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Seite 1 - (English)

DD55055” Dual Side DisplayUser Manual(English)V1.1

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Installation NotesPlease make sure you have a solid installation. As shown in the picture.You can install the display set by screws x 8 (M4x15mm)10

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Package ContentPackage ContentUnpacking• This product is packed in a carton, together with the standard accessories.• Due to the size and weight of th

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AccessoriesDual Side Display x1PC Box x1(with 24V&12V line)12Dual Side Display x1(with 24V&12V line)Remote Controller x1(Battery : CR 2025 3V)

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Over ViewFront ViewTop ViewDiagonal View 13Side View

Seite 6 - The ventilation hole of

Over View124141. Display (Dual side)2. Display Set3. Remote control sensor (Dual side)4. Use hole x 8 (single side have 4)5. I/O cover x 3 53

Seite 7 - The “bottom side” I/O cover

Setting Up The Display Setting Up The Display Step1 : Putting the dual side display upside15While the display put upside , the screw will be seen on t

Seite 8

Step2 : Remove the three I/O covers on the sides16Remove I/O cover screws x 3(M3x6mm)

Seite 9

Step3 : Remove the downside coverTear down the downside cover.screws x 10(M3x6mm)17screws x 10(M3x6mm)

Seite 10 - Installation Notes

Step4 : Connect Power Box to Dual Side Display24V*1Red line218Power BoxDual Side DisplayRed line(10 pin)12V*1Yellow line(8 pin)1

Seite 11 - Unpacking

Connect the 24V (10 pin) power line 1Connect the 12V (8 pin) power line 2Step4 : Connect Power Box to Dual Side Display1912V*1Yellow line(8 pin)24V*1R

Seite 12 - Accessories

• Important Safety Instructions………………………….3– Safety precautions and maintenance………………...3– Use………………………………………………………………6– Installation Notes……

Seite 13 - Over View

Step5 : Connect by HDMI connectorPlug two HDMI cables into the cabinet.And ensure that all cable plugs are firmly fitted to the equipment jacks.20HDMI

Seite 14

Step6 : Reinstall the downside cover and I/O coversReinstall the downside 211Reinstall the downside cover.screws x 10(M6x30mm)Reinstall the other two

Seite 15 - While the display put

AC in / switchAC in / switchAC in / switchAC in / switchStep7 : Connect the power cordPower Box22Plug in the power cable and turn on the AC power swit

Seite 16 - Remove I/O cover

Step8: Using the Remote Control1234523No. Key DescriptionsPower Power on/Power offMenu Into OSD moduleMenu UpMenu DownExit Menu/Exit selection13245

Seite 17 - Tear down the

OSD Setting MenuPress “MENU” into the OSD Setting Menu, and then press “UP” or “DOWN” to select the item, at last press “EXIT” to leave menu : 24Lumi

Seite 18 - Dual Side

Press “MENU” into the OSD Setting Menu, and then press “UP” or “DOWN” to select the item, at last press “EXIT” to leave menu : 25ColorPress MENU to s

Seite 19

Press “MENU” into the OSD Setting Menu, and then press “UP” or “DOWN” to select the item, at last press “EXIT” to leave menu : 26OSD SettingsPress ME

Seite 20 - Back Side (700 nits)

Press “MENU” into the OSD Setting Menu, and then press “UP” or “DOWN” to select the item, at last press “EXIT” to leave menu : 27SetupPress MENU to s

Seite 21

Trouble shootingTrouble shootingSymptom Possible Cause RemedyNo picture is displayed1. The power cord is disconnected.2. The main power switch on the

Seite 22 - AC in / switchAC in / switch

LCD Display 55”Model name DD550Screen size55 inch (diagonal)Resolution1920 x1080 (Pixel)Display Area1209.6(H) x 680.4(V) Contrast Ratio 4000:1Brightne

Seite 23

Safety precautions and maintenanceWARNING: Use of control, adjustments or procedures other than those specified in this documentation may result in ex

Seite 24 - OSD Setting Menu

Product DimensionsProduct Dimensions30A,B,C: I/O covers

Seite 25

Safety precautions and maintenanceMaintenance:• To protect your display from possible damage, do not put excessive pressure on the display. • Unplug t

Seite 26 - Settings

Safety precautions and maintenanceRead and follow these instructions when connecting and using your display:• Unplug the display if you are not going

Seite 27

Use• Don’t turn the ventilation hole of Power Box upside down. As shown in the picture below.The ventilation hole of power box6It is prohibited to pla

Seite 28

Use• When you install the display, please don’t use the “bottom side” I/O hole and open the I/O cover . As shown in the picture below.The “bottom side

Seite 29 - SpecificationsSpecifications

UseRemote Controller Precautions:• This product requires remote switch (ON/OFF) from Front Side ; the Back Side only has OSD function operated by remo

Seite 30 - A,B,C: I/O covers

Installation NotesF9There have 8 use holes on the side of the display set (M4x15mm)

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