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Seite 1 - Travel Companion

Acer v200 Series Travel CompanionUser Manual

Seite 2

6ENENNote: For more information on how to use your Acer v200 Series Travel Companion in navigation mode, refer to the Navigation software Quick Star

Seite 3 - Contents

7ENEN Top and Bottom panels No. Label Description1 mini USB connectorConnects your device to a car charger to charge the built-in battery.2 Earpho

Seite 4

8ENENCar Mount KitThe Car Mount Kit consists of the car pedestal and the car cradle. No. Label Description1 Cradle Connects the car pedestal to the

Seite 5 - Ergonomic features

9ENENAcer v200 Series Travel Companion setup Using your new Acer v200 Series Travel Companion is a snap. Unpack, mount, turn on, and you're r

Seite 6 - Car Cradle

10ENENSome newer vehicle models may have a heat reflective shield embedded in the windshield. This may in some cases obstruct the GPS signal recepti

Seite 7 - Optional accessories:

11ENENCar mount kit installation reminders Install the Car pedestal on the surface of your vehicle: • That is smooth, flat and free of dirt and oi

Seite 8

12ENEN4 Insert the Map SD card into the device. 5 Dock the device on the car cradle.

Seite 9 - First things first

13ENEN6 After setting up the device on the Car pedestal, connect the car charger. If the car engine is turned off, you may be required to switch t

Seite 10 - Left and Right panels

14ENENAcer v200 Series Travel Companion fundamentals This section describes basic hardware procedures in using your Acer v200 Series Travel Companio

Seite 11 - Top and Bottom panels

15ENENTo remove a storage card: Hold the device securely; then push against the top of the card, as if you were pushing it further into the slot,

Seite 12 - Car Mount Kit

ENENCopyright © 2007. Acer Incorporated.All Rights Reserved.Acer v200 Series User ManualOriginal Issue: January 2007Acer and the Acer logo are registe

Seite 13

16ENENCharging your Acer v200 SeriesFor initial use, you need to charge your Acer v200 Series for 4 hours. Normally, you can use your Acer v200 Seri

Seite 14

17ENENSystem maintenance and user supportThis section contains information regarding system usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Lists of freq

Seite 15

18ENENdevice is not in use, protect it from theft and extreme heat by storing it in an unobtrusive location, away from direct sunlight.• Your device

Seite 16

19ENENStorage precautions • Do not store your device anywhere it may be exposed to water or in conditions of high humidity.• When the device is no

Seite 17

20ENENTroubleshooting your Acer v200 Series Travel Companion Resetting your Acer v200 SeriesYou may have to perform a reset if your Acer v200 Series

Seite 18 - Hardware interface

21ENENPerforming a hard resetA hard reset will erase the time and date in your Acer v200 Series. The device will take a little longer to reboot wh

Seite 19 - To remove a storage card:

22ENENFAQs This section lists down frequently asked questions that may arise during the use of your Acer v200 Series Travel Companion, and gives eas

Seite 20 - — LED indicator steady green

23ENENCustomer supportTechnical assistanceIf you encounter a problem with your Acer v200 Series Travel Companion, review the following first:• “FA

Seite 21 - Driving precautions

24ENENSystem specificationsThis chapter lists the features and operating specifications of the Acer v200 Series Travel Companion.Performance• Centra

Seite 22 - Car mount kit precautions

25ENENDesign and ergonomics• Thin, light and stylish design• Special keys and buttons•Power switch• Volume control switch• Software reset button•

Seite 23 - Storage precautions

Contents 1ENENAcer v200 Series Travel Companion feature highlights 1Unpack the Acer v200 Series Travel Companion 2First things first 5System tour 5

Seite 24 - Companion

26ENENInformation for your safety and comfortSafety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow a

Seite 25 - Performing a hard reset

27ENENUsing electrical power• This product should be operated from the type of power indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the ty

Seite 26

28ENENMounting on a CarExtreme care must be taken when mounting ACER v200 on a car. Read the description in "To set up the device on your vehic

Seite 27 - Customer support

29ENEN• pain, swelling or throbbing• stiffness or tightness• coldness or weaknessIf you have these symptoms, or any other recurring or persistent

Seite 28 - System specifications

30ENENNote: For more information, please refer to "Appendix A: Regulation & safety notices" on page 31.

Seite 29 - Environmental specifications

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesFCC notice 31ENENAppendix A: Regulation & safety noticesThis appendix lists the general notices of your

Seite 30 - Safety instructions

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesFCC notice32 ENENOperation conditionsThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is su

Seite 31 - Additional safety information

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesFederal Communications Comission Declaration of Conformity 33ENENFederal Communications Comission Declarati

Seite 32 - Disposal instructions

Appendix A: Regulation & safety noticesFederal Communications Comission Declaration of Conformity34 ENENAcer Computer (Shanghai) Limited3F No.

Seite 33 - Developing good work habits

1 ENENIndexBback-up your SD card 14CCar Mount kit 8customer support 23FFeaturesaudio24battery pack 24connectivity 24display 24expansion 24RResetting

Seite 34

2 Contents ENEN

Seite 35 - Appendix A:

1ENENAcer v200 Series Travel Companion feature highlights No more fumbling with wieldy, outdated paper maps. No more sheepish "I think I&apos

Seite 36 - FCC notice

2ENENUnpack the Acer v200 Series Travel Companion Thank you for purchasing the Acer v200 Series Travel Companion. The Acer v200 Series Travel Compan

Seite 37 - Conformity

3ENEN• Map SD card• Acer v200 Series Travel Companion Starter Guide• Acer v200 Series Travel Companion Warranty Booklet• Navigation software Quic

Seite 38 - Declaration of Conformity

4ENENdetails on how to use the GNS TMC function, see your navigation software for more information. This function is only available to model v210 on

Seite 39

5ENENFirst things firstThis section describes the hardware interface of the Acer v200 Series Travel Companion and its peripherals. Instructions fo

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