Acer P7200i Bedienungsanleitung

Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Projektorzubehör Acer P7200i herunter. Acer P7200i Quick Start Guide Benutzerhandbuch

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A. Hardware connection:
1. Guide to components
2. Turn on the projector
3. Check the information on the splash
Check Projector ID, Projector Name (SSID),
Server IP and WEP on the splash screen. The
Server IP will be assigned by the network
with DHCP enabled. Ask your supervisor for
the wireless connection WEP key when WEP is
4. Connect to network
a Switch on your system, and activate your
wireless LAN.
b Scan for avaliable WLAN APs using your
preferred WLAN manager.
c Select and connect to the access point labeled
AcerProjector, or AcerProjectorXXXX.
d Connect the projector to your LAN for a wired
B. Software installation:
1. The software is stored on the Acer
Projector Gateway.
Please follow the steps below to
download and install:
a Open the internet browser.
b You will automatically be taken to the
welcome page.
c Enter the Server IP address into your browser’s
address bar if you do not see the welcome
1 WLAN antenna connector
2 Mini USB 5 Power indicator
3 USB Type A 6 LAN port
4 Reset button
Projector ID: 7362
Projector Name (SSID) : AcerProjector 001
Server IP :
WEP Key : None
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Seite 1 - B. Software installation:

EnglishA. Hardware connection:1. Guide to components2. Turn on the projector3. Check the information on the splash screenCheck Projector ID, Projector

Seite 2 - Plug-and-Show (PnS) token

Englishd Click on Download Acer eProjection Management on the welcome page.e Click on Run to download and install the software.f Click on Next to laun

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