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Seite 1 - A c e rHub

Dual-Speed Ethernet HubUser's GuideALH-616dsA c e rHub

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Figure 2-1 Get the hub and power adapter2.1.2 Place the hub on the desktop and remove the packing box of the poweradapter, as shown in Figure 2-2.Figu

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2.1.3 Verify it's a 5V,3A power adapter by looking at the indicating label. Ifthe adapter is correct, please stretch the cable and plug the cord

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2.1.5 Plug the power cord into the outlet on the wall and check if the powerLED lights up. If it lights up, then the hub is ready to be connected to t

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Figure 2-6 Lay hub on stable desktop2.2.2 If you are installing more than one hub, please turn off the power ofall hubs first. Then you can get anoth

Seite 6 - Quick Installation Guide

2.2.3 Get the stackable cable and connect the cable to the stackingconnectoron the hub, as shown inFigure 2-8. Connect "Down" SCSI port oft

Seite 7 - 1.Overview

Figure 2-9 Stack multiple hubs together2.3 Connecting to computers2.3.1 Make sure the hub is ready for networking by checking if the PWRindicator disp

Seite 8 - 1.3 Product configuration

2.3.3 Arrange the route for cabling if no fixed cabling box is provided.Otherwise, It's right way to connect from your computer to the fixed cabl

Seite 9 - 2.Make Your Hub Ready

Figure 2-12 Check the Link LEDs both on hub and adapter card2.4 Does the hub work well?You can observe the LED status to see if the hub works fine. Th

Seite 10

There are three groups of LED indicators in the front panel:• System status indicators: Indicate the overall system status of the hub. It includes sy

Seite 11 - AcerSOHO

2.4.3 Network Status IndicatorsThere are 3 LED indicators to indicate the network status of each connectionport.Note: It's normal either Master o

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648Figure 2-15 Network Status Indicators100/10: Indicates if the port is working at 100Mbps or 10Mbps.Color On/Off IndicationGreen On 100MbpsOff 10Mbp

Seite 14

The number of utilization is in percentage. For example, "15" of "100M" means15% of 100Mbps, "55+" of "10M" me

Seite 15 - 2.3 Connecting to computers

This chapter describes the network topology for hybrid 10Mbps and 100Mbpsnetworks, cabling requirement for connections, the interoperability betweenhu

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Figure 3-2 Master and Slave hubs in stacking ALH-616ds.Note: 1. To concern the convenience of the cross-wiring connectionbetween hubs, ALH-616ds prov

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• By way of an uplink port with a Bridge function, the limitations on 100Mbpshub count(maximum 2) can be eliminated. The hub count is unlimited andcab

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• The data in 10Mbps or 100Mbps domain will be inter-connected by internalbuilt-in switch in the Master hub consequently.• All hubs delivering data

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3.2.2 Connecting to Ethernet Switches : The factors governing hub andswitch interconnection are:• The hubs are only connected to Ethernet switches by

Seite 20

SymptomsAll LEDs areoffLink LED of aconnectedport is off100 LED isnot lit whenconnected toa 100 NIC or100 Hub(butLink LED islit.)Possible Reason Sugge

Seite 21

LED stateStacking condition Result & actionMalfunction,Contact yourvendorFor all ALH-616ds,both standaloneand stackingconditionBoth Master AndSlav

Seite 22 - 3. Building Feasible Networks

Appendix A.SpecificationsNetwork Interface16-port 10/100 dual-speed auto-detection function• 10Mbps Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10Base-T• 100Mbps Ethernet IEE

Seite 24

Product Limited WarrantyAcer Netxus Incorporated (ANI) warrants its product to be free from defects in materialsand workmanship, under normal use and

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Acer Computer International Ltd.Taiwan BranchTel: 886-2-2713 9099 ext.7293Fax: 886-2-2718 4895 America CorporationTel: 1

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100% Recyclable PaperAcer Netxus Inc.A Communications Company of AcerP/N:49.22013.101

Seite 29 - Appendix A.Specifications

Quick Installation Guide1. Unpack the AcerHub ALH-616ds dual-speed Hub and it'saccessories (refer section 1.3).2. Connect the Hub to the external

Seite 30 - Product Limited Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase of the AcerHub 616ds. The AcerHub ALH-616ds is a 16-port dual-speed fast Ethernet repeater hub for connection withmu

Seite 31 - Contact us:

large network,refer section 3.1 for details.)• Built-in switch auto-disable function to avoid data looping when stacking• External switching power su

Seite 32 - Acer Netxus Inc

This chapter will guide you through how to install the AcerHub ALH-616ds.It includes procedures for connecting to the external power supply, installin

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