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Seite 1 - User’ s Manual

1AcerRouter 101/201User’ s Manual

Seite 2

10Figure 4. Rear Panel DescriptionŸ LINEV.90 modem RJ-11 for PSTN analog telephone lineŸ PHONEV.90 modem RJ-11 for external telephone setŸ COM22nd RS-

Seite 3 - Table of Contents

112.4 ISP RequirementsPlease collect the following information from your ISP before setup:Ÿ ISP authentication type or script (if not PAP/CHAP)Ÿ An IS

Seite 4 - Chapter 1 Introduction

12Chapter 3 Quick InstallationThis Quick Installation is designed to help install the AcerRouter 101/201 to yournetwork. The instructions included in

Seite 5 - 1.4 Applications

13Figure 5. AcerRouter 101 Hardware InstallationFigure 6. AcerRouter 201 Hardware Installation

Seite 6

141. Connect one end of the RS-232 DB25-to-RJ45 cable¡]included in thepackage¡^ to the modem/ISDN TA and the other end to the RJ-45 serialport labeled

Seite 7 - Chapter 2 Before You Start

15Ÿ 2. Double click “ Control Panel” .3. Double click “ Network” . This window appears the related information aboutthe network interface card which y

Seite 8

164. Double click “ Protocol” .5. On the left side of the window, choose “ Microsoft” , and then select “TCP/IP”component on the right side. After TCP

Seite 9

176. Double click “ TCP/IP” component. 7. The TCP/IP Properties window appears. If there is no DHCP server in thesame Network, click “ IP

Seite 10 - 2.3 System Requirements

18Note¡GIf there is any other DHCP server in the Network, please select “ Specify an IPaddress” and use the default value “ 192.168.1.***”¡]*** is be

Seite 11 - 2.4 ISP Requirements

19Note: In Netscape Communicator 4.0, after popping up for a while, the QuickSetup window will be hidden behind the Netscape main window. Minimize the

Seite 12 - Chapter 3 Quick Installation

2The Federal Communications Commission StatementThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for aClass B digital device, pursua

Seite 13

203.4 TestAfter finishing the AcerRouter 101/201 setup, run another browser and key in anyexternal web site address like to see if the m

Seite 14

21Chapter 4 Advanced ConfigurationAfter the client computer is well configured, you can use any Java s

Seite 15

22FilterIn the filter menu, IP Address Filter prevents some interior members to browse theInternet via AcerRouter 101/201. You may add up to five sets

Seite 16 - 4. Double click “ Protocol”

234.1.2 Modem1 SettingFirstly, enable Modem1 Dial-Out Service before setup.GeneralSelect the Line Type and the Baud Rate from the drop-down box. It is

Seite 17

24Note:If your ISP account needs Login Script, click the “ Script” button and the screen belowwill pop up. Enter the necessary script file to connect

Seite 18

25~~” ogin:” ”Neil” ~~”word:” ” a5831010”Command Description~~“ ogin:”“ Neil”~~“ word”“ a5831010”Wait for two seconds before executing the next script

Seite 19

26 IP AddressThis page indicates if you would like to get a dynamic IP or a fixed IP from ISP. If youwish to have a fixed IP, please also enter th

Seite 20 - 3.4 Test

27traffic exceeds the setup threshold.Note: About ISDN TA SetupUnlike most modems, ISDN initial strings vary between different ISDN TAs and there isno

Seite 21

284.1.3 Modem2 SettingSettings of Modem2 are similar to Modem1. Please refer to Modem1 Settings forsetting Modem2.4.1.4 Dial In SettingDial-in User Ac

Seite 22

29CallbackDial-in callback function is provided for AcerRouter 101/201. Set the call back time andthe AcerRouter 101/201 will automatically call back

Seite 23


Seite 24

304.1.5 Device Admin SettingIn the Device Admin Setting, you may change the password or reset the device. Select“ Yes” to the Factory defaults functi

Seite 25

314.1.6 Status MonitorThis page provides working information of the working status of the AcerRouter101/201. You can click on the DHCP Clients Table b

Seite 26

322. To enter the AcerRouter 101/201 Telnet Configuration Program, key in thedefault supervisor password “ admin” .3. After the password certified OK,

Seite 27

334.3 Configuring by Terminal Program via Console CableThe console configuration can be used when the user cannot access the AcerRouter101/201 from ne

Seite 28

3. Check if the “ Null ” is built-in. If not, double click Hypertrm.exe”build a new one.4. A New Connection” “ Null Modem” in the Name field“ OK”

Seite 29 - Callback

355. The “ Phone Number” window appears. Make sure that the “Connect using” boxshows the one you have connected the serial cable to. 6. Clic

Seite 30 - 4.1.5 Device Admin Setting

36explanation to configure the AcerRouter 101/201. Chapter 5 TroubleshootingThis chapter provides the solutions to problems occuring during installat

Seite 31 - 4.2 Configuring by Telnet

37AcerRouter 101/201 and ModemModem can dial out, but won’ tconnect to the ISPCheck the initialization string set up. Be sure topower off and power on

Seite 32

38 Appendix A Specifications101 201Standards ComplianceIEEE 802.3 10BASE-T√ √IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX√ √PPP, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS√ √CHAP/PAP, SNMP√ √WAN In

Seite 33

39DimensionLxWxH (mm) 181 x 125 x 38.26 181 x 125 xLxWxH (in.) 7.13 x 4.92 x 1.51 7.13 x 4.92 xPowerAC9V, 1AManagementWeb management√ √Telnet from LAN

Seite 34

4Chapter 1 IntroductionCongratulations on your purchase of AcerRouter 101/201. This series includespowerful yet simple communication devices for conne

Seite 35

40 Appendix B GlossaryDHCPDHCP is a protocol for automatic IP configuration. Client side computer can

Seite 36 - Chapter 5 Troubleshooting

41IntranetA network based on TCP/IP protocols (an internet) belonging to an organization,usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization&ap

Seite 37

42over standard telephone lines. A PPP account is a dial-up account used to connect tothe Internet. It is a dial-up account actually calls another com

Seite 38 - Appendix A Specifications

43 Product Limited Warranty Acer Netxus Incorporated (ANI) warrants its product to be free from defects inmaterials and workmanship, under normal use

Seite 39

44If you purchased this product in the UNITED STATES, some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability forincidental consequential da

Seite 40 - Appendix B Glossary

51.2 About AcerRouter 101/201AcerRouter 101/201 provides the most Internet access to multiple users bysharing one/two dial-up accounts. The outstandin

Seite 41

6off the line automatically.Ÿ Remote AccessThe Modem 2 port of AcerRouter 101/201 can support dial-in function forremote access. Remote users can dial

Seite 42

7Chapter 2 Before You StartTo operate this product, you must have:Ÿ A 80486 or greater processor compu

Seite 43 - Product Limited Warranty

8Figure 1. Front Panel DescriptionŸ Power¡]green¡^Indicates that there is power to the unit.Ÿ COM1-TxD (green)Indicates the data output activity of CO

Seite 44

910/100Mbps LAN port connecting with PC or MacŸ Hub10/100Mbps LAN port connecting with Hub portŸ ConsoleRS-232 console port operating at 9600-baudŸ AC

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