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Seite 1 - User’s Manual

FotoPrisa 300P/U Photo Printer User’s Manual

Seite 2 - Safety Information

2FotoPrisaand quickly. The Photo Express image editing software allowsyou to get and edit image from various sources, such as fromthe web, through the

Seite 3 - Regulatory Information

3FotoPrisaManual paper feeding slotThe FotoPrisa Printer provides two paper-feeding methods:manual feeding and paper cassette feeding. You can feed ph

Seite 4 - CE Declaration

4FotoPrisaVentilation holesThese holes are designed to carry heat out of the machine. Donot block these holes while using the printer.Rear View (FotoP

Seite 5 - Table of Contents

5FotoPrisaRear View (FotoPrisa 300U)Power inletConnect the power cord here. This power inlet accepts ACpower 100-240V, 50/60Hz.Power switchTurns the p

Seite 6

6FotoPrisa1.3 Software introductionYour FotoPrisa Printer comes with two powerful software tools:FotoPrisa driverFotoPrisa driver is designed specific

Seite 7

7FotoPrisa1.4 Prepare to printThis section shows you how to prepare the printer for printingimages. Follow these steps when you use the FotoPrisa Prin

Seite 8

8FotoPrisa4. Push the new ribbon cartridge all the way into the ribboncartridge socket. When the cartridge goes into its place, youwill hear a click f

Seite 9

9FotoPrisaLoad paper through paper cassetteBefore you load the paper into the paper cassette,ruffle the paper to separate each sheet.Open the paper ca

Seite 10 - FotoPrisa

10FotoPrisaStep 4- PrintPrint images from your image editing software. The FotoPrisadriver Preview Window will pop up if you have checked“Preview” in

Seite 11

11FotoPrisaChapter 2. FotoPrisa driverThis section gives you a comprehensive description on theFotoPrisa driver functions and how to adjust printer s

Seite 12

CopyrightCopyright  1999 by Acer Peripherals, Incorporated (AcerPeripherals). All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced, tran

Seite 13

12FotoPrisaThe FotoPrisa Printer driver can be divided into two parts:Property Window and Preview Window.2.2 Property WindowThis is where you can adju

Seite 14

13FotoPrisaOrientationThis option allows the image to be printed on the paper in twoorientations: landscape and portrait. You can choose the properpri

Seite 15

14FotoPrisaMedia TypeYou can choose between Photo Paper, Sticker (4x4) and Sticker(Single) in this item. If you use photo paper or postcard forprintin

Seite 16

15FotoPrisa2.2.2 The "Print Area" tabAccording to the settings in “Orientation”, “Tile” and “MediaType” in the "Setting" tab, the

Seite 17

16FotoPrisa2.3 Preview WindowThe Preview Window only appearswhen you have checked "Preview"in the "Setting" tab in PropertyWindow:

Seite 18

17FotoPrisa“Print” buttonClick this button to print.“Cancel” buttonClick this button to cancel.“Help” buttonYou can click this button to read the onli

Seite 19

18FotoPrisa"Image Quality" tabThe Image Quality tab provides the following tools to adjust theimage quality before you print. The setting ch

Seite 20

19FotoPrisaChapter 3. Photo ExpressIn this chapter you will be presented a general introduction tothe functions of Photo Express. For more detailed d

Seite 21

20FotoPrisaYou can run Photo Express by either double-clicking the icon on your desktop or from the shortcut in the Windows“Start” menu. After Photo E

Seite 22

21FotoPrisaBelow is an introduction to each part of the Photo Express mainscreen:Mode Tab: The Mode tabs switch Photo Expressbetween Photo mode and Pr

Seite 23

Do not block the ventilation holes on the device. Keep awayfrom liquid, heat, dust and direct exposure to sunlight or strongelectromagnetic field.Befo

Seite 24

22FotoPrisa3.2 ApplicationsIn the sections below, we will show you how to make yourpersonalized postcards, invitations, greeting cards, name cardsand

Seite 25

23FotoPrisa6. The scanner driver will pop up. Scan the image you want touse. When finished, the image will automatically replace theone in the templat

Seite 26

24FotoPrisaMake a unique invitation for your friendsAside from getting images from a scanner, you can also use adigital still camera to capture images

Seite 27

25FotoPrisa12. Click Print. The FotoPrisa Preview Window will appearafter a few seconds. If everything looks OK, click button to start printing your i

Seite 28

26FotoPrisaPrepare an amazing postcard for your relativesIf you have already had a file stored in your computer that issuitable to be output with Foto

Seite 29

27FotoPrisaCreate stickersWith your FotoPrisa Printer and the specially designed 4x4sticker, you can create your original stickers and put them onyour

Seite 30

28FotoPrisaCreate a special name cardDon’t you find your name card too dull and serious? Use yourFotoPrisa Printer and the templates in Photo, you wil

Seite 31

29FotoPrisaChapter 4. Some Useful Tips for PrintingTo achieve the best print quality:Use only genuine FotoPrisa Printer consumables. GenuineFotoPrisa

Seite 32

30FotoPrisaKeep the photo paper/sticker and ribbon cartridge away fromhigh temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.Please flatten the paper in packe

Seite 33

31FotoPrisa4.2 Choosing the right file formats for the printingoutputLike in Photo Express, in many image editing software, morethan one image file fo

Seite 34

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circui

Seite 35

32FotoPrisa*.tga (Targa)This format, one of the principal True Color image formats, canstore image data with up to 32 bits per pixel. Compared to TIFa

Seite 36

33FotoPrisaspecific programs or equipments. Here we don’t recommendthese formats for FotoPrisa Printer.4.3 Choose the appropriate image source for the

Seite 37

34FotoPrisasacrificing the resolution. In order to obtain the best printingresults, it is recommend that the source image size be largethan 800 pixels

Seite 38

35FotoPrisaImage dimension and resolutionImage dimension indicates the very dimension of an image youwill see on physical printouts. The difference be

Seite 39

36FotoPrisaDifferent images in different dimensionsThe actual printout size shown in FotoPrisa Preview window

Seite 40

37FotoPrisaHow to adjust the resolution and dimension of an imageNow you have chosen an image with appropriate image size andaspect ratio according to

Seite 41

38FotoPrisaQuality of original imageThe printer reflects the image we want to print out. If theoriginal image's quality is not good enough (e.g.

Seite 42

39FotoPrisaSecondly, maximize your browser window and you canapproximately judge if the image size is suitable for FotoPrisaPrinter full-size printing

Seite 43

40FotoPrisa1. Get the right imageIf you are using a digital still cameraIt’s better to choose the camera with aspects ratio of 4:3, like640 x 480 (min

Seite 44

41FotoPrisaChapter 5. Troubleshooting and FAQ5.1 Troubleshooting5.1.1 Paper JamIf you encounter paper jam during the operation of the printer,please

Seite 45


Seite 46

42FotoPrisa5.1.2 LED MessagesThe LED indicators on the printer provide information on thestatus of your printer. The on/off/flash of each LED indicato

Seite 47

43FotoPrisa5.1.3 Printer (parallel) port settings (For FotoPrisa300P)FotoPrisa 300P is designed to work with your computer in allparallel port modes,

Seite 48

44FotoPrisa5.1.4 USB port settings (For FotoPrisa 300U)The FotoPrisa 300U Printer is connected to your computer viaUSB port. USB is short for Univers

Seite 49

45FotoPrisa5.2 FAQ1. What is dye sublimation printing?Dye sublimation works in much the same way as thermal waxtransfer. Thermal wax transfer creates

Seite 50

46FotoPrisa3. What type of printing material is used?In contrast to traditional types of liquid ink, ink cartridges,crayon ink and dry toner, dye-subl

Seite 51

47FotoPrisa7. What is the difference between a YMC ribboncartridge and a YMCO ribbon cartridge?There are two different kinds of ribbon cartridges avai

Seite 52

48FotoPrisa5.3 Service and InformationFor more information on the imaging products of AcerPeripherals, Inc., on-line technical support and softwareupd

Seite 53

49FotoPrisaChapter 6. AppendixAcer Peripherals Genuine Printing Media SeriesStandard Kit – PhotoRibbon cartridge / Photo Paper 25 sheetsOption Kit - S

Seite 54

50FotoPrisaProduct SpecificationsItem DescriptionPrint Method Dye sublimationResolution 300 x 600 dpiPrintable Colors 16.77 million, 256 gradations ea

Seite 55


Seite 58

1FotoPrisaChapter 1. Getting Started1.1 Introduction to FotoPrisa PrinterThank you for choosing the true photo-quality FotoPrisa Printerby Acer Perip

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