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Seite 1 - User Guide

AR585 SeriesUser Guide

Seite 3 - Safety instructions

ContentsInformation for your safety and comfort iiiRegulations and safety notices vii1 System tour 1System notes 2External and internal structure 3Fro

Seite 6 - Disposal instructions

1 System tour2System notesThe AR585 is an outstanding 2U rack-mountable server that runs on the AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series server platform. The followi

Seite 7 - FCC notice

3External and internal structureFront panel No. Icon Component No. Icon Component1 Default power supply unit (PSU)7 Overheating/fan failure LED ind

Seite 8 - Laser compliance statement

1 System tour4Control panel LED indicator status13 3.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) bays16 HDD release button14 HDD access/failure LED indicator17 HDD

Seite 9 - List of applicable countries

5Hot-plug HDD carrier LED indicator statusHard drive statusHard drive access Green - Blinking OffHard drive failure Green - On for SAS HDD, Off for SA

Seite 10

1 System tour6Rear panel No. Icon Component No. Icon Component1 PS/2 mouse port 8 Expansion slot covers2 PS/2 keyboard port 9 AC power plug for the

Seite 11 - Contents

7Rear panel LED indicator status No. Function Status Indicated behavior1 IPMI LAN port link Green 100 Mbps network linkOff 10 Mbps network link2 IPMI

Seite 12

Model Number : Serial Number: Purchase Date: Place of Purchase:© 2010. All Rights Reserved.Acer AR585 SeriesUser Guide Acer AR585

Seite 13 - 1 System tour

1 System tour8Internal components No. Component1 HDD backplane board2 Default PSU3 Mainboard4 Air shroud5 System fans

Seite 14 - System notes

9Mainboard layout No. Code Component1 DP1 IPMI heartbeat LED2 PCI-E slot1 PCIe Gen 2 x8 expansion slot3 PCI-E slot2 PCIe Gen 2 x16 expansion slot4

Seite 15 - Front panel

1 System tour1010 LAN1 Gigabit Ethernet port 111 FAN8 Chassis fan 812 VGA Video port13 P1 DIMM DDR3 DIMM slots for processor 114 COM1 Serial port 115

Seite 16

1133 JPW2 +12V 8-pin power connector34 JPW3 +12V 8-pin power connector35 JOH1 Overheating warning header36 JPI2C1Power I2C header37 DP3 Mainboard powe

Seite 17

1 System tour12Mainboard jumper settingsNo. Code Function Setting1 JPL1 Enable Gigabit LAN ports 1-2 Close: Enabled (default setting)2-3 Close: Disab

Seite 18 - Rear panel

13Mainboard LED No. Code Function Status Description1 DP1 IPMI heartbeat Flashing green BMC normal2 DP3 Mainboard power Green Power on

Seite 19

1 System tour14

Seite 20 - Internal components

Appendix A Server management tools

Seite 21 - Mainboard layout

Appendix A Server management tools16Server management overviewThe server management tools supported by this system are listed in the table below.Tool

Seite 22

17RAID configuration utilitiesAdaptec Onboard SATA RAID CreationConfiguring Adaptec onboard SATA RAIDThis section briefly shows how to create RAID vol

Seite 23

iiiInformation for your safety and comfortSafety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all wa

Seite 24 - Mainboard jumper settings

Appendix A Server management tools18Creating a RAID Volume1 Select Array Configuration Utility option.2 Select Create Array.The Select drives to crea

Seite 25 - Mainboard LED

19MegaRAID 9260-8I SAS RAID CreationConfiguring MegaRAID SAS 260-8IThis section briefly shows how to create RAID volume with MegaRAID SAS 260-8I.Enter

Seite 26 - 1 System tour

Appendix A Server management tools20Initialing a RAID volume1 After creating the logical volumes on all of the RAID volumes, click Accept then Yes t

Seite 27 - Server management

Appendix B Acer Smart Console

Seite 28 - Server management overview

Appendix B Acer Smart Console22Using Acer Smart ConsoleAcer Smart Console has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and a standard Internet

Seite 29 - RAID configuration utilities

23Software requirementsSupported environments: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, 2003 and Server 2008.JAVA: Version 6, update 12 or higherNot

Seite 30 - Assigning a Hot Spare Drive

Appendix B Acer Smart Console24Acer Smart Console user interfaceThe Acer Smart Console page opens once you have logged in. This page provides a centr

Seite 31 - Creating RAID Volume

25Server HealthDisplays data related to the server's health, such as sensor readings and the event log. This menu has two options: Sensor Reading

Seite 32 - Initialing a RAID volume

Appendix B Acer Smart Console26ThresholdClick Show Thresholds to view the threshold parameters of each sensor. It displays the Low Non-Critical (NC),

Seite 33 - Smart Console

27Event LogProvides a record of system events related to critical hardware components. It logs the events when the sensor triggers an abnormal state o

Seite 34 - Using Acer Smart Console

iv• Never push objects of any kind into this product through cabinet slots as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short-out parts that could re

Seite 35 - Accessing Acer Smart Console

Appendix B Acer Smart Console28ConfigurationAllows you to designate email recipients for notification of system alerts, configure the Date and Time,

Seite 36 - System Information

29AlertsAllows you to designate up to 15 email recipients for notification of system alerts. When alerts occur, the system will send an email or a SNM

Seite 37 - Server Health

Appendix B Acer Smart Console30Setting up email notifications1 On the Alerts page click Modify.2 Specify the event severity, such as Critical or Warn

Seite 38 - Threshold

31LDAP (if available)The LDAP option allows you to download the user account list and authentication from the LDAP server and create Acer Smart Consol

Seite 39 - Event Log

Appendix B Acer Smart Console32RADIUSThe RADIUS option allows you to configure the RADIUS option.Configuring RADIUS1 On the RADIUS Settings page chec

Seite 40 - Configuration

33Mouse modeThe Mouse mode option allows you to set a mouse mode to control your mouse.Setting the mouse mode1 Select a mouse mode from the Mouse Mode

Seite 41 - Setting up alerts

Appendix B Acer Smart Console34NetworkThe Network option allows you to configure and change the management network parameters. You can configure the

Seite 42 - Date and Time

35Dynamic DNSThe Dynamic DNS option allows you to configure and change the management network parameters.Configuring Dynamic DNS1 On the Dynamic DNS S

Seite 43 - LDAP (if available)

Appendix B Acer Smart Console36Remote SessionThe following options allow you to enable or disable encryption on KVM or Media data during a redirectio

Seite 44 - Configuring RADIUS

37SMTPThe SMTP option allows you to configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail server settings.Configuring the SMTP settings1 On the SMTP

Seite 45 - Mouse mode

v• Use the product only with the supplied power supply cord set. If you need to replace the power cord set, make sure that the new power cord meets th

Seite 46 - Configuring network settings

Appendix B Acer Smart Console38SSL UploadThe SSL Certificate option allows you to upload a SSL certificate manually.Uploading an SSL certificate1 On

Seite 47 - Dynamic DNS

39UsersThe Users option allows you to create, edit, delete, and view user accounts from the user list.To configure user accounts in the User List page

Seite 48 - Remote Session

Appendix B Acer Smart Console40User PrivilegesThe User List page includes a privilege setting for determining the maximum privilege a user can have t

Seite 49 - Configuring the SMTP settings

41Remote ControlThe Remote Control menu allows you to start a Remote Console session with the host system and manage power remotely. This menu include

Seite 50 - SSL Upload

Appendix B Acer Smart Console42Server Power ControlThe Server Power Control option allows you to perform a remote power on, power off, power cycle an

Seite 51

43Launch SOLSOL allows you to launch the remote console by using Serial over LAN.Click Launch SOL. Select the Baud rate from the pull-down menu as you

Seite 52 - User Privileges

Appendix B Acer Smart Console44Virtual MediaFloppy diskThis floppy disk option allows you to upload and share images via the BMC. These images will t

Seite 53 - Remote Control

45CD-ROM imageThis option allows you to upload and share images via the BMC. These images will then be emulated to the host server as USB applications

Seite 54 - Server Power Control

Appendix B Acer Smart Console46MaintenanceFirmware UpdateMaintenance allows you to upgrade the BMC firmware (including Acer Smart Console and FRU inf

Seite 55 - Launch SOL

47IPMI configurationIPMI Configuration allows you to save the current configuration settings or to restore the settings to a previously-saved state.Mi

Seite 56 - Virtual Media

viDisposal instructionsDo not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the g

Seite 57 - CD-ROM image

Appendix B Acer Smart Console48Virtual keyboardClick this item to configure the virtual keyboard settings for your console redirection.• Virtual Keyb

Seite 58 - Maintenance

49• Left Windows Key: This item performs the same function as pressing the <Left Windows> key. Right click this item to select Press Down or Pre

Seite 59 - KVM function description

Appendix B Acer Smart Console50• Keyboard Monitor: Click this item to enable keyboard monitor support.• Assign: Click a hotkey and select an action f

Seite 60 - Playback

51LanguageFrom the Preferences submenu, select Language settings.From the language settings pop-up menu select the language you want to use for consol

Seite 61 - Hotkey settings

Appendix B Acer Smart Console52Virtual Media: Click this item to access the Virtual Media submenu and configure the settings.Virtual Keyboard: Click

Seite 62 - Preferences

53CaptureThis feature allows you to capture the screen display on your remote console.Full Screen Capture: Click this item to capture the full screen

Seite 63 - Full-screen mode

Appendix B Acer Smart Console54

Seite 64 - User List

55IndexFfront panel 3Hhard disk driveactivity indicator, location 4location 4RAID configuration 17HDD, see hard disk drive 4Iinternal c

Seite 66

viiRegulations and safety noticesFCC noticeThis device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device pursuant to Pa

Seite 67

viiiOperation conditionsThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may

Seite 68

ixProducto láser de Clase 1Precaución: Cuando está abierta, hay radiación láser. Evite una exposición al haz de luz.Produto Laser de Classe 1Precaução

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