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Seite 1 - Service Guide

1 Acer AL2051W Service Guide

Seite 2

10LCD Panel Specification LCD Panel Model (AU M201EW01)  Display Type active matrix color TFT LCD  Resolution 1680 x 1

Seite 3 - Conventions

11Supported Timing Support Modes There will be 20 total support modes to accommodate the above mode and other video modes within the frequency r

Seite 4 - Warning:

12Monitor Block Diagram The LCD monitor will contain a main board, a power board, which house the flat panel control logic, brightness control logic

Seite 5

13Main Board Diagram MCU W79E632 (U402) MST9251A-LF-205 (Include: ADC, OSD etc) (U401) EEPROM AT24C16AN-10SU-2.7 (U403) D-Sub Connector(CN101

Seite 6 - Table Of Contents

14Software Flow Chart 12NY5Y N 10Y N12Y N 7YN64389141113YN15YN16 1719Y N 18

Seite 7 - Chart of AL2051W

15 Remark:1) MCU initializes. 2) Is the EEPROM blank? 3) Program the EEPROM by default values. 4) Get the PWM value of brightness from EEPROM. 5)

Seite 8 - Measurement systems

16Main Board Layout 1 Label Part No. Description CN603 88G 30211K PHONE JACK 5PIN CN602 88G 30214K PHONE JACK 5PIN CN701 88G 3041CE DC JAC

Seite 9

17Front Bezel External Controls Item Description Item Description 1. >/ Volume 4. MENU/ENTER 2. </ Volume 5. Auto Adjust Key/E

Seite 10 - LCD Panel Specification

18Rear Bezel Item Description Item Description 1. D-SUB Cable 4. External Adapter 2. DC-Jack Power Cable 5. DVI Cable 3. AC Power Co

Seite 11 - Supported Timing

19Operating Instructions Press the power button to turn the monitor on or off. The other contro

Seite 12

2Service Guide Version and Revision No. Version Release Date Revision History TPV Model 1 2 1.0 2.0 Dec-15-2005 Jan-04-2006 Initi

Seite 13 - Main Board Diagram

20Front Panel Control • Power Button: Press this button to turn the monitor ON or OFF, and display the monitor’s state. • Menu / Enter: Activa

Seite 14 - Software Flow Chart

21Adjusting the Picture a. How to Adjust a Setting 1. Press the MENU-button to activate the OSD window. 2. Press <or >to select the desi

Seite 15

22b. The Description For Control Function

Seite 16 - Main Board Layout


Seite 17 - External Controls

24Hot-Key Menu a. Outline b. The Description For Hot-Key Function Item Operation Icon Description Volume When the OSD is closed, press Left or

Seite 18

25Logo When the monitor is power on, the LOGO will be showed in the center, and disappear slowly. How To Optimize The DOS-Mode Plug And Play Plug

Seite 19

26Machine Disassembly This chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to assemble the

Seite 20 - Front Panel Control

271. Remove two screws. (Fig 1) 2. Remove the hinge cover. (Fig 2) 3. Remove the one screw. (Fig 3) Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

Seite 21

284. Firstly, find out the two hooks position. (Fig 4) 5. Then, pry the rear cover up as arrowhead direction. (Fig 5) 6. Remove the six screws. (

Seite 22

297. Disconnect the wire harnesses of main board and panel, main board and power board. (Fig 7) 8. Remove four screws. (Fig 8) 9. Pry the main

Seite 23

3Copyright Copyright © 2003 by Acer Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, Transmitted, transcribed, sto

Seite 24

30 Fig 9.2 10. Remove the screws for frame on the left. (Fig 10.1) Remove the screws for frame on the right. (Fig 10.2) Fig 10.1 Fig 10.2 http:/

Seite 25

3111. Disconnect the wire harness for power board and lamps. (Fig 11) 12. Remove the four screws to remove the main board. (Fig 12) 13. Remove t

Seite 26 - Chapter 3

3214. Remove the two screws to loose the copper manganese wire. (Fig 14) 15. Remove the four screws and disconnect the wire harness. (Fig 15) 16.

Seite 27

3317. Turn the six clips anticlockwise to remove the shielding. (Fig 17) 18. Disconnect the wire harness of main board and panel. (Fig 18) The

Seite 28 - (Fig 6)

34Troubleshooting This chapter provides troubleshooting information for the AL2051W:

Seite 29

35No picture (LED orange) No picture The button if under control X401oscillate waveform is normalReplace U402 Re

Seite 30

36White screen Note: 1. If Replace “MAIN-BOARD”, Please re-do “DDC-content” programmed & “WHITE-Balance”. 2. If Replace

Seite 31

372. Power Board No power Check AC line volt 110V or 220V OKCheck AC line Check the voltage of C904(+) Check F901, bridge r

Seite 32 - (Fig 14)

383. Inverter Board No backlight  Check L805 =12VCheck ON/OFF signal Check IC801 PIN5=5V+ -0.25VCheck adapter

Seite 33

39Keypad Board OSD is unstable or not working Is Keypad Board connecting normally?Connect Keypad BoardIs Button Switch normally? Replace Button

Seite 34

4Preface Before using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information. 1. This Service Guide provides y

Seite 35 - No picture (LED orange)

40Connector Information The following figure shows the connector locations on the monitor:

Seite 36 - White screen

41FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List This chapter gives you the FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) listing in g

Seite 37 - 2. Power Board

42Exploded Diagram (Model: AL2051W)

Seite 38 - 3. Inverter Board

43Part List Above picture show the description of the following component. Item Picture Description Part No. HINGE COVER-F 33G4967 QW L 1 H

Seite 39 - Keypad Board


Seite 40

4510 SPEAKERS 78G 322 3B 11 BASE 34G1785 QW B 12 BASE BACK COVER 33G4965AQT 1L 13 HINGE HOLDER 20G 041 1

Seite 41

46Schematic Diagram Main Board AVDDAVLCDVCPUAVDDPLLB

Seite 42

47VDD_MPLLC7320.1uFC7710.1uF/16VC7700.1uF+3.3AVDD forAVDD_PLLR709 4.7K 1/16W C7500.1uFR7141K 1/16W C7410.1uFQ705PMBS3904CEB+1.8V_VDDR7050 1/16W 

Seite 43 - Part List

48 C101NCRXD 7C1170.1uFR125 100 1/16W D114LL5232B 5.6V 5%D120BAV99312VCC5VVSYNC 5D112BAV70312R+ 5C1260.1uFC1250.1uFB+ 5PC5VVCC5VR1204.7K 1/16W VCC

Seite 44


Seite 45

5Precautions  Do not use the monitor near water, e.g. near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool or in a wet basement. 

Seite 46 - MST9251A SCHEMATIC


Seite 47 - Change to

51R421 NCVCPUR416 10K 1/16W LEFTR458 10K 1/16W R425 10K 1/16W onBACKLITE3+C43310uF/16VWR 5AD3 5AUTOSW401LCD ONOFFPOWERR456 10K 1/16W R429 10K

Seite 48 - 715G1765-1 for AL2051W(acer)

52 +C6101uF+C608220uF/16VC6130.1uFAUDIO_SD7CN602PHONEJACK54132AUDIO_MU7R60520K 1/16W R608 75 1/16W R609 75 1/16W C604 0.47uF/16V+C6091uFR6031K 1

Seite 49 - MST9251A(208Pin)

53Power/Inverter board

Seite 50 - 715G1765-1 for AL2051W (acer)

54C823220pFC8421uF/0805 NCR840NCC8140.1uF/0805C837104/0805Q811AM45021234 5678S1NG1NS2PG2P D2PD2PD1ND1NC8151uF/0805D806SB240Q809RK7002R83139K NC R85

Seite 51 - For Hardware

6Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Monitor Features ……………………………………… 6 Introduction ……………………………………… 7 Electrical Requirements ……………………………………… 8 L

Seite 52

7Monitor Features Introduction Scope This specification defines the requirements for t

Seite 53 - Power/Inverter board

8Electrical Requirements Standard Test Conditions All tests shall be performed under the following conditions, unless otherwise specified. Ambient

Seite 54 - INPC2062AUA1P

9LCD Monitor General Specification Panel type 20.1 inch-wide Color TFT-LCD Module M201EW01. Display size 433.44 (H) x 270.90(V) Display mode VG

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