitasking

Making calls - 27Ending a callTo end a call, tap from the voice call screen.Voice call optionsIcon DescriptionSpeakerphone.Mute a call.Access the ke


28 - Internet callingINTERNET CALLINGYou can place and receive internet calls over a wireless network.Adding an internet calling accountFrom the Home

Seite 22 - 22 - Managing contacts

Internet calling - 29Calling a contact’s internet calling addressYou must add an internet calling address to a contact to be able to place an internet


Table of contents - 3TABLE OF CONTENTSSetting up 5Unpacking your smartphone... 5Getting to know your smartphone... 5Views

Seite 24 - Making a call

30 - MessagingMESSAGINGThis chapter shows you how to set up and use the Messagingfunctions of your smartphone.All SMS and MMS messages are accessed vi

Seite 25 - Direct dial widget

Messaging - 313. Enter your message in the text box labeled Type message.Tap the menu button to see what options are available when creating a new mes

Seite 26 - Answering or declining a call

32 - MessagingMultimedia messagesMultimedia messages are similar to text messages but also allow you to attach files such as pictures, audio or video

Seite 27 - Voice call options

Messaging - 334. To reply to the message, enter your text in the text box labeled Type message and tap the Send icon. Simple text replies will be sent


34 - Going onlineGOING ONLINEBrowsing the internetIn order to browse the internet with your smartphone, you must be connected to a data or wireless ne

Seite 29 - Internet calling - 29

Going online - 35Setting up EmailYour smartphone enables you to access your email. Most popular ISPs can be set up in two steps. From the Application

Seite 30 - MESSAGING

36 - Going onlineComposing an email1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a data or Wi-Fi connection.2. From the Application menu tap Gmail.3. T

Seite 31 - Replying to a message

Going online - 37Play StoreTap Play Store from the Application menu to open Google Play. Here you can obtain a variety of add-on programs and apps to

Seite 32 - Multimedia messages

38 - Going onlineYou may keep track of the download progress from both the app’s page and the notification area. Using downloaded appsOnce you’ve dow

Seite 33 - Messaging - 33

Going online - 39Google HangoutsTap Hangouts from the Application menu to open Google Hangouts. Here you can see a list of your contacts connected to


4 - Table of contentsManaging your SIM cards 59SIM Management... 59Appendix 62FAQ and troubleshooting ...

Seite 35 - Google services

40 - Using the CameraUSING THE CAMERAYour smartphone features a digital camera mounted on the front and rear. This section will take you through all t

Seite 36 - Voice search

Using the Camera - 41Tap the Camcorder button and the camcorder immediately begins filming. While filming, you are unable to access camera/camcorder s

Seite 37 - Play Store

42 - Using the CameraMode SelectorTap the Mode selector icon to open the list of modes you can choose from. Tap the icons along the top to select diff

Seite 38 - Uninstalling downloaded apps

Using the Camera - 43CamcorderThe camcorder’s scene mode changes depending on the record mode setting (see table below). Record mode: Scene mode: Effe

Seite 39 - Google Hangouts

44 - Using the CameraSettings menusTap the Settings icon to open the Settingsmenu.PhotoYou may adjust the following:• Set the Resolution and aspect ra


Using the Camera - 45OtherYou may adjust the following:• Turn GPS Location info on or off: Stores GPS information in the image information.• Turn Voic

Seite 41 - Using the Camera - 41

46 - Using the CameraGeotaggingGeotagging allows you to store the location where a photo or video was taken right in the photo or video itself.For the

Seite 42 - Mode Selector

Advanced settings - 47ADVANCED SETTINGSPutting your smartphone in Airplane modeYou can enable Airplane mode (also known as flight mode) to turn off ce

Seite 43 - Self-timer

48 - Advanced settingsAdjusting settingsActivating or deactivating connectionsOpen the Application menu and tap Settings to manage your connection se

Seite 44 - Settings menus

Advanced settings - 49If your smartphone is in Airplane mode, the option to turn Bluetooth on will be disabled. Please refer to Putting your smartphon

Seite 45 - Viewing photos and videos

Setting up - 5SETTING UPUnpacking your smartphoneYour new smartphone comes packed in a protective box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the content

Seite 46 - Geotagging

50 - Advanced settingsWi-Fi hotspotYou can turn your smartphone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share your mobile internet connection with up to 8 cl


Advanced settings - 51Tap Auto to connect to the available network with the strongest signal. This may lead to your smartphone jumping between networ

Seite 48 - Adjusting settings

52 - Advanced settingsAdjusting the volumeAdjust the volume of your smartphone using the volume button on the side of the smartphone. Alternatively, y

Seite 49 - Tethering via USB

Advanced settings - 53Setting alarmsThere are two predefined alarms on your smartphone by default. Tap Clock in the Application menu, and then tap t

Seite 50 - Mobile network settings

54 - Advanced settingsSynchronizationYou can sync your calendar, email and contacts on your smartphone and never worry about losing them again. Sync i

Seite 51 - Smartphone settings

Advanced settings - 55FM radioThe FM radio allows you to listen to your favorite stations while on the move. Headphones must be inserted to the 3.5 mm

Seite 52 - Setting the date and time

56 - Advanced settingsRestoring to factory settingsYou may perform a clean boot to restore your smartphone to the factory settings. Before performing

Seite 53 - Connecting to a PC

Accessories and tips - 57ACCESSORIES AND TIPSThis chapter shows you how to use accessories with your smartphone, as well as provide useful tips for wh

Seite 54 - Synchronization

58 - Accessories and tipsImportantSome providers and countries do not allow the use of a smartphone as a modem over HSDPA. Please check with your prov

Seite 55 - Applications (apps)

Managing your SIM cards - 59MANAGING YOUR SIM CARDSSIM ManagementOpen the Application menu and tap Settings > SIM cards. From this screen, you can:

Seite 56 - Restoring to factory settings

6 - Setting upCharging the batteryFor initial use, you need to charge your smartphone for eight hours. After that you can recharge the battery as need


60 - Managing your SIM cardsSelecting which SIM to use when making a callIf you have set Calls to Always ask, you will be asked which SIM to use each

Seite 58 - Important

Managing your SIM cards - 61Identifying callsWhenever you receive a call, the caller’s number will be shown. You will also be shown the name of the SI


62 - AppendixAPPENDIXFAQ and troubleshootingThis section lists frequently asked questions that may arise during the use of your smartphone, and gives

Seite 60 - 60 - Managing your SIM cards

Appendix - 63Google Play StoreWhy can’t I connect to the Play Store?1. First check that you have a Wi-Fi or data connection and then try again.Some Wi

Seite 61 - Identifying calls

64 - AppendixOther sources of helpFor information on Refer to ...Up-to-date information regarding your smartphonewww.acer.commobile.acer.comService en

Seite 62 - APPENDIX

Warnings and precautions - 65WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS• Do not use this product near water.• Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand or ta

Seite 63 - Appendix - 63

66 - Warnings and precautionsOperating environmentRemember to follow any special regulations in force in any area, and always switch off your device w

Seite 64 - Other sources of help

Warnings and precautions - 67• Not carry the device near your pacemaker when the device is switched on. If you suspect interference, switch off your d


68 - Warnings and precautionsstorage, and distribution areas; chemical plants; or where blasting operations are in progress. Areas with a potentially

Seite 66 - Medical devices

Warnings and precautions - 693. DO be careful not to drop your smartphone or subject it to any strong impact. Do not place your smartphone in your bac

Seite 67 - Vehicles

Setting up - 7Connect the AC adapter cord to the micro USB connector on your smartphone.Installing a SIM cardTo take full advantage of your smartphone

Seite 68 - Emergency calls

70 - SpecificationsPerformance• 1.3 GHz octa-core processor• System memory:• ROM 32 GB + RAM 3 GB• Android operating systemDisplay• 5.0" TFT LCD,

Seite 69 - Warnings and precautions - 69

- 71Connectivity• Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR• IEEE 802.11b/g/n• HSPA / WCDMA 850 (B5) / 900 (B8) / 1900 (B2) / 2100 (B1) MHz • LTE 800 (B20) / 1800 (B3) /

Seite 70 - Specifications


Seite 71 - Dimensions

End User License Agreement - 73Sudan and Syria; or (ii) use any Software for any use prohibited by the laws or regulations of the United States.SUPPOR



Seite 73

End User License Agreement - 75Privacy policyDuring registration you will be asked to submit some information to Acer. Please refer to Acer’s privacy

Seite 74

8 - Setting up2. Carefully unclip and remove the cover as illustrated.3. Insert the SIM cards as shown. Nano SIM 2Note: Your smartphone may be equipp


Setting up - 94. Align the gold-colored connectors on the battery with the connectors at the top of the battery compartment and insert the battery. 5

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