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Acer Ferrari 3400 Series
Service Guide
Service guide files and updates are available
on the ACER/CSD web; for more information,
please refer to
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Seite 1 - Acer Ferrari 3400 Series

Acer Ferrari 3400 SeriesService Guide

Seite 2 - Revision History

Chapter 1 3System Block

Seite 3 - Conventions

Chapter 6 93NS LCD PANEL WITH LOGO-15” 60.FR2V7.003NS LCD BEZEL 15" 42.FR1V7.006NS LCD COAXIAL CABLE FOR 15" XGA spwg-B 50.T23V7.021Main B

Seite 4


Seite 5


Seite 6 - Table of Contents

Appendix A 96Ferrari 3400 SeriesModel NumberCPU LCD MemoryHDD(GB)ODDCard Reader3400LMi Athlon 64 3000+ 35W15.0"SXGA+ 200nit2*256MB 80GB Slot 4x

Seite 7

Appendix B 97This computer’s compatibility is tested and verified by Acer’s internal testing department. All of its system functions are tested under

Seite 8 - System Specifications

98 Appendix BMicrosoft® Windows® XP Home Environment TestItem SpecificationsProcessor AMD Athlon64 3000+(rev CG) 35W Low-Voltage OPGAMemory 256MB Inf

Seite 9 - I/O Ports

Appendix B 99I/O - Storage Device(Parallel) IOMega ZIP 100 (LPT Port)I/O - 1394 1394 HDD1394 External HDD CASE-OXFORD IDE Device1394 CCD (APLUX C102T

Seite 10 - System Block Diagram

100 Appendix BI/O - Audio Jacks (Earphone) Panasonic EarphoneAIMA EarphoneAIWA HP-X121 EarphoneAOC STEREO DYNAMIC HEADPHONES AHP-850PHILIPS Stereo Hea

Seite 11 - Board Layout

Appendix C 101This section describes online technical support services available to help you repair your Acer Systems.If you are a distributor, dealer

Seite 13 - Outlook View

4 Chapter 1Board Layout Top View1 CPU socket 10 DIMM Socket2 S-video port 11 Optical drive connector3 CRT 12 Keyboard connector4 Printer port 13 Main

Seite 14 - Front Panel

Index 103AACPI 1.0b 22AFLASH Utility 43AMD Mobile Athlon64 22Audio 25BBatteryon indicator 12Battery Pack 50BIOS 22package 22password control 22ROM siz

Seite 15 - Left Panel

104 IndexLL2 cache 22LAN 23chipset 23connector location 23connector type 23support protocol 23Launch Keys 19Lock KeysUsing the Keyboard 13MMailon Laun

Seite 17 - Rear Panel

Chapter 1 5Bottom View1 Line-in connector2 Microphone-in connector3 Line-out connector4 Mini PCI connector5 DIMM

Seite 18 - Bottom Panel

6 Chapter 1Outlook ViewA general introduction of ports allow you to connect peripheral devices, as you would with a desktop PC.Front Open View # Icon

Seite 19 - Indicators

Chapter 1 7Front PanelNOTE: Only one card can operate at any given time.# Icon Item Description1 Speaker Outputs sound.2 4-in-1 memory reader Reads c

Seite 20 - Using the Keyboard

8 Chapter 1Left Panel# Icon Item Description1 Four (4) USB 2.0 ports Connect to Universal Serial Bus devices (e.g., USB mouse, USB camera).2 IEEE 139

Seite 21 - Embedded Numeric Keypad

Chapter 1 9Right Panel# Icon Item Description1 Slot loading optical drive eject buttonPress the eject button to remove a disc from the slot loading op

Seite 22 - Windows Keys

10 Chapter 1Rear Panel# Icon Item Description1 Modem jack Connects to a phone line.2 Network jack Connect to an Ethernet 10/100-based network.3 Parall

Seite 23 - Hot Keys

Chapter 1 11Bottom Panel# Icon Item Description1 Battery bay Houses the computer’s battery pack.2 Battery release latch Unlatches the battery to remov

Seite 24 - Chapter 1 17

12 Chapter 1IndicatorsThe computer has three easy-to-read status indicators below the display screen. And two on the front of the computer.The Power a

Seite 25 - The Euro Symbol

IIRevision HistoryPlease refer to the table below for the updates made on Ferrari 3400 service guide.Date Chapter

Seite 26 - Launch Keys

Chapter 1 13Using the KeyboardThe full-sized keyboardincludes an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor keys, two Windows keys and twelve function k

Seite 27 - Touchpad

14 Chapter 1Embedded Numeric KeypadThe embedded numeric keypad functions like a desktop numeric keypad. It is indicated by small characters located on

Seite 28 - Chapter 1 21

Chapter 1 15Windows KeysThe keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions.Key Icon DescriptionWindows logo keyStart button. Combinati

Seite 29

16 Chapter 1Hot KeysUsing the Fn key with another key creates a hot key, providing a quick and convenient method for controlling various functions.To

Seite 30

Chapter 1 17Fn-y Volume down Decreases the speaker volume.Fn-x Brightness up Increases the screen brightness.Fn-z Brightness down Decreases the screen

Seite 31 - Hard Disc Drive Interface

18 Chapter 1The Euro SymbolIf your keyboard layout is set to United States-International or United Kingdom or if you have a keyboard with a European l

Seite 32 - Video Interface

Chapter 1 19Launch KeysLocated at the top of keyboard are five buttons. The left-most button is the power button. To the right of the power button are

Seite 33 - IEEE 1394 Port

20 Chapter 1TouchpadThe built-in touchpad is a pointing device that senses movement on its surface. This means the cursor responds as you move your fi

Seite 34 - Keyboard

Chapter 1 21NOTE: Keep your fingers dry and clean when using the touchpad. Also keep the touchpad dry and clean. The touchpad is sensitive to finger m

Seite 35

22 Chapter 1Hardware Specifications and ConfigurationsProcessorItem SpecificationCPU typeAMD Mobile AthlonTM 64CPU package packing in 754-pin Lidless

Seite 36 - System Power Management

IVConventionsThe following conventions are used in this manual:SCREEN MESSAGES Denotes actual messages that appear on screen.NOTE Gives bits and piece

Seite 37 - Mechanical Specification

Chapter 1 23 NOTE: Above table lists some system memory configurations. You may combine DIMMs with various capacities to form other combinations. On a

Seite 38 - System Utilities

24 Chapter 1Wireless Module 802.11g (optional device)Item SpecificationChipset BCM4306KFBData throughput 11M bpsProtocol 802.11gInterface Mini-PCI typ

Seite 39 - Navigating the BIOS Utility

Chapter 1 25DVD InterfaceItem SpecificationVendor & model name MKE-825-CQBPerformance Specification N/ATransfer rate (KB/sec) N/AData Buffer The U

Seite 40 - Infomation

26 Chapter 1Supports ZV (Zoomed Video) port NoResolution Support Support for fixed resolution displays (e.g. panels) from VGA (640x480) to wide UXGA (

Seite 41 - 34 Chapter 2

Chapter 1 27 PCMCIA PortItem SpecificationPCMCIA controller TI PCI4510Supports card type Type-II Number of slots One type-IIAccess location Left pane

Seite 42

28 Chapter 1Package voltage 14.8VLCDItemVendor & model name CMO IDT N150P3 AUO B150PG03 QDI QD15FL02Screen Diagonal (mm) 380.625 N/A 380Active Ar

Seite 43 - Advanced

Chapter 1 29Soft Off (G2/S5) OS initiated shutdown. All devices in the system are turned off completely.Working (G0/S0) Individual devices such as the

Seite 44 - Security

30 Chapter 1Operating 5~250Hz 0.5Grms, 15mins per axisNon-operating (unpacked) 1.04 Grms, 2-200Hz 15 mins per axisNon-operating (packed) 1.04 Grms, 2-

Seite 45 - Setting a Password

Chapter 2 31BIOS Setup UtilityThe BIOS Setup Utility is a hardware configuration program built into your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).Y

Seite 46 - Changing a Password

32 Chapter 2Navigating the BIOS UtilityThere are six menu options: Info., Main, System Devices, Security, Boot, and Exit.Follow these instructions:T T

Seite 47

VPrefaceBefore using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information.1. This Service Guide provides you wi

Seite 48

Chapter 2 33InfomationParameter DescriptionHDD Model Name This field shows the model name of HDD installed on primary IDE master.HDD Serial Number Thi

Seite 49

34 Chapter 2MainThe Main screen displays a summary of your computer hardware information, and also includes basic setup parameters. It allows the user

Seite 50 - BIOS Flash Utility

Chapter 2 35The table below describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.NOTE: The s

Seite 51 - 44 Chapter 2

36 Chapter 2AdvancedThe Advanced menu screen contains parameters involving your hardware devices. It also provides advanced settings of the system.The

Seite 52 - Chapter 3

Chapter 2 37SecurityThe Security screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.PhoenixBIOS Setup Util

Seite 53 - General Information

38 Chapter 2The table below describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.NOTE: When

Seite 54

Chapter 2 392. Type a password in the “Enter New Password” field. The password length can not exceeds 8 alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, not ca

Seite 55

40 Chapter 23. Type a password in the Enter New Password field. Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field.4. Press e. After setting the pa

Seite 56 - Chapter 3 49

Chapter 2 41BootThis menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system. Bootable devices includes the distette dri

Seite 57 - Removing the Battery Pack

42 Chapter 2ExitThe Exit screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.The table below describes the

Seite 59 - Removing the LCD Module

Chapter 2 43BIOS Flash UtilityThe BIOS flash memory update is required for the following conditions:T New versions of system programsT New features or

Seite 61

Chapter 3 45This chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to disassemble the notebook computer for maintenance and troubleshooting.To disassemb

Seite 62

46 Chapter 3General InformationBefore You BeginBefore proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following:1. Turn off the p

Seite 63

Chapter 3 47Disassembly Procedure FlowchartThe flowchart on the succeeding page gives you a graphic representation on the entire disassembly sequence

Seite 64 - Disassembling the LCD Module

48 Chapter 3 Screw ListItem DescriptionA NUT-I/O B SCREW M1.6X4.0-I-NI-NYLOK C SCREW M2.0X2.5-I-NI-NYLOK D SCREW M2.0X3.0-I-NI-NYLOK E SCREW M2.0X3.5-

Seite 65 - 13. Unhook the spring


Seite 66 - Disassembling the HDD Module

50 Chapter 3Removing the Battery Pack1. Release the battery lock.2. Slide the battery latch then remove the battery.

Seite 67 - 60 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 51Removing the Optical Module/HDD Module/Wireless Lan Card and LCD moduleRemoving the Optical Module1. Slide the optical disk drive latch.2.

Seite 68 - Troubleshooting

52 Chapter 3Removing the LCD Module1. Remove the four screws that secures the middle cover; two one each side.2. Detach middle cover with the assistan

Seite 69 - System Check Procedures

VIIChapter 1 System Specifications 1Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seite 70 - Power System Check

Chapter 3 53Disassembling the Main UnitRemove the function key board and the keyboard1. Take the wireless antenna out of the hook on the function key

Seite 71 - Touchpad check

54 Chapter 3Disassembling the logic upper assembly1. Take out the touchpad cable from the small hook on touchpad holder.2. Remove the four screws hold

Seite 72

Chapter 3 55Disassembling the logic lower assembly1. In order to take out the main board from the upper case, first remove the four screws that fasten

Seite 73 - Index of Error Messages

56 Chapter 313. Disconnect the microphone cable. Then remove the top cover shielding.14. Use a hex wrench (2.5mm) to turn the CPU lock counter clock-w

Seite 74 - Error Message List

Chapter 3 57Disassembling the LCD Module1. Remove the six screw pad and the six screws.2. Detach the LCD bezel carefully.3. Disconnect LCD inverter.4.

Seite 75 - POST Codes

58 Chapter 313. Unhook the spring.14. Remove the screw that fastens the LCD latch kit.15. Then remove the LCD latch kit.

Seite 76 - Chapter 4 69

Chapter 3 59Disassembling the External ModulesDisassembling the HDD Module1. Remove the four screws holding the HDD bracket; two on each side.2. Take

Seite 78 - Chapter 4 71

Chapter 4 61Use the following procedure as a guide for computer problems.NOTE: The diagnostic tests are intended to test this model. Non-Acer product

Seite 79 - Power-Related Symptoms

62 Chapter 4System Check ProceduresExternal Diskette Drive CheckDo the following to isolate the problem to a controller, driver, or diskette. A write-

Seite 80

VIIIDisassembling the External Modules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59Disassembling the HDD Module . . .

Seite 81 - Peripheral-Related Symptoms

Chapter 4 63Memory checkMemory errors might stop system operations, show error messages on the screen, or hang the system.1. Boot from the diagnostics

Seite 82 - Modem/LAN-Related Symptoms

64 Chapter 4Check the Battery PackTo check the battery pack, do the following:From Software:1. Check out the Power Management in control Panel2. In Po

Seite 83 - Intermittent Problems

Chapter 4 65Power-On Self-Test (POST) Error MessageThe POST error message index lists the error message and their possible causes. The most likely cau

Seite 84 - Undetermined Problems

66 Chapter 4Index of Error MessagesError Message ListError Messages FRU/Action in SequenceStruck Key See ““Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check” o

Seite 85 - CD to Disk Recovery

Chapter 4 67Error Message ListNo beep Error Messages FRU/Action in SequencePower-on indicator turns off and LCD is blank. Power source (battery pack a

Seite 86 - Chapter 4 79

68 Chapter 4POST CodesCode Beeps POST Routine Description02h Verify Real Mode03h Disable Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI)04h Get CPU type06h Initialize sy

Seite 87 - 80 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 6948h Check video configuration against CMOS49h Initialize PCI bus and devices4Ah Initialize all video adapters in system4Bh QuietBoot start

Seite 88 - Disk to Disk Recovery

70 Chapter 48Fh Determine number of ATA drives (optional)90h Initialize hard-disk controllers91h Initialize local-bus hard-disk controllers92h Jump to

Seite 89

Chapter 4 71Code Beeps For Boot Block in Flash ROME0h Initialize the chipsetE1h Initialize the bridgeE2h Initialize the CPUE3h Initialize the system t

Seite 90 - Chapter 4 83

72 Chapter 4Index of Symptom-to-FRU Error MessageLCD-Related SymptomsSymptom / Error Action in SequenceLCD backlight doesn't work First, plug a m

Seite 91 - 84 Chapter 4

Chapter 1 1FeaturesThis computer was designed with the user in mind. Here are just a few of its many features:PerformanceT Mobile AMD AthlonTM 64 pro

Seite 92 - Chapter 5

Chapter 4 73Battery can’t be charged or discharged See “Check the Battery Pack” on page 64. Battery packMain boardSystem hang during POST ODD/HDD/FDD/

Seite 93

74 Chapter 4The system doesn't resume from hibernation/ standby mode.Connect AC adapter then check if the system resumes from Standby/Hibernation

Seite 94 - Chapter 6

Chapter 4 75NOTE: If you cannot find a symptom or an error in this list and the problem remains, see “Undetermined Problems” on page 77.Modem/LAN-Rela

Seite 95 - Exploded Diagram

76 Chapter 4Intermittent ProblemsIntermittent system hang problems can be caused by a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a hardware defec

Seite 96 - Chapter 6 89

Chapter 4 77Undetermined ProblemsThe diagnostic problems does not identify which adapter or device failed, which installed devices are incorrect, whet

Seite 97 - 90 Chapter 6

78 Chapter 4How to Build NAPP Master Hard Disc DriveCD to Disk Recovery1. Prepare NAPP CD, Recovery CD and System CD.2. Put NAPP CD into the optical d

Seite 98 - Chapter 6 91

Chapter 4 796. Put the Recovery CD to the optical drive. This step is to create image files to the system, you do not have to put the Recovery CD to t

Seite 99 - 92 Chapter 6

80 Chapter 47. Then insert the System CD to the optical drive.8. You will see the screen displaying “PASS” when the system has buit NAPP Master hard d

Seite 100 - Chapter 6 93

Chapter 4 81Disk to Disk Recovery1. Prepare NAPP CD, Recovery CD and System CD.2. Put NAPP CD into the optical drive. Then boot up the system.3. The s

Seite 101 - 94 Chapter 6

82 Chapter 45. Select Disk to Disk Recovery. Then choose Single Language or Multi-Languages Recovery.NOTE: For Multi-Languages Recovery, not more than

Seite 102 - Chapter 6 95

2 Chapter 1Keyboard and Pointing DeviceT 84-/85-/88-key Windows keyboardT Sleek, smooth and stylish designT Acer FinTouch full-sized curved keyboardT

Seite 103 - Appendix A

Chapter 4 83After you place the Recovery CD to the optical drive, you will see the display below.7. Then insert the System CD to the optical drive.jus

Seite 104 - Test Compatible Components

84 Chapter 48. You will see the screen displaying “PASS” when the system has buit NAPP Master hard disc drive.

Seite 105 - Microsoft

Chapter 5 85Top View1 U4 CPU socket 10 CN15 DIMM Socket2 CN1 S-video port 11 CN17 Optical drive connector3 CN4 CRT 12 CN19 Keyboard connector4 CN3 Pri

Seite 106 - Appendix B 99

86 Chapter 5Bottom View1 CN26 Line-in connector2 CN28 Microphone-in connector3 CN29 Line-out connector4 CN27 Mini PCI connector5 CN25 DIMM socket12345

Seite 107 - 100 Appendix B

Chapter 6 87This chapter gives you the FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) listing in global configurations of Ferrari 3400 series products. Refer to this ch

Seite 108 - Online Support Information

88 Chapter 6Exploded Diagram1324567891011121314

Seite 109 - 102 Appendix C

Chapter 6 89.Picture No. Partname And Description Part NumberAdapterNS ADAPTER LITE- ON PA-1900-05QA 3PIN W/LED 90WAP.A1003.001ADAPTER LSE 0202C1990

Seite 110

90 Chapter 6NS MODEM CABLE 50.FR2V7.001NS COVER SWITCH CABLE 50.T23V7.003NS POWER CORD US (3 pin) 27.A03V7.001NS POWER CORD EU ( 3 Pin) 27.A03V7.002NS

Seite 111


Seite 112 - 105 Index


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