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Seite 1 - User’s Guide

Acer Aspire 1360 / 1520 Series User’s Guide

Seite 2


Seite 3 - First things first

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices90English

Seite 4 - Taking care of your computer

91EnglishEnglishIndexAaudio 26connecting externally 42controlling volume 26troubleshooting 66Bbattery packbattery-low warning 34caring

Seite 5 - Cleaning and servicing

92EnglishWindows keys 14keypadconnecting externally 39Llaunch keys 20left view 5Mmedia accesson indicator 11memoryinstalling 45, 46u

Seite 6

93EnglishEnglishVvolumeadjusting 26WwarrantyInternational Traveler’s Warran-ty 68Windows keys 14

Seite 8 - Software 55

Getting familiar with your computer

Seite 9 - Index 91

Your Aspire 1360 / 1520 series notebook computer combines solid performance, versatility, multimedia capabilities and portability with a stylish desig

Seite 10

3EnglishEnglishA tour of your computerAfter setting up your new Aspire notebook computer, as illustrated in the Just for starters… poster, take a few

Seite 11 - Getting familiar with

Getting familiar with your computer4English3 Power button Turns the computer on and off.4 Launch keys Buttons for launching frequently used programs.

Seite 12

5EnglishEnglishLeft view # Item Description1 PC Card slots Support one Type III or two Type II CardBus PC Card(s).2 Eject buttons Ejects the PC Card(s

Seite 13 - A tour of your computer

Getting familiar with your computer6EnglishRight view # Item Description1 Speaker Delivers stereo audio output. 2 Ventilation slots Enable the compute

Seite 14

7EnglishEnglishRear view# Item Description1 Power jack Connects to an AC adaptor.2 Parallel port Connects to a parallel device (e.g., parallel printer

Seite 15 - Left view

Getting familiar with your computer8EnglishBottom view 9 Speaker/Line-Out/Headphone jackConnects to audio line-out devices (e.g., speakers and headpho

Seite 16 - Right view

9EnglishEnglishFeaturesPerformance• Mobile AMD Sempron™ processors 2600+ to 3300+ or higher with 128 / 256 KBL2 chache, supporting AMD PowerNow! Techn

Seite 17 - Rear view

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. Such chan

Seite 18 - Bottom view

Getting familiar with your computer10English• “Automatic LCD dim” feature, automatically selecting the best setting for the display in order to conser

Seite 19 - Features

11EnglishEnglishIndicatorsYour computer provides an array of seven indicators located either on the right hand side of the display screen (for normal

Seite 20 - Multimedia

Getting familiar with your computer12EnglishNum Lock Lights when Num Lock is activated.Icon Function Description

Seite 21 - Indicators

13EnglishEnglishKeyboardThe keyboard features full-size keys with an embedded keypad, separate cursor control keys, two Windows keys, and twelve funct

Seite 22 - Icon Function Description

Getting familiar with your computer14EnglishEmbedded keypadThe embedded numeric keypad functions like a desktop numeric keypad. It is indicated by sma

Seite 23 - Keyboard

15EnglishEnglishWindows keysThe keyboard features two keys that provide Windows-specific functions.Key DescriptionWindows key Pressed alone, this key

Seite 24 - Embedded keypad

Getting familiar with your computer16EnglishHot keysUsing the Fn key with another key creates a hot key, providing a quick and convenient method for c

Seite 25 - Windows keys

17EnglishEnglishFn-F6 Screen blank Turns the display screen backlight off to save power. Press any key to return.Fn-F7 Touchpad toggle Turns the inter

Seite 26 - Hot keys

Getting familiar with your computer18EnglishThe Euro symbolIf your keyboard layout is set to United States-International or United Kingdom or if you h

Seite 27

19EnglishEnglishTouchpadThe built-in touchpad is a PS/2-compatible pointing device that senses movement on its surface. The cursor responds to your fi

Seite 28 - The Euro symbol

iiiEnglishEnglishFirst things firstYo u r g u i d e sA set of guides is provided to help you set up and use your Aspire computer:For more information

Seite 29 - Touchpad

Getting familiar with your computer20EnglishNote: Keep your fingers, as well as the surface of the touchpad, clean and dry. The touchpad is sensitive

Seite 30

21EnglishEnglishLaunch keysLocated at the upper-right above the keyboard are four buttons. These buttons are called launch keys. They are designated a

Seite 31 - Launch keys

Getting familiar with your computer22EnglishCaution: It is important that the Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN features are turned off before boarding an a

Seite 32

23EnglishEnglishEjecting the optical drive trayTo eject the optical drive tray:• With the computer turned on, press the optical drive eject button.• T

Seite 33

Getting familiar with your computer24EnglishConnectivity optionsYour computer has built-in connectivity options, enabling you to hook up to a network

Seite 34 - Connectivity options

25EnglishEnglishFax/Data modemYour computer features a built-in fax/data modem, enabling you to communicate over a phone line. This means that you can

Seite 35 - Fax/Data modem

Getting familiar with your computer26EnglishAudioYour computer includes an integrated stereo audio system. Built-in stereo speakers are located at the

Seite 36

27EnglishEnglishSecuring your computerYour computer features hardware and software security solutions, in the form of a slot for a Kensington lock and

Seite 37 - Securing your computer

Getting familiar with your computer28EnglishSetting a passwordPasswords protect your computer from unauthorized access. When set, no one can access th

Seite 38 - Setting a password

Operating on battery power

Seite 39 - Operating on

ivEnglishNote: If you are unable to shut down the computer in the usual way, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds. You should th

Seite 40

Your Aspire 1360 / 1520 series notebook computer operates on battery or AC power.This chapter provides information for operating on battery power, as

Seite 41 - Battery pack

31EnglishEnglishBattery packThe computer uses a battery pack that gives you long use between charges.Battery pack characteristicsThe battery pack has

Seite 42

Operating on battery power32EnglishFollow these steps again until the battery has been charged and discharged three times.Use this conditioning proce

Seite 43 - Optimising battery life

33EnglishEnglishTo remove a battery pack:1 Slide the battery release latch to release the battery.2 Pull the battery from the battery bay.Charging the

Seite 44 - Battery-low warning

Operating on battery power34EnglishBattery-low warningWhen using battery power pay attention to the Windows Power Meter.Warning: Connect the AC adapt

Seite 45 - Power management

35EnglishEnglishPower managementYour computer features a built-in power management unit that constantly monitors system activity. System activity refe

Seite 46 - Operating on battery power

Operating on battery power36English

Seite 47 - Peripherals and

Peripherals and options

Seite 48

Your Aspire 1360 / 1520 series notebook computer offers good expansion capabilities.This chapter provides information on connecting peripherals to exp

Seite 49 - External input devices

39EnglishEnglishExternal display devicesYou can connect an external (VGA) monitor or projector to your computer's external display port.Use the F

Seite 50 - USB devices

vEnglishEnglishTaking care of your battery packIt is also important that you look after your computer's battery pack.• Use the correct battery mo

Seite 51 - IEEE 1394 Port

Peripherals and options40EnglishUSB devicesYour computer features four Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 ports for connecting a range of USB peripherals

Seite 52 - Audio devices

41EnglishEnglishIEEE 1394 PortThe computer’s IEEE 1394 port allows you to connect to an IEEE 1394 supported device like a digital video camera.See you

Seite 53 - Expansion devices

Peripherals and options42EnglishPrinterYour computer supports both parallel and USB printers.Refer to the printer's manual for information on:•

Seite 54 - Miscellaneous options

43EnglishEnglishExpansion devicesPC CardYour computer features two PC Card slots that support two standard Type II or one Type III CardBus (PCMCIA). T

Seite 55 - Key component upgrades

Peripherals and options44EnglishTo remove a PC Card:1 Close the application that is using the PC Card.2 Double click on the PC Card icon on the taskb

Seite 56 - Hard disk upgrade

45EnglishEnglishKey component upgradesYour computer is designed to deliver solid performance. However, in time, you might find that your applications

Seite 57 - Moving with your

Peripherals and options46English3 Insert the memory module diagonally in the slot (1), and then press down gently until it clicks in place (2). 4 Rep

Seite 58

Moving with your computer

Seite 59

Your Aspire 1360 / 1520 series notebook computer is ideal for taking with you when you move around.This chapter provides tips on things to consider wh

Seite 60 - Moving around

49EnglishEnglishDisconnecting from the desktopBefore moving with your computer, you must turn it off and disconnect all peripherals:1 Save your work a

Seite 62 - Traveling with the computer

Moving with your computer50EnglishMoving aroundSometimes you might need to move your computer a short distance. For example, you might need to move f

Seite 63 - Special considerations

51EnglishEnglishTaking the computer homeWhen you move between your office and home you will need to prepare your computer for the short trip.Preparing

Seite 64 - Moving with your computer

Moving with your computer52EnglishSetting up a home officeIf you frequently work on your computer at home, as well as at work, it may be worthwhile p

Seite 65 - Software

53EnglishEnglishTraveling internationally with your computerOccasionally you might need to travel between countries with your computer.Preparing the c

Seite 66

Moving with your computer54English

Seite 68 - System software

Your Aspire 1360 / 1520 series notebook computer includes system utilities.This chapter provides information on the important software that comes with

Seite 69 - BIOS Setup Utility

57EnglishEnglishUsing system utilitiesAcer eManagerAcer eManager is an innovative sofware designed for frequently used functions. At the press of the

Seite 70 - Acer Disc to Disc Recovery

Software58EnglishSystem softwareYour computer comes preloaded with the following software:• Microsoft® Windows® operating system• Hardware BIOS Setup

Seite 71 - Setup password and exit

59EnglishEnglishBIOS Setup UtilityThe Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) contains important information used to configure the hardware and system softwa

Seite 72 - Software

EnglishFirst things first iiiYour guides iiiBasic care and tips for using your computer iiiGetting familiar with your computer 1A tour of your compute

Seite 73 - Troubleshooting

Software60EnglishAcer Disc to Disc Recovery Note: This feature is only available on certain models.Multilingual operating system installationFollow

Seite 74

61EnglishEnglish1 Restart the system.2 The instruction "Press <F2> to Enter BIOS" is shown at the bottom of the screen, during POST. 3

Seite 77 - The printer does not work

This chapter instructs you on how to deal with common system problems. Please read it before calling a technician.Solutions to more serious problems m

Seite 78 - Requesting service

65EnglishEnglishFrequently asked questionsThis section suggests solutions to commonly encountered problems.I press the power button, but my computer d

Seite 79 - Specifications

Troubleshooting66EnglishThere is no audio coming from my computer.Check the following:• The volume may be muted. In Windows®, look at the volume cont

Seite 80

67EnglishEnglishThe optical drive cannot read a disc.Check the following:• Make sure that the disc is supported by the drive. If your computer has a C

Seite 81 - Display and video

Troubleshooting68EnglishRequesting serviceInternational Traveler’s Warranty (ITW)Your computer is backed by an International Traveler’s Warranty (ITW

Seite 82 - I/O ports

Appendix A Specifications

Seite 83 - Operating system

EnglishPeripherals and options 37External display devices 39External input devices 39External keyboard 39External keypad 39External pointing device 39

Seite 84 - Appendix A Specifications

This appendix lists the general specifications of your computer.

Seite 85 - Regulation &

71EnglishEnglishMicroprocessor• Mobile AMD Sempron™ processors 2600+ to 3300+ or higher with 128 / 256 KBL2 chache, supporting AMD PowerNow! Technolog

Seite 86

Appendix A Specifications72EnglishConnectivity• Integrated 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connection (for Aspire 1360 only) • Inte

Seite 87 - FCC notice

73EnglishEnglishWeight and dimensions• 15.4”display model:- 3.6 kg (8 lbs)- 361(W) x 292.5(D) x 47.3(H) mmEnvironment• Temperature:- Operating: 5°C ~

Seite 88 - Modem notices

Appendix A Specifications74English• Additional Li-ion battery pack- Type No.: - BTP-58A1 (Tech No.: 14.8Vdc)- BTP-60A1 (Tech No.: 14.8Vdc)- BTP-84A1 (

Seite 89 - Notice for Australia

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices

Seite 90 - Notice for New Zealand

This appendix lists the general notices for your computer.

Seite 91

77EnglishEnglishEnergy Star Guidelines ComplianceAs an Energy Star Partner, Acer Inc. has determined that this product meets the Energy Star guideline

Seite 92 - Important safety instructions

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices78EnglishOperation conditionsThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the

Seite 93 - Laser compliance statement

79EnglishEnglishthe problem is with the equipment, discontinue use and contact your dealer or vendor.Caution: To reduce the risk of fire, use only No.

Seite 94 - LCD pixel statement

EnglishSystem software 58Launch Manager 58BIOS Setup Utility 59D to D Recovery (Disc to Disc) 60Multilingual operating system installation 60Restore w

Seite 95 - European Union (EU)

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices80EnglishNotice for New ZealandFor modems with approval number PTC 211/03/0081 The grant of a Telepermit for

Seite 96 - The FCC RF safety requirement

81EnglishEnglishFor modems with approval number PTC 211/01/0301 The grant of a Telepermit for any item of terminal equipment indicates only that Telec

Seite 97

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices82EnglishImportant safety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Save them for future reference.1 Fo

Seite 98 - Declaration of Conformity

83EnglishEnglishd If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed. Adjust only those controls that are covered b

Seite 99 - Acer Incorporated


Seite 100

85EnglishEnglishGeneralThis product complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any country or region in which it has been approved for

Seite 101

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices86EnglishThe FCC RF safety requirementThe radiated output power of Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Card and Bluetooth®

Seite 102

87EnglishEnglishselected automatically or manually (by users) to have good quality of radio communication.2 This device is restricted to indoor use du

Seite 103

Appendix B Regulation & safety notices88EnglishFederal Communications CommissionDeclaration of ConformityThis device complies with Part 15 of the

Seite 104

89EnglishEnglishAcer Incorporated8F, 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., HsichihTaipei Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C.Tel : 886-2-2696-1234Fax : 886-2-2696-3535www

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