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Seite 2 - Register your Acer product

10 - Your Acer Chromebook tourRight side view1 2 3 4# Icon Item Description1 + / - Volume control key Adjusts the system volume.2USB port Connects t


Your Acer Chromebook tour - 11Bottom view# Icon Item Description1 SpeakersLeft and right speakers deliver stereo audio output.1


12 - The Chrome OS DesktopTHE CHROME OS DESKTOPWindow controls 1 8 9 10 11 7 6 5 4 3 2 Number Description1Goes Backward and Forward in the current

Seite 5 - Important

The Chrome OS Desktop - 13ShelfStatus areaLauncher Apps pinned to shelfLauncherSelect the Launcher icon to display the launcher page. This is the fast


14 - The Chrome OS DesktopStatus areaThe Status area enables you to see vital computer information at a glance, such as the time, Wi-Fi signal strengt

Seite 7 - Keyboard view

Apps & extensions - 15APPS & EXTENSIONSYou can enhance your Chromebook with extra web applications (Chrome apps, for short), features for the

Seite 8 - Touchpad

16 - Apps & extensionsInstalling apps from the Google Play Store 1. Select the Launcher icon.2. Click to select All Apps (or type "Play Stor

Seite 9 - Left side view

Apps & extensions - 17Google Drive All files saved to your Google Drive are saved online and are accessible to other devices, such as your smartp

Seite 10 - Right side view

18 - Apps & extensions3. Select the Files icon.4. Select the files that you want to upload.5. Drag-and-drop the files to My Drive.Enable offline a

Seite 11 - Bottom view

Apps & extensions - 195. Two-finger tap (see Touchpad on page 8) to bring up the context sensitive menu and select Available offline. Gmail Compos


2 - © 2018. All Rights Reserved.Acer Chromebook Spin 11Covers: CP311-1H / CP311-1HNThis revision: January 2018Sign up for an Acer ID and enjoy great b

Seite 13 - Pinned apps

20 - Apps & extensionsCompressed .zip, .rarOther .txt, .pdf (read-only)File type Supported formats

Seite 14 - Status area

Chrome OS tips and tricks - 21CHROME OS TIPS AND TRICKSYour Chromebook is a new type of computer that works somewhat differently than what you may be


22 - Chrome OS tips and tricksFinding your documentsAll documents you create are saved to your Google Drive where they are online and accessible to ot

Seite 16 - Removing apps from Chrome OS

Chrome OS tips and tricks - 23How to start a video chatFor all you Skype users out there, Google+ Hangouts are free video chats for up to ten people.

Seite 17 - Google Drive

24 - Chrome OS tips and tricksb. Select Play Movies to watch the movies and TV shows you love.c. To find more entertainment apps like Netflix, Flixs

Seite 18 - 18 - Apps & extensions

Chrome OS tips and tricks - 255. Select File > Save as Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets (format depends on the type of document).Export Google Driv

Seite 19 - Other Supported File Types

26 - Chrome OS tips and tricksHow to use your Chromebook when there’s no internetThe Chrome Web Store contains useful offline apps (see Installing app

Seite 20 - File type Supported formats

Chrome OS tips and tricks - 274. Open a Google document you have already created or create one as you normally would (see Creating a new document on p


28 - SettingsSETTINGSUse the settings menu to adjust the various options for your Chromebook. To access the settings menu do the following:1. Select t

Seite 22 - Finding your documents

Settings - 29You can change the time format and time zone on your Chromebook. If the date or time is incorrect on your Chromebook, try adjusting the t

Seite 23 - How to listen to music

Table of contents - 3TABLE OF CONTENTSRegister your Acer product ... 2Manage your registered products ... 2Getting s

Seite 24 - Powerpoint) documents

30 - SettingsSetting up a printerYou can use the Google Cloud Print service to send print requests to many types of traditional cabled printer and wir

Seite 25 - Play Store

Settings - 314. In the dialog that opens, select Check for updates. If any updates are available, they will be displayed on the page. Resetting your

Seite 26 - Gmail Offline

32 - HelpHELPOnline and offline helpAdditional help is available both online and offline. Chromebook Helpis installed on your Chromebook and doesn’t r

Seite 27

4 - Getting startedGETTING STARTEDTurn on your ChromebookOn the Chromebook, the power button is located on the left hand side of the notebook. A "

Seite 28 - SETTINGS

Getting started - 5Sign in to your Google AccountIf you already have a Google Account, enter your username and password in the sign-in box that appear

Seite 29 - Customizing appearance

6 - Your Acer Chromebook tourYOUR ACER CHROMEBOOK TOURNow that you are done setting it up, let us show you around your new Acer Chromebook.Front view#

Seite 30 - Updating Chrome OS

Your Acer Chromebook tour - 7Keyboard view# Icon Item Description1 WebcamWeb camera to take pictures and shoot videos.2 Keyboard For entering data int

Seite 31 - Resetting your Chromebook

8 - Your Acer Chromebook tourTouchpadThe built-in touchpad is a pointing device that senses movement on its surface. This means the cursor responds as

Seite 32 - Online and offline help

Your Acer Chromebook tour - 9Left side view1 2 3 4 5 6# Icon Item Description1Power button Turns the computer on and off.2Battery indicatorIndicates t

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