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Acer Projector Gateway
The Acer Projector Gateway (APG) is a smart, integrated system that enhances
presentations via your Acer projector. The APG provides versatile source
connectivity, the latest eProjection Management tools, support for video
playback via the built-in decoder and more.
APG features:
With high-performance wireless projection via a built-in access point
featuring a lossless CODEC or an RJ-45 port for wired connections.
Plays any audio content through the projector's built-in speakers for added
Visitors can easily launch Acer eProjection Management automatically by
inserting the Acer Plug-and-Show token (featuring the windows autorun
function) into the source's USB port, or by installing the software via your
Internet browser. A driver disk is not required.
Presents a user-friendly graphic interface for simple setup and operation.
Allows presenters to connect to the Internet or corporate Intranet to
retrieve interactive content during presentations.
Supports up to four presentations at the same time under split-screen
projection mode.
Supports remote control functions for projector operation.
Makes wireless or wired connections via 802.11b/g, 11b/g/n or an Ethernet
10/100-based network.
Acer Projector Gateway Web Management enables a web-based control of
Acer projector for both MS Windows and Mac OS.
Wireless network security (WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK).
MobiShow technology allows a wireless projection from a WiFi smart
Acer Multiple Projectors Control Center is a PC utility which allows one PC
to control all projectors that are connected to LAN.
Crestron compliant.
Enjoy media playback via USB type A slot.
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Seite 1 - Acer Projector Gateway

1EnglishAcer Projector GatewayIntroductionThe Acer Projector Gateway (APG) is a smart, integrated system that enhances presentations via your Acer pro

Seite 2 - Guide to components

10EnglishAcer eProjection ManagementAcer eProjection Management helps users connect to, and control Acer projectors with the integrated APG. By allowi

Seite 3 - Browser support

11EnglishAudio and video supported format listMaximum Resolution/frame-rate supported - 720p@30fps• Bit rate supported on 802.11g (without any re-buff

Seite 4 - Connect to the projector

12EnglishCompact user interfaceThe compact user interface (UI) provides a solid look and feel.• Allows you to change the projection resolution (a).To

Seite 5 - Server IP

13English• Project to split-screen or full-screen (b).To project from multiple sources, click a number to display by split screen in corresponding loc

Seite 6

14English Note: APG doesn’t support project extended screen.• Change to full user interface (e).

Seite 7 - Internet

15EnglishFull user interfaceYou can click the down arrow to reveal the full UI from the compact UI.The Main tab of the full UI displays Projector ID,

Seite 8

16EnglishMobiShow ProjectionMobiShow allows content projection from a WiFi-enabled smart phone or PDA running Windows Mobile 5 and higher. Any type of

Seite 9

17EnglishUsing MobiShow•Open Programs on your device and find the MobiShow application.• Tap the MobiShow icon to launch the client software.• MobiSho

Seite 10 - Acer eProjection Management

18EnglishSelect which feature to use. To project the screen of your phone, tap the Screen icon. To do a PC-less presentation using Presentation-to-Go

Seite 11

19EnglishWireless PtGObtain the PtG converter from the installation CD and install it on your PC; this will enable you to convert PowerPoint files to

Seite 12 - Compact user interface

2EnglishGuide to componentsThis table discusses the hardware features of the APG:Note: The APG provides advanced projector functions when you enter su

Seite 13

20EnglishPhoto reviewerWhen you select the Photo function, MobiShow will automatically open Explorer for you to select a photo folder. Open a file (*.

Seite 14

21EnglishMediaWhen you select the Media function, MobiShow will automatically open Explorer for you to select a media file. Select a file (videos in m

Seite 15 - Full user interface

22EnglishHelpTap Menu to select Help to find MobiShow information.Using the PtG converterTo use the Presentation-to-Go feature, you need to install th

Seite 16 - MobiShow Projection

23EnglishAcer Projector Gateway Web ManagementOpen the Internet browser, it will redirect to "Acer Projector Gateway Web Management" main pa

Seite 17 - Using MobiShow

24EnglishNote: You also can download from installation CD.Note: If using IE V 8.0, please adjust to disable SmartScreen Filter before executing downlo

Seite 18

25Englishuser icon and a triangular icon . Inactive users are indicated by a square icon. To activate a user, click on the play this user icon next

Seite 19 - Wireless PtG

26EnglishConsoleThe Console page gives you access to a variety of status and control features to adjust best projection setting. From this page, you c

Seite 20 - Photo reviewer

27EnglishConfigureThe Configure tab allows you to change a variety of settings.General SettingsYou can check Enter the projector ID to start projectin

Seite 21

28EnglishNetwork settingsClick Network settings to adjust other network settings. Note: Default Projector Name (SSID) is AcerProjector and leave 11 di

Seite 22 - Using the PtG converter

29EnglishSecurity settingsIf you're projecting sensitive information, you may want to set up a WEP or WPA-PSK key by clicking Security settings.T

Seite 23 - Management

3EnglishSystem Requirements• Acer eProjection Management software installed or Acer PnS token ready.Note: Acer PnS token is the optional accessory.• C

Seite 24 - Conference

30EnglishFirmware upgradeEnsure the projector is connected to the LAN and the Internet, and click on Firmware upgrade and then click the Upgrade… bu

Seite 25

31EnglishAlert SettingLogoutAfter tap "logout" , you will return to download page.Note: If using IE V8.0, please adjust setting in Compatibi

Seite 26

32EnglishCrestron Control ToolOpen the Internet browser, You can find Crestron link in the mainpage of "Acer Projector Gateway Web Management&quo

Seite 27 - Configure

33EnglishToolsYou can get projector IP information here, also can modify networking setting manually and set up password as wish.InfoYou can find proj

Seite 28 - Network settings

34EnglishMac Utility for Mac OS1 You can project Mac screen via WPS-Pro.2 You can get installation program from CD or download from webpages (page 7 &

Seite 29 - Admin password setup

35English4 Enter Login code (on the projected screen) if have and press OK to start rojection.5 The UI will look as it does below when your source suc

Seite 30 - Firmware upgrade

36EnglishCompact and full user interface Presentation Mode Video Mode Project desktop screen to Full screen or split screenFull Screen projectionP

Seite 31 - Alert Setting

37EnglishAbout Open Video FileAudio volumeAudio volume strength barVideo time barWhile playing video, it will be blinking Click to open function men

Seite 32 - Crestron Control Tool

38EnglishContact IT HelpIf you encounter any problem about projector, you can use this message window in upper-right of page to do real-time communica

Seite 33

39EnglishMulti-mediaIntroductionThe Acer multimedia support offers easier projection without PC and player connected. Through USB type A slot, you can

Seite 34 - Mac Utility for Mac OS

4EnglishConnect to the projectorBefore you begin projecting, you will need to do the following things:Turn on and connect to the networkPress the Powe

Seite 35

40EnglishControl Panel and Remote ControlIcon Component DescriptionRESYNC Back or stop function in multimedia controls.SOURCE Enter or play under cert

Seite 36 - Presentation Mode

41EnglishPresentation to GoAdjust projector source to USB A (USB Type A), you will find below projecting screen.PtGFor access of PtG files.You can use

Seite 37

42EnglishSetupAdjust display setting.AppendicesTroubleshootingIf you experience a problem with your Acer projector, refer to the following troubleshoo

Seite 38 - Contact IT Help

43EnglishRemote DesktopIntroductionRemote Desktop is amazing feature which seamlessly bring your NB/PC to Acer Projector in your Meeting room. You can

Seite 39 - Multi-media

44EnglishDisplay over USBIntroductionDisplay over USB(DoUSB) projection is one easy function to project NB/PC screen on projector through one USB cabl

Seite 40

45EnglishSupport All PC Screen ResolutionsThrough our auto-detecting and auto-adjusting/auto-stretching algorism inside the proposed platform, all the

Seite 41 - Presentation to Go

46EnglishFeatures TableModelname P7203B P7205B P7500BLAN/WiFi I/OWiFi V V VRJ45 Ethernet Jack V V VAudio Out (Mini Jack) V V VUSB Type A X2 X2 X2USB T

Seite 42 - Appendices

47EnglishModelname P7203B P7205B P7500BFeaturesMobiShow (Network)(1) Win Mobile V5 & above supported V V V(2) Screen projection V V V(3) Quad-View

Seite 43 - Remote Desktop

48EnglishFrequently asked questions• How do I configure the device network? Auto-Configuration Network Setup: The default setting of APG is DHCP clien

Seite 44 - Display over USB

49Englishapplication to pass through.Due to your firewall setting, the client application may not be able to establish a connection for video streamin

Seite 45

5EnglishCheck the information on the splash screenTake note of the important information on the splash screen. The splash screen consists of the follo

Seite 46

50Englishfactors such as the location, distance or radio signals).• Does the APG support audio projection while presenting?No, APG can only project yo

Seite 47

6Englishstandard. WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access - pre-shared key) and WPA2-PSK are other individual encryption methods with higher level security. T

Seite 48

7English2 Enable your WLAN and select the access point labeled AcerProjector or AcerProjectorXXXX to connect wirelessly. Connect the projector to your

Seite 49

8EnglishNote: If you do not see the welcome page or cannot connect to the wired network, please enter the Server IP address (the second item listed un

Seite 50

9EnglishNote: If your PC cannot allow auto-run function of PnS token, please execute AcerProjectorGatewayW6.exe in PnS token manually.4 Acer eProjecti

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