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Film ScannerUser’s ManualEnglishFrançaisDeutschItalianoEspañol

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English1Chapter 1. Introduction1.1 FeaturesCongratulations on your purchase of the ScanWit film scanner! TheScanWit film scanner is the utmost cost-e


English2Friendly and Smart DriverMiraPhoto is the driver for your ScanWit film scanner. Its easy andinstinctive interface design allows you to proceed

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English3LED indicatorsSTATUS: This LED indicator is used to display the status of the filmscanner or to show error messages when errors occur within t

Seite 6 - FCC Information

English4Rear PanelVentilation holesThese holes are used to ventilate the heat from inside of the filmscanner. Do not block these holes when the film s

Seite 7 - Table of Contents

English5SCSI OUT connectorThis is a 25-pin SCSI connector. Use this connector to connect otherSCSI devices from the film scanner.Note: when you positi

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English61.3 Software IntroductionMiraPhoto is the driver program for your scanner. It is TWAINcompliant and designed to be user-friendly. With its ico

Seite 9 - MiraPhoto Quick Reference Map

English7Chapter 2. InstallationPlease follow the steps below to set up your ScanWit film scanner:Step 1. Install the SCSI interface cardPower off you

Seite 10 - <Memo>

English8Step 3 Test the scannerTurn the scanner power on by depressing the power button on thefront panel of the scanner. You may notice that the sca

Seite 11 - Chapter 1. Introduction

English9Chapter 3. Making Your First ScanRefer to the following steps to make your first scan using the ScanWit filmscanner:Step 1. Test the scannerTu

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English10Place the filmstrip on the filmstrip holder with the emulsion side facingup.Close the cover and push the “PUSH CLOSE” mark at the middle ofth

Seite 14 - Rear Panel

English11If you want to scan slides:You can use the slide holder (the holder with 4 rectangular latticesand a SLIDE mark) to place your slide.Slide ho

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English12Close the cover and push the “PUSH CLOSE” mark and the middle ofthe cover. You will hear a click when the cover is secured.Insert the slide h

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English13To use SCAN button:Push the SCAN button on the film scanner front panel. A dialogue boxwill pop up on the screen asking you to choose an imag

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English15Chapter 4. Using MiraPhotoYou can access MiraPhoto through your image editing applications. Whenyou click “Acquire” or “Scan” in your applica

Seite 19 - Filmstrip holder

English16Menu BarThere are three selectable menu items in theMenu Bar. Each menu item contains severaloptions in its submenu:File submenuMiraPhoto ca

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English17Settings submenuYou can adjust several general scan settings inthis submenu.Scan Size…When you choose this item, the following dialog box wil

Seite 21 - Slide holder

English18Monitor GammaGenerally, a monitor cannot display the real colors of an image in thereal world. In order to have the monitor approximate the c

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English19Film TypeChoosing this item, the following dialog box will appear:When you want to scan a negative film,choose the type of your film here ina

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Film ScannerUser’s ManualEnglish

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English20Image Thumbnail AreaThe Image Thumbnail Area displays thumbnail images of each previewedscan. Click on the thumbnail image and the image wil

Seite 25 - Chapter 4. Using MiraPhoto

English21Resolution boxResolution is used to decide how delicate thescanner captures the original image.When the original is scanned and turned into a

Seite 26 - File submenu

English22Scan Mode boxThe Scan Mode box provides three scan modes:High SpeedYou can increase the scan speed of your scanner in High Speedmode. Image

Seite 27 - Settings submenu

English23Control ButtonsThe Control Buttons are used to controlthe actions in your scanning session:Eject buttonClick this button to eject the filmstr

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English24Tool ButtonsTool Buttons provide a full range of tools and image effect options tooptimize the scan quality.Film Type buttonWhen this button

Seite 29 - Help submenu

English25Rotate buttonClick this button to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. Youcan click this button several times to get the image orientationy

Seite 30 - Image Type box

English26Color Enhancement Tools buttonClick this button to activate the Tool Bar which contains thebuttons for the following tools:Invert buttonClick

Seite 31 - Resolution box

English27Brightness/Contrast buttonClick this button to bring up the Brightness/Contrast Dialogbox:You can adjust the overall brightnessand contrast o

Seite 32 - Scan Mode box

English28Color Balance button Click this button to evoke the Color Balance dialog box:In this dialog box, you can change themixture of colors of an im

Seite 33

English29Color Adjustment buttonClick this button, and the Color Adjustment dialog box willappear:Color Adjustment is anotherconvenient tool that you

Seite 34 - Images after Flip is applied

EnglishCopyrightCopyright © 1999 by this company. All rights reserved. No part of thispublication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored

Seite 35 - Cropped image

English30Entry BoxWhile you drag within the Color Wheel to choose thehue and saturation of color or drag the triangle belowthe Lightness Bar to specif

Seite 36 - Image after Invert is

English31Curve buttonThe Curve tool is used to adjust the brightness properties ofmidtone pixels in an image. The following dialogue box willappear af

Seite 37

English32You can also click the curve to add new points and further change theshape of the curve:Input/Output Status AreaYou can read the precise inpu

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English33Level buttonClicking on the Level button, and the Level dialog box willappear:The Level dialog box includesseveral useful tools that you canu

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English34In addition, if we take a look at the two images below:We notice that in Image 1, there is higher contrast between thebrighter and darker par

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English35With the information from the histogram, we will be better able toadjust an image with the histogram tools. Below the Histogram, thereare thr

Seite 41

English36Input Level boxThe Input Level box displays the value of ShadowThreshold, Midtone and Highlight Thresholdrespectively. You can also input eac

Seite 42

English37Filter buttonThis function allows you to sharpen or blur the image. You canchoose from the list: No filter, Sharpen, Sharpen more, Blur,Blur

Seite 43

English38Color Wizard buttonThe Color Wizard button offers two quick and convenient toolsfor you to adjust the overall quality of the scanned image:Au

Seite 44

English39Preview AreaThe Preview Area displays the previewimage and allows you to set the scan areaby directly adjusting the dotted rectangle.The chan

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English7. This product should be operated from the type of power indicated onthe marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power available,co

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Seite 47 - Sharpen more

English41Chapter 5. Photo ExpressIn this chapter you will be introduced to the fantastic world of PhotoExpress. Learn more about this bundled software

Seite 48

English42Getting StartedTo run Photo Express, double click the Photo Express icon on yourWindows desktop or open from Windows Start Menu. When you run

Seite 49

English43Mode Tab: The Mode tabs switch PhotoExpress between Photo mode and Project mode. Photo mode is where themajority of your work is done, while

Seite 50

English44Getting ImagesThe first thing you want to do when you start Photo Express is to get thephotos you want to work with into the actual program.

Seite 51 - Chapter 5. Photo Express

English45To add new images to an album:1. Select an album.2. Click the File icon and browse for the folder where the images arestored.3. When they app

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English46Working on ImagesAdjusting ImagesAfter you have acquired an image from a scanner or digital camera, it mayneed some adjustments. Photo Expres

Seite 53

English47To trim your photo:1. Click the Trim button in the Edit:Adjust category. The Trim options willopen in the Options panel.2. Select a Trim shap

Seite 54 - To create a new Album:

English48Sharing ImagesPrinting ImagesOnce you have put the finishing touches onto your photos, it is time to printthem out. Photo Express contains nu

Seite 55 - Printing album thumbnails:

English49Saving ImagesAfter work on your photo is complete, you may want to save it. In PhotoExpress, you can save a photo in a variety of different i

Seite 56 - To re-align a photo:

EnglishFCC InformationThe Federal Communication Commission Radio Frequency InterferenceStatement includes the following paragraph:This equipment has b

Seite 57 - To re-size your photo:

English50Express Your ImagesCreate CalendarsOne of the easiest tasks to accomplish in Photo Express is makingcalendars, either for your Windows deskto

Seite 58 - To print an image:

English51Morphing PhotosOne of Photo Express’ more novel effects extras is that of image morphing.Morphing transforms an image over time to create int

Seite 59 - To save a photo:

English52Working in Project ModeThe Project mode gives you a focused environment in which to createcustom greeting cards, calendars, invitations, birt

Seite 60 - To create calendars:

English53Working with TemplatesPhoto Express’ unique templates can be edited and customized to suityour own needs. Templates consist of multiple compo

Seite 61 - To morph an image:

English54Adding DecorationOne category of tools on the Edit menu in Project mode is unique to thattab: Decoration. These are special, object-based eff

Seite 62 - To Begin a New Project

English55Printing TemplatesAs with Photo mode, Project mode lets you print your work when you’refinished with it. The same options available in Photo

Seite 63 - Working with Templates

English56Sharing TemplatesSharing templates works exactly the same way as sharing photos in Photomode. You can print, e-mail, fax, or output them to w

Seite 64

English57Chapter 6. Troubleshooting and FAQ6.1 Troubleshooting6.1.1 Why does the driver sometimes show the message “SCSI cardnot found”, and a few min

Seite 65

English58If you find that your ScanWit film scanner uses the same SCSI ID numberwith another SCSI device, you must either change the SCSI ID number of

Seite 66 - To fax a template:

English59Chapter 7. Service InformationIf problems persist after you check this manual, you can contact yourdealer or consult the technical service be

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EnglishiTable of ContentsCHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION...11.1 FEATURES ...

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English60AppendixProduct SpecificationType Film scanner with color-CCD optical moduleScan Velocity Calibration Scan Speed Preview Speed Transm

Seite 69

EnglishiiEject button...... 23Zoom button...

Seite 70 - Appendix

EnglishiiiPRODUCT SPECIFICATION.................... 60MiraPhoto Quick Reference MapMenu Barp

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