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Seite 1 - Aspire esayStore

User's GuideAspire esayStore

Seite 2

Aspire easyStore i Product overview...

Seite 3

Aspire easyStore 1 Product overview Introduction Thank you for purchasing Aspire easyStore. Aspire easyStore is a data storage and digital med

Seite 4 - Modem notices

Aspire easyStore 2 can use. − Advanced network services like FTP and DHCP give you the flexibility to design your own home network. − Upgrade

Seite 5 - Laser compliance statement

Aspire easyStore 3 Hardware overview Front view with front cover in place Power LED This LED will be solid blue when you turn on Aspire easyS

Seite 6 - European Union (EU)

Aspire easyStore 4 These LEDs will be solid blue when the drives are connected but inactive. These LEDs will flash when the drives are being ac

Seite 7

Aspire easyStore 5 Front view with front cover and backplane cage removed Hard drives You can remove any failed hard drive after shutting down

Seite 8 - Declaration of Conformity

Aspire easyStore 6 Installation Hardware setup 1. Remove Aspire easyStore from its packaging. 2. Place Aspire easyStore in a location wit

Seite 9

Aspire easyStore 7 4. Connect the enclosed power cord to the power adapter. 5. Connect the power adapter to the power port on the back of A

Seite 10

Aspire easyStore 8 1. Insert the enclosed Aspire easyStore Document and Software CD-ROM into the CD/DVD drive in your computer. 2. The auto

Seite 11 - Product overview

Aspire easyStore 9 Note: If you would like to configure Aspire easyStore for advanced functions and services, you can change Aspire easyStore

Seite 12 - System requirements

Copyright © 2007. Acer Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Aspire easyStore User's Guide Original Issue: 10/2007 Changes may be made periodic

Seite 13 - Hardware overview

Aspire easyStore 10 Getting started with your Aspire easyStore When you power on the Aspire easyStore for the first time, by default, the Aspir

Seite 14 - Rear view

Aspire easyStore 11 Search Device On this page, you can use the easySearch utility to find your Aspire easyStore and create an easy-to-access

Seite 15

Aspire easyStore 12 Search Device Network Storage Device The easySearch utility will display any Aspire easyStore device it found on the net

Seite 16 - Installation

Aspire easyStore 13 IP Settings To use this page, you will need to select any Aspire easyStore found by this utility on the Search Device page

Seite 17 - System configuration

Aspire easyStore 14 will be lost. Drive Mapping To use this page, you will need to select any Aspire easyStore found by this utility on the S

Seite 18

Aspire easyStore 15 Storing your first data to Aspire easyStore 1. Ensure all cables are firmly attached, as described in previous chapter.

Seite 19

Aspire easyStore 16 4. If the easySearch utility does not find any Aspire easyStore device, please check: i. If the Power, Status and LAN

Seite 20 - Using the easySearch utility

Aspire easyStore 17 iii. If you do not have a DHCP server on your network, you may need to change your computer’s IP address to an IP in the

Seite 21

Aspire easyStore 18 6. You should see a shared folder called Volume_1 in Share Names. Select the shared folder Volume_1 and click Map Drive.

Seite 22

Aspire easyStore 19 easyStore. Using the web user interface When the easySearch utility finds any Aspire easyStore devices, you can select th

Seite 23

Regulations and safety notices FCC notice This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Par

Seite 24

Aspire easyStore 20 Login button to go to the web configuration page of Aspire easyStore. When you log in to Aspire easyStore for the first ti

Seite 25

Aspire easyStore 21 5. Finally, confirm all changes and restart the Aspire easyStore to effect the changes. After the system reboots, you w

Seite 26

Aspire easyStore 22 Logout Once you finish configuring Aspire easyStore, you can click on Logout to leave the web UI. Please note, Aspire easyS

Seite 27

Aspire easyStore 23 Managing user accounts and shared folders By default, Aspire easyStore allows full read/write permission for everyone on th

Seite 28

Aspire easyStore 24 Password Enter the password of the user account you would like to create. The password can have 5 to 16 characters. Confirm

Seite 29 - Using the web user interface

Aspire easyStore 25 Assign selected permission to the selected disk directory folder for the user account previously created. Create Create a n

Seite 30

Aspire easyStore 26 User Name Enter the user account name you would like to create. The user name must be unique and should not have more than

Seite 31

Aspire easyStore 27 User Quota Setting User quotas are displayed here. Quotas can be edited by clicking on the notepad icon. By default, all

Seite 32

Aspire easyStore 28 Quota Status Displays the current status of the quota feature. The quota function can be enabled or stopped here. Shared f

Seite 34

Modem notices Notice for USA This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules. Located on the modem is a label that contains, among other informa

Seite 35 - Advanced configuration

Aspire easyStore 30 User Pick the user that you are going to assign permission to. The drop-down menu will list every user account on the Aspi

Seite 36

Aspire easyStore 31 Shared Folder Access List Lists all defined shared folders and access rules. Please note: Each disk directory folder can b

Seite 37

Aspire easyStore 32 Advanced services In this chapter, we will explore some exciting services provided on Aspire easyStore. FTP services Aspir

Seite 38 - Shared folder access control

Aspire easyStore 33 Max User Sets the maximum number of users who can connect to the FTP server.

Seite 39 - Aspire easyStore

Aspire easyStore 34 Idle Time Sets the amount of time a user can remain idle before being disconnected. Port Sets the FTP port. Default is 21.

Seite 40

Aspire easyStore 35 FTP Server Status The current settings and status of the Aspire easyStore FTP Server are displayed here. Start FTP Server

Seite 41

Aspire easyStore 36 DHCP services Aspire easyStore can also be used as a DHCP Server. As a DHCP server, it can be used to serve IP addresses to

Seite 42 - Advanced services

Aspire easyStore 37 UPnP AV services Aspire easyStore features a UPnP AV server. This server provides the ability to stream photos, music and v

Seite 43

Aspire easyStore 38 Folder Specifies the folder or directory that will be shared by the UPnP AV server. Select root to share the entire volume,

Seite 44

Aspire easyStore 39 Apple iTunes server Aspire easyStore features an iTunes server. This server provides the ability to share music and videos

Seite 45

b. The equipment shall go on-hook for a period of not less than 30 seconds between the end of one attempt and the beginning of the next call attempt.

Seite 46 - DHCP services

Aspire easyStore 40 Save settings Click Save settings for the settings to take effect. Refresh Click Refresh after adding new files to be used

Seite 47 - UPnP AV services

Aspire easyStore 41 Advanced system configuration and monitoring In this chapter, we will discuss some tasks that you may need to perform to co

Seite 48

Aspire easyStore 42 Putting Aspire easyStore in a different network workgroup The workgroup is a conceptual collective of computers on a netwo

Seite 49 - Apple iTunes server

Aspire easyStore 43 Changing the IP address of Aspire easyStore The IP address is the essential and most critical information that you may need

Seite 50

Aspire easyStore 44 After you click Save settings, you will be forced to log out. The system will bring you automatically to the login page of

Seite 51

Aspire easyStore 45 Configuring the wireless interface of Aspire easyStore One of the exciting features of the Aspire easyStore is that it come

Seite 52

Aspire easyStore 46 5. Click the Wireless tab. 6. Select the Wireless: Enable option to turn on the embedded wireless interface card. 7. Aft

Seite 53

Aspire easyStore 47 12. For access points with WEP or WPA encryption, you will still need to key in the respective keys manually. 13. Click th

Seite 54

Aspire easyStore 48 15. You may remove the Ethernet cable from Aspire easyStore. 16. Switch off Aspire easyStore using the power switch at th

Seite 55

Aspire easyStore 49 Reformatting the hard drives or changing to a different RAID level Aspire easyStore is shipped with disks configured in RAI

Seite 56

Radio device regulatory notice Note: Below regulatory information is for models with wireless LAN and/or Bluetooth only. General This product complies

Seite 57

Aspire easyStore 50 4. Select the RAID type you would like to use. 5. Click the Next button on the lower-right corner. 6. Aspire easyStore

Seite 58

Aspire easyStore 51 Configuring Aspire easyStore to notify you of critical events Aspire easyStore may be configured to send you an e-mail when

Seite 59

Aspire easyStore 52

Seite 60

Aspire easyStore 53 Calibrating the internal clock of Aspire easyStore There are three ways to set the internal clock of Aspire easyStore. 1.

Seite 61

Aspire easyStore 54 these servers are extremely accurate. You can synchronize the Aspire easyStore internal clock with it. i. Log in to the we

Seite 62

Aspire easyStore 55 iv. Adjust each field of the Set the Date and Time Manually section to the correct value. v. Click the Set Time button on

Seite 63

Aspire easyStore 56 Upgrading the Aspire easyStore firmware A new firmware upgrade may be available for your Aspire easyStore. It is recommende

Seite 64

Aspire easyStore 57 Restarting Aspire easyStore There are two ways to restart Aspire easyStore. The first is using the power switch at the back

Seite 65

Aspire easyStore 58 Resetting Aspire easyStore to factory default settings There are two ways to reset Aspire easyStore back to factory default

Seite 66

Aspire easyStore 59

Seite 67 - Restarting Aspire easyStore

Canada — Low-power license-exempt radio communication devices (RSS-210) a. Common information Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1

Seite 68

Aspire easyStore 60 Backing up the current Aspire easyStore configuration After you have configured the Aspire easyStore, you may want to back

Seite 69

Aspire easyStore 61

Seite 70

Aspire easyStore 62 Restore the Aspire easyStore configuration using a saved configuration file 1. Log in to the web UI. 2. Click Advanced -&

Seite 71

Aspire easyStore 63 Controlling the duration of the administrator session timeout 1. Log in to the web UI. 2. Click Advanced -> System. 3.

Seite 72

Aspire easyStore 64 Monitoring the current Aspire easyStore system status You can review the basic system settings like current IP address, dev

Seite 73

Aspire easyStore 65 Finding out what happened to the Aspire easyStore Aspire easyStore takes note of every important event that happens on its

Seite 74

Aspire easyStore 66

Seite 75

Aspire easyStore 67 Backing up the Aspire easyStore system log Aspire easyStore takes note of every important event that happens on its system.

Seite 76

Aspire easyStore 68

Seite 77

Aspire easyStore 69 Checking the hard disk status of Aspire easyStore Aspire easyStore provides a hard disk status page to allow you review the

Seite 78

Limited 3F, No. 168 Xiza District, hina Acer Computer (Shang medium roadnghai), Huangpu Shanghai, C Declaration of Conformity We, Acer Co

Seite 79

Federal Communications Comission Declaration of Conformity This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following t

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