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Seite 1 - User's Guide

Acer ProjectorMulti-mediaUser's Guide

Seite 2 - Contents

8EnglishSetupNote: K330 provides Media FW upgrade via SD card.1. Download new media FW files by one compressed file from acer global website2. Copy al

Seite 3 - Introduction

9EnglishPhoto SettingDisplay ModePress or to select display mode while entering the photo list.• File list• Slideshow• Thumbnail• Browse ModeDispl

Seite 4 - Getting Started

10EnglishMusic SettingPlay ModePress or to select the music play mode.• Once• Repeat One• Repeat All• RandomShow Spectrum Choose "On" to

Seite 5

11EnglishVideo SettingDisplay RatioPress or to select display ratio• Auto: Keep original aspect ratio and resize to fit horizontal or vertical dir

Seite 6

12EnglishUsing MPtG Converter ToolDownload MPtG converter tool from manual CD of projector. You can use this tool to transfer PPT/PDF files and play b

Seite 7 - Onscreen Display (OSD) Menus

13EnglishWireless Projection via acer USB WiFi AdapterPlug in acer USB WiFi adapter in USB type A slot of projector. Change projector source upto USB

Seite 8 - Media Gallery

14EnglishThe installation will proceed automatically. Make sure the installation is complete. Execute shortcut - Acer eProjection Management on deskto

Seite 9

15EnglishThe WEP key can support from 64- up to 128-bit encryption for wireless connections. This feature can be set and enabled by the supervisor. Y

Seite 10

16EnglishProjection with MobiShowMobiShow allows content projection from a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone (Android, iPhone). Install application - Mobishow

Seite 11 - Photo Setting

17EnglishPhoto reviewerWhen you select the Photo function, MobiShow will automatically open Explorer for you to select a photo folder. Open a file (JP

Seite 12 - Music Setting

Introduction 1Multimedia Features 1Getting Started 2Connecting multi-media device to the projector 2Control Panel and Remote Control 3Onscreen Display

Seite 13 - Video Setting

18EnglishWireless PtGInstall the PtG2 converter from the installation CD on your PC; this will enable you to convert PowerPoint files to PtG2 format.W

Seite 14 - Using MPtG Converter Tool

19EnglishUsing the PtG2 converterTo use the Presentation-to-Go feature, you need to install the PtG2 Converter on your PC from the CD. Put the CD into

Seite 15 - WiFi Adapter

20EnglishAcer EquiView - Screen Projection from Acer TabletEquiView provides screen projection of acer tablet via acer wireless projector.• EquiView o

Seite 16

21EnglishDisplay over USBDisplay over USB (DoUSB) projection is an easy-to-use function to project a computer's screen using a single USB cable (

Seite 17

22EnglishAppendicesTroubleshootingIf you experience a problem with your Acer projector, refer to the following troubleshooting guide. If the problem p

Seite 18 - Projection with MobiShow

23EnglishMulti-media format supportedNote: The video clip and its SRT subtitle file must be located in the same folder and with same filename (ex. Abc

Seite 19 - Photo reviewer

24English1. Photo FormatNote: JPEG header size must be under 512 Kbytes.2. Music FormatImage type (ext name)Sub type Encode type Max pixelsJpeg / Jpg

Seite 20 - Wireless PtG

25English3. Video FormatNote: Doesn’t support B-Frame function.4. Subtitle FormatNote: DO NOT support mixed code in subtitle files.File formatVideo fo

Seite 21 - Using the PtG2 converter

1EnglishIntroductionThe Acer multimedia support offers easier projection without PC and player connected. Through SD card reader and USB type A slot,

Seite 22

2EnglishGetting StartedConnecting multi-media device to the projectorNote: The media contents in external HDD drive via USB cable is not supported.Not

Seite 23 - Display over USB

3EnglishControl Panel and Remote Control# Icon Component Description1 RESYNC Back or stop function in multimedia controls.2 SOURCE Changes the active

Seite 24 - Appendices

4English9 Next/Fast forward• >: Go to next page or media file in file list view.• >>: Press 3 sec to have 2X speed forward.10 MEDIA Toggle be

Seite 25 - Multi-media format supported

5EnglishOnscreen Display (OSD) MenusSettingMain menuSub menu

Seite 26 - 2. Music Format

6EnglishMedia GalleryNote: Change source to USB A to play your media contents in USB drive.Note: Change source to SD to play your media contents in SD

Seite 27 - 4. Subtitle Format

7EnglishNote: Change source to USB B, make sure to plug USB cable well and you can see disk and edit 1GB free space of internal memory. Note: Only sup

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