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Seite 1 - Aspire easyStore H340

Aspire easyStore H340User Guide

Seite 2

xAcer Incorporated8F, 88, Sec.1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., HsichihTaipei Hsien 221, TaiwanDeclaration of ConformityWe, Acer Computer (Shanghai) Limited

Seite 3 - Safety instructions

4 Managing the server866 Select a sorting method for the Photos and Videos shared folders. • Sorting by Name - Photos and videos are arranged accordi

Seite 4 - Using electrical power

87Enable iTunes serviceThe Digital Media Server feature allows you to enable or disable the iTunes server function, specify how often the music librar

Seite 5 - Product servicing

4 Managing the server88Stream audioYou can use Windows Media Player 11 or iTunes to play music files stored on the home server to your computer. To s

Seite 6 - Disposal instructions

894 Click the Library tab. The Acer Aspire easyStore H340 appears in the navigation pane. 5 Browse or search for the item you want to play, then click

Seite 7 - FCC statement

4 Managing the server90To stream audio in iTunes:1 Make sure that media sharing is enabled. Refer to “Enable media sharing” on page 84 for more infor

Seite 8

91Using the one-touch USB backup feature The USB backup button on the front panel allows you to backup data from a USB storage device to the home serv

Seite 9

4 Managing the server922 Press the USB backup button. The USB backup indicator blinks blue. 3 All files on the USB storage device are copied into the

Seite 10 - Declaration of Conformity

93Set up Wake On LAN on the home serverThe home server includes a Lights Out client software that allows the home computer to control the power state

Seite 11

4 Managing the server943 Select a language. 4 Click OK. The Welcome window appears.

Seite 12

955 Click Next.6 Click Finish.

Seite 13 - Contents

xiCouncil Decision 98/482/EC (CTR21) for pan- European single terminal connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). RoHS Directive 2002

Seite 14 - 6 Troubleshooting 117

4 Managing the server96Set the home server uptime and down timeYou can define times when the home server has to be up and running or define services

Seite 15 - 1 Introduction

974 Click Calendar.5 Select a day or days in the Calendar, then click Add. 6 Under Uptime start, set a start time to keep the server running. 7 Enable

Seite 16 - Features

4 Managing the server9810 Enable the “Force end action” option if you want to immediately disable the server even when client monitoring detects acti

Seite 17 - Specifications

99Monitor server health and performanceYour system includes a Hardware Health and Performance Monitor feature to help you keep a close eye on the syst

Seite 18 - Overview

4 Managing the server100Set up email alertsYou can set up an automatic email notification to provide alerts in the event of warnings or errors relate

Seite 19 - Rear view

1016 Under Launch SMTP Setup, click Settings. The Internet Accounts dialog box include the following options:• Remove - Deletes an Internet Mail Accou

Seite 20 - System LED indicators

4 Managing the server1028 Enter your name, then click Next. 9 Enter your email address, then click Next.

Seite 21

10310 Enter the SMTP server information, then click Next. Note: If you do not know your incoming and outgoing SMTP server name, contact your ISP (Int

Seite 22

4 Managing the server10411 Enter the account name and password your ISP has given you, then click Next. Note: Select the “Log On Using Secure Passwor

Seite 23

105Explore the Windows Home Server icon The Windows Home Server icon notifies you about the health and status of the home server and your home compute

Seite 25 - 2 Setting up the

4 Managing the server106

Seite 26 - Check package contents

1075 Configuring the hard disk driveThe system supports up to four 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA hard disk drives. Warning: The first hard drive, locate

Seite 27 - Select a location

5 Configuring the hard disk drive108(2) Remove the HDD carrier by pressing the HDD carrier latch (1). (3) Pull the lever (2) and slide the HDD carrie

Seite 28 - Recommended environment

109(6) With the lever still extended, slide the carrier all the way into the drive bay (1). Do not push on the lever until it begins to close by itsel

Seite 29 - Connect the power cord

5 Configuring the hard disk drive110(3) Click the Server Storage tab. (4) Select the newly installed hard drive (either internal or external), then c

Seite 30 - Connect to the home network

111- Use this hard drive to back up files that are stored on your home server. This option allows you to backup all your home server shared folders.

Seite 31 - Power on the system

5 Configuring the hard disk drive112Removing a hard disk drive Caution: Always remove the hard drive from the Windows Home Server Console before remo

Seite 32 - 2 Setting up the system

1132 Remove the HDD from the home server. Note: Before removing the HDD, make sure the HDD indicator on the front panel lights purple. (1) Open the do

Seite 33 - 2 Click Next

5 Configuring the hard disk drive114(4) Close the door of the home server. Replacing a failed hard disk drive1 Follow steps 1 and 2 of the “Removing

Seite 34

115(2) Slightly bend the left side rail and insert the pins into the HDD’s mounting holes (2). 4 Install the new HDD to the home server.

Seite 35

Contents1 Introduction 1Features 2Specifications 3Overview 4Front view 4Rear view 5System LED indicators 62 Setting up the system 11Check package

Seite 36

5 Configuring the hard disk drive116

Seite 37

1176 TroubleshootingThis chapter describes a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your home server.If you are unable to resolv

Seite 38

6 Troubleshooting118Recovering or restoring the home serverAspire easyStore H340 includes a Server Recovery DVD that allows you to recover your home

Seite 39

1192 Click Next. 3 Read the End-User License Agreement. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, then select the “I accept the terms of the user

Seite 40 - 16 Click the Next arrow

6 Troubleshooting1206 Recover the home server.(1) Hold down the power button for 4 seconds to turn off the home server.(2) Press the power button to

Seite 41

1218 Select the “Server Recovery: Use this option to recover from a system failure. You will lose your system settings and user accounts. Data recover

Seite 42

6 Troubleshooting1226 Recover or reset the home server:(1) Hold down the power button for 4 seconds to turn off the home server.(2) Press the power b

Seite 43

123Restoring a home computerYou can easily restore any of your home computers to a previous point in time with a backup stored on your home server. Yo

Seite 44 - appears on

6 Troubleshooting124When you boot the home computer to the PC Recovery Disc, it lists the NIC (network interface card) and storage devices it has fou

Seite 45

125Restoring files from a backupYou can browse and restore lost files from any client computer on your home network that has been backed up with Windo

Seite 46 - appears on your desktop

xivSettings for iTunes Server 60Resources 61Shut Down 614 Managing the server 63Create user accounts 64Add a shared folder 69Configure backup for home

Seite 47

6 Troubleshooting126Update your home server with Aspire easyStore H340 Software UpdateThe Aspire easyStore H340 Software Update is a tool which allow

Seite 48 - Connect to the Home Server

1272 Click Software Update. The Welcome window displays.3 Click Next.

Seite 49

6 Troubleshooting1284 Select a destination directory, then click Next. 5 Select a program folder or enter a new folder, then click Next.

Seite 50

1296 Select the options you want installed on your hard drive, then click Next. 7 Click Install. 8 Click Finish.

Seite 51 - Server Console

6 Troubleshooting130To update your home server with Software Update utility:1 Make sure the Aspire easyStore H340 Software Update utility is installe

Seite 52 - Computers & Backup

131Specific problems and corrective actionsThe following contains specific problems that may arise during the use of your server. Possible solutions a

Seite 53 - User Accounts

6 Troubleshooting132(3) Select “Reset the Windows Home Server Console” from the drop-down menu. (4) Click OK. Backup service is not runningIf you see

Seite 54 - Shared Folders

133Can’t connect to some computers on the Aspire easyStore H340 Remote Access pageMake sure the home computer is configured to allows remote desktop c

Seite 55

6 Troubleshooting1345 Click Select Users. User accounts with administrator privileges are automatically allowed to connect. If you want to allow addi

Seite 56 - Server Storage

11 IntroductionThank you for choosing Aspire easyStore H340. The Aspire easyStore H340 is a data storage and digital media content server for your dig

Seite 57 - Lights Out

1 Introduction2Features• Powerful processor with excellent file sharing performance.• Fast network performance in the home is delivered through a Gig

Seite 58 - McAfee Total Protection

3SpecificationsProcessor Intel® Atom™ Processor Chipset Intel 945GC Express Chipset and ICH7RDrive storage Up to four 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA hard

Seite 59 - System Information

1 Introduction4OverviewFront view No. Icon Component1 Power button/power indicator2 Network indicator3 Hard disk drive (HDD) status indicator4 Syste

Seite 60

5Rear view No. Icon Component1 Recovery/reset button2 eSATA port3 USB port4 Gigabit Ethernet port5 Power connector6 System fan

Seite 61 - Network Health

Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. Such cha

Seite 62 - Color Status

1 Introduction6System LED indicatorsFront panel LED indicatorsThe LED indicators mounted on the front panel provide information about the status of t

Seite 63 - Settings

73 HDD status (4)Purple On • System not initialized• HDD is not mounted into the drive bayRandom blink• HDD is mounted into the drive bay and is in th

Seite 64 - General

1 Introduction84 System status Blue Random blink• System is booting• System is shutting down On System initialize operation completed.Blue and Pur

Seite 65

9Gigabit Ethernet port LED indicatorsNo. Indicator Color State Description1 Speed indicator None Off 10 Mbps connectionGreen On 100 Mbps connectionAmb

Seite 66 - Passwords

1 Introduction10

Seite 67 - Media Sharing

112 Setting up the systemFollow these steps to set up Aspire easyStore H340 to run in your home network. • Check package contents• Select a location f

Seite 68 - Add-ins

2 Setting up the system12Check package contentsCheck the following items from the package:• Aspire easyStore H340 system•Power cord•Network cable• As

Seite 69

13Select a locationBefore unpacking and installing the system, select a suitable site for the system for maximum efficiency. Consider the following fa

Seite 70 - IP Configuration

2 Setting up the system14Recommended environmentFor best results, your computer should meet the following hardware and software requirements:• Proces

Seite 71

15Connect the power cordPlug the power cord into the power connector and the other end into an electrical outlet.

Seite 72

iiiSafety instructionsRead these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the p

Seite 73 - Settings for DMS

2 Setting up the system16Connect to the home network Important: Connect the Aspire easyStore H340 to your broadband router with a network cable. Wire

Seite 74 - Settings for iTunes Server

17Power on the systemAfter making sure that you have set up the system properly and connected all the required cables, you can now power on the system

Seite 75 - Shut Down

2 Setting up the system18Install the Windows Home Server Connector on the first computerAfter setting up your Aspire easyStore H340, you must install

Seite 76

192 Click Next. 3 Click Install to begin the installation process. The Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and Windows Installer 3.1 components are installe

Seite 77 - 4 Managing the

2 Setting up the system20After the components are installed, the Windows Home Server Connector installation starts to find and connect to your Aspire

Seite 78 - Create user accounts

214 Click Next. 5 Click Next. 6 Select the “Download the updates from my home server and install them automatically” option button if you want to do

Seite 79 - 5 Click OK

2 Setting up the system227 Click Next. 8 Select the “Yes, wake up this computer if it is in sleep or hibernate mode and back it up” option button if

Seite 80

2310 Click Next to perform an initial configuration of the home server. Note: The initial configuration of the home server is performed once on the fi

Seite 81

2 Setting up the system2412 Once the initialization is completed, click the Next arrow.13 Enter a name for your home server.The name of your home ser

Seite 82

2515 Enter a strong Windows Home Server administrator password, confirmation password, and a password hint. This is the password that you can use to m

Seite 83 - Add a shared folder

ivWarnings• Do not use this product near water.• Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand or table. If the product falls, it could be seri

Seite 84 - 7 Click Next

2 Setting up the system2616 Click the Next arrow. 17 Select the “On (recommended)” option button if you want to use Windows Update to automatically d

Seite 85 - Configure backup for home

2718 Choose if you want to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement program, then click the Next arrow. 19 Choose if you want to participate

Seite 86 - Back up the home server

2 Setting up the system2820 Click the Next arrow to automatically download and install available Windows Home Server updates. This could take some ti

Seite 87 - 8 Click Next

2922 Click the Next arrow. The Windows Home Server log in window displays. You can now manage the home server through the remote admin console.23 Ente

Seite 88 - 11 Click Finish

2 Setting up the system3024 Enter the administrator password to start the hardware health and performance monitor service, then click OK. The Windows

Seite 89

31Install the Windows Home Server Connector on the client computersAfter installing the Windows Home Server Connector on the first computer, use the A

Seite 90

2 Setting up the system324 After the components are installed, the Windows Home Server Connector installation starts to find and connect to your home

Seite 91

33To install the Windows Home Server connector directly from the home server1 Open a Web browser. 2 In the address bar, enter http://Aspirehome:55000/

Seite 92

2 Setting up the system34Connect to the Home Server ConsoleIn order to remotely administer the home server, you need to log onto the Windows Home Ser

Seite 93

35To log onto the home server using Windows Home Server icon:1 Right-click on the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray, then select Windows H

Seite 94

v• Do not overload a power outlet, strip or receptacle by plugging in too many devices. The overall system load must not exceed 80% of the branch circ

Seite 95

2 Setting up the system36

Seite 96

373 Windows Home Server Console The Windows Home Server Console is a tool that provides remote management of the home server and allows you to monitor

Seite 97

3 Windows Home Server Console38Computers & BackupYou can use the Computers & Backup tab on the Windows Home Server Console to view the home c

Seite 98 - Enable media sharing

39User Accounts You can use the User Accounts tab on the Windows Home Server Console to create a personal user account, enable a guest account, and ma

Seite 99 - Enable Digital Media Server

3 Windows Home Server Console40Shared FoldersYou can use the Shared Folders tab on the Windows Home Server Console to add, open, remove, and view sha

Seite 100 - 4 Managing the server

41The options on the Shared Folders tab allow you to:• Add - Create a new shared folder on the home server.• Properties - View and change shared folde

Seite 101 - Enable iTunes service

3 Windows Home Server Console42Server Storage The Server Storage tab on the Windows Home Server Console displays all the hard drives installed on you

Seite 102 - Stream audio

43Lights OutLights Out is a power management add-in software that allows you to set the home server into suspend mode or wake the system at a chosen

Seite 103

3 Windows Home Server Console44McAfee Total ProtectionMcAfee Total Protection is an add-in software for Windows Home Server. It is a comprehensive se

Seite 104 - To stream audio in iTunes:

45System InformationThe System Information tab on the Windows Home Server Console provides an all around monitoring mechanism to help you keep an eye

Seite 105

viNote: Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions, since improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage an

Seite 106

3 Windows Home Server Console46• Remotely Wake Up Aspire easyStore Home Server - Allows you to enable or disable remote wakeup feature.• Hardware Per

Seite 107

47Network HealthThe Network Health tab displays health notifications from your home server and your home computers. You can view the health of your en

Seite 108 - 3 Select a language

3 Windows Home Server Console48For more information, right-click the Windows Home Server icon, click Help. Indicates an at risk issue that you must a

Seite 109 - 6 Click Finish

49SettingsThe Settings button on the upper right hand corner of the Windows Home Server Console window allows you to configure your home server settin

Seite 110 - in the system

3 Windows Home Server Console50• Settings for DMS• Settings for iTunes Server•ResourcesGeneral The General settings page allows you to modify the dat

Seite 111

51Backup The Backup settings page allows you to configure the start and end time for backing up computers on the home network, specify the number of m

Seite 112

3 Windows Home Server Console52PasswordsUse the Password settings page to change the home server password and modify the user accounts password polic

Seite 113 - Monitor server health and

53Media Sharing The Media Sharing settings page allows you to enable or disable Windows Home Server media sharing capabilities. For information, clic

Seite 114 - Set up email alerts

3 Windows Home Server Console54Remote Access The Remote Access settings page helps you configure everything you need to access the Aspire easyStore H

Seite 115

55Hardware Health and Performance MonitorUse the Hardware Health and Performance Monitor settings page to set a refresh interval for monitoring data,

Seite 116

viiRegulations and safety noticesFCC statement This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant t

Seite 117

3 Windows Home Server Console56IP ConfigurationThe IP Configuration settings page allows you to view the home server’s current IP configuration setti

Seite 118

57Lights OutUse the Lights Out page to define times where the home server has to go to suspend or resume mode. In the Lights Out page, you can configu

Seite 119

3 Windows Home Server Console58McAfee Total Protection ServiceUse the McAfee Total Protection Service page to manage security for your home server. F

Seite 120

59Settings for DMSThe Settings for DMS (Digital Media Server) page allows you to enable or disable digital media server function and customize the sor

Seite 121 - 5 Configuring the

3 Windows Home Server Console60Settings for iTunes ServerThe Settings for iTunes Server page allows you to enable or disable the iTunes server functi

Seite 122

61ResourcesYou can use the Resources page to view the following information about your home server:• Microsoft Windows - Activates Windows Home Server

Seite 123

3 Windows Home Server Console62

Seite 124

634 Managing the serverAfter you complete the Windows Home Server Setup and install the Windows Home Server Connector software on all of your home com

Seite 125

4 Managing the server64Create user accountsAfter you complete Windows Home Server Setup and install the Windows Home Server Connector software on all

Seite 126 - Removing a hard disk drive

653 Click the User Accounts tab. 4 Under About Guests, click Enable Guest. Caution: If you have a wireless network, secure it before you enable the g

Seite 127

viiiRemarque à l'intention des utilisateurs canadiensCet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme a la norme NMB-003 du Canada.Compliant wi

Seite 128

4 Managing the server66To add a personal user account:Note: A personal shared folder is created each time you add a new user account. By default, onl

Seite 129 - HDD’s mounting holes (2)

677 Click Add. 8 Enter the user’s name. Note: When you create user accounts on Windows Home Server, use logon names that match the logon names of you

Seite 130

4 Managing the server6811 Enter a password which must be at least 7 characters, then re-enter it in the Confirm password field. 12 Click Next.13 Ass

Seite 131 - 6 Troubleshooting

69Add a shared folderShared folders are places for you to organize and store files on the home server so that you can share them with other people on

Seite 132 - To recover the home server:

4 Managing the server707 Click Next. 8 Assign user rights to the new share folder, then click Finish. 9 Click Done to exit the wizard.

Seite 133

71Configure backup for home computersYou can customize the backup of each of your home computers from the Windows Home Server Console. Note: After you

Seite 134 - 6 Troubleshooting

4 Managing the server72Back up the home serverYou can back up your home server to ensure that you have backup copies of important files that are loca

Seite 135

736 Click Next. 7 Select the “Use this hard drive to back up files that are stored on your home server” option button.8 Click Next.

Seite 136

4 Managing the server749 Select if you want to preserve or format the hard drive, then click Next. 10 Enter a name for the hard drive, then click Nex

Seite 137 - Restoring a home computer

7512 Click Done. 13 Click the Computers & Backup tab. 14 Select the Server Backup Hard Drive you want to use to back up your shared folders and ap

Seite 138

ixAcer Incorporated333 West San Carlos St. San Jose,CA 95110, U.S.A.Tel: 254-298-4000Fax: 254-298-4147www.acer.comFederal Communications CommissionDec

Seite 139 - Restoring files from a backup

4 Managing the server76Configure the home server for remote accessYou must configure your home server for remote access to easily access your files a

Seite 140 - Update your home server with

77setting must be enabled on your router for Windows Home Server to automatically configure it. In this step, Windows Home Server configures the pers

Seite 141 - 3 Click Next

4 Managing the server7812 Enter the domain name and select a subdomain name. 13 Click Confirm to make sure the subdomain is available. 14 Click Finis

Seite 142

79Access the Aspire easyStore H340 home pageAfter you configure a user account for remote access, you can use a Web browser on a computer that is outs

Seite 143 - 8 Click Finish

4 Managing the server805 Enter your home server user name and password. 6 Click Log On.The home page include three tabs:• Home - This page appears ev

Seite 144

81Access the shared folders on the home serverThere are several ways you can access your shared folders on the home server. To access the shared folde

Seite 145

4 Managing the server82To access the shared folders using the Windows Home Server icon:1 Right-click the Windows Home Server icon .2 Click Shared Fo

Seite 146 - Backup service is not running

83To access the shared folders using the Internet:1 Log on to the Aspire easyStore H340 home page. See “Access the Aspire easyStore H340 home page” on

Seite 147 - Remote Access page

4 Managing the server84Enable media sharingThe Windows Home Server allows you to stream music, photos, and videos from the home server to any support

Seite 148

85Enable Digital Media ServerThe Digital Media Server feature allows you to browse, access and play media contents on the home server. It makes possib

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